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I am new to mgoblog and I am looking to have a fun time on mgoblog with all of my fun friends. 


I am hoping that being on mgoblog is a way to connect my commmunity in Pahokee with my Michigan Community.


Feel free to ask me any questions about football and other topics.  I am open to all questions.

Thanks for your time and go blue.





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would we have been the last two seasons had Denard played RB (sorry Fitz) and Gardner starting at QB? I preached to all my college football fans literally when Denard was breaking records as a Soph that if we were smart we would put him at RB and Let Devin take over as QB and we would have had Vince Young/ Jamaal Charles 2.5! 


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how would it through someone under the bus...it was a simple opinionated question...in his OPINION does he think we could have been SERIOUS national title contenders with that lineup, the same, or worse off? I see no reason for the question to have been flamebaited...but what do I know...Im a nobody...


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Are you dumb? You're asking him if he thinks Devin would've been a better QB than Denard -- if he says "yes", he is insulting Denard.  The only correct answer is "I think both are great QBs and great competitors, and the whole team was confident playing with both guys.  I think Denard did a great job throughout his career and Devin came in and lead the team once Denard got hurt."  Nobody wants to hear that political answer, so instead we'd much rather you just not ask a question that can only lead to trouble.


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May 31st, 2013 at 12:52 PM | devin is speical hes a great (Score:5 Normal)
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devin is speical hes a great QB with all the right tools hes smart, fast, big and strong should have been starting if you ask me just like some would say the same about me but its not about me or devin its about Michigan. 

Looks like Brandin did answer this question later on this thread.  Hopefully the Denard Worshipers don't cry.   There's nothing wrong Brandin's response either.  No one is thrown under the bus.  Denard is an NFL Runningback and Devin will be an NFL QB.    It's a little thing called reality and this site along with others, refused to live in it during the Denard years.


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Thanks for hopping on the board.


Your performance in the Under the Lights Notre Dame game was incredible -- particularly knifing into the background on the Cierre Wood tackle.


What was the highlight of your time at U of M (on or off the field)?


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Year ND was a great game for me and the Wolverines 

i love shot out games because it allows you to see hwat team has the final push and wants it more


On the field: i enjoyed every minute on the field becuase, i didnt know when my last time would be. 

Offf the field: i would have to say all the team bonding activites that we had as a team 


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Every Game was a favorite gane to me in some sort of way because i never knew when my last play would be, so i enjoyed every game and every play many may say the under the lights game VS ND but ive always produced everytime ive touch the gridiron and that was just another game i just so happen to sitck out in out of several i should have stuck out in 


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Firt of all, thanks for posting!

(1) What are your plans now that you have graduated?

(2) Who do you see as a breakout player on defense?


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Wasnt hard at all as athletes were have classes and in those classes we want the best grades. i look at football the same way its a class. However, in order to be the best you have to understand  first what your job is then everyone else job.

Out with the old in with the New i call it . Because i forgot about the old defense before hoke and focus on the new workload  


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yes my close friend Norman Griffith Wore 7 in High School he was killed my senior year after our homecomming  game one friday night it was the night before the day i took my offical visit to michigan and we beat wisconisn. i dedicated my senior season to him and his family. so i knew when i got to college i would ware 7 in honor of him