Looney Drops Michigan

Submitted by bacon1431 on August 1st, 2013 at 9:13 AM
Paul Biancardi ✔ @PaulBiancardi

Just received a call from @Loon_Rebel5
who has officially cut his list to 6:
Duke ,Florida ,Michigan State , Tennessee UCLA and Wisconsin
11:21 PM - 31 Jul 2013

Well, so much for that short lived optimism where Jerry Meyer said we were top 2. Not surprised though. Always felt like we were an outsider. Probably going to Duke.


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Not necessarily because of this, but I am a little worried about our hoops recruiting. We haven't really converted the championship appearance into anything yet, and it will be important to keep the young talent coming in if we want to get back there


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Michigan is still in it with Devin Booker, Trevon Bluiett, and Kameron Chatman.  All are highly regarded recruits.  Booker is top 20 recruit in the country and certainly has Michigan as his top 5.  Bluiett just had Michigan in his top 7 on his cut list from 24 schools. Chatman is coming to Michigan on an unofficial visit.

For '15 class, Michigan has a lot of interest with ton of elite players like Jalen Brunson, Jalen Coleman, Luke Kennard, Corey Saunders, Dwayne Bacon, Diamond Stone, and Stephan Zimmerman.  Like people have said below me, the effect of the NC run won't take place with the immediate class and the next, but the later classes(2 years or later) will take notice.


Michigan is fine.  Just chill.  JB has identify talents and have unearth diamond in the rough but will go after elite players and can land 'em.  This isn't football recruiting.


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Actually, Chatman will be in for an official visit September 6-8, Under the Lights II weekend:

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Well he's just Looney for dropping Michigan IMO.

And there's the worst pun of the day, folks. Now when you present your terrible pun, you'll at least know that it likely wasn't the worst of the day.


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just as long as he doesn't go to MSU...

but the player I really want is Zimmerman...      for years up until McGary we did not have any real dominant big at the 4 or 5, and he would surely continue what McGary started.

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I personally like the top level talent to stick in the B1G in any sport, but particularly in basketball. In basketball you can lose games in the regular season and it's not really a big deal. Strength of schedule and better teams really only help you, so keeping talent in the B1G would be better IMO.

On top of that, in basketball you kind of lose one top 100 player but get one of your own. Because teams only take 1-3 players or so, just because you don't get a guy doesn't mean you aren't getting someone at least nearly as good. So it hurts less than football too.


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Seemed like things were going really well with him. I thought we were rumored to be near the top with Duke...safe to say that may have been an inaccurate report


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if this prompts Beilein and the coaching staff to send out any additional offers to combo forwards in 2014.  It is definitely a need in the class.  I wouldn't offer someone like Justin Tillman who would likely commit on the spot, but Jordan Barnett might be a wise offer at this point to keep some pressure up on Vince Edwards (likely Purdue) and Kameron Chatman (Michigan has a shot).


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I guess I'm not that surprised.  Always seemed like UM wasn't a top choice, random reports aside.  I trust that Beilein will find a good replacement soon enough.

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Not sure where people aren't surprised by this one.

Just a couple weeks ago, UMHoops had an article about Looney http://www.umhoops.com/2013/07/15/kevon-looney-i-could-be-next-at-michigan/ where he stated "he could be next" at Michigan referring to GRIII.

From the article:

Looney maintains what he calls a “pretty good” relationship with Michigan’s coaching staff, saying John Beilein contacts him about twice a week.

One aspect of Looney’s recruitment that can’t be overlooked is the importance of retaining assistant coach LaVall Jordan, who was being strongly considered for the Butler head coaching job. Looney said Jordan is the coach he has the best relationship with and that he was glad to hear he was returning to the team.

“That’s big,” Looney said of Jordan returning. “He’s the assistant that’s been recruiting me, so I have probably the best relationship with him. That’s big.”

That and this: http://www.mlive.com/wolverines/index.ssf/2013/07/analyst_michigan_and_duke_lead.html.

Again, just a couple weeks ago.....so, yeah, I'm a bit surprised.  It went from "I could be next" at Michigan and a two horse race between UM and Duke to, not in the top 5.