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Miles meets with Michigan AD in Baton Rouge



Posted: Jan 10, 2011 12:46 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 10, 2011 9:46 PM EST
Les MilesLes Miles
Michigan plane lands in BRMichigan plane lands in BR

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB/AP) - LSU head coach Les Miles has met with  the University of Michigan's athletic director about the coaching job there.

9 Sports has learned that Miles and UM's Dave Brandon met Monday evening at Miles' field house condo off Nicholson Drive.

Brandon and two other Michigan representatives left the meeting and were taken to Baton Rouge Metro Airport in a Cadillac Escalade, where they were seen boarding Brandon's Domino's Pizza plane at 7:40 p.m.  The plane left moments later.

The jet, on loan to Brandon, landed in Baton Rouge Monday afternoon fueling speculation that he was on his way to a meeting with Miles.

Miles said at noon Monday that no one from Michigan had yet contacted him directly and he did not know when such a meeting with his alma mater might take place.

He made the comments immediately following the news conference in which junior cornerback Patrick Peterson announced he will enter the NFL Draft. Miles stated he met with LSU underclassmen Monday morning and told them he expects to remain the coach at LSU.

"I am extremely happy here," Miles added.

When asked earlier about Michigan's opening, Miles has only said he loves being the coach of LSU. He has not yet promised to return next season, although his current players have said he has given them the impression he plans to be back.

Of course, Miles is a "Michigan Man." He was an offensive lineman for the Wolverines during college and twice served as an assistant coach during the 80s and 90s. He is widely considered a top candidate to fill the head coaching vacancy at Michigan.

A former LSU athletic director said he doesn't think Miles would take the job with Michigan. He has four kids and is already making close to $4 million.

His LSU contract pays him $3.75 million per year, runs through 2014 and includes an annual one-year roll-over at the discretion of the athletic director that could extend the deal to 2015.

The contract also would make him among the three highest-paid college coaches should he win a second national title at LSU. Miles is 62-17 with a national championship in six years at LSU.

Rich Rodriguez last week was fired as Michigan coach with a 15-22 mark in three seasons.


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Who cares? I just want a coach. I was in RR's corner the whole way as well but that does not mean I get to be a dick about who the next coach is that we hire. I just want to see us get back to winning and beating OSU again. Who ever DB announces has my support and hope he has yours too. We can't miss this time and the entire Michigan fan base and administration need to pull together. GO BLUE or GO HOME


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I concur with Dennis. Miles isn't my favourite candidate but it's about to be January 11th and we have no coach, which is inexcusable IMO. And considering there's not really anything to support that Patterson or Gruden are realistic candidates, I'll welcome Miles as the new HC if it is the case.


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I'm not a fan of Miles. I've said that all along. But the writing's on the wall that he's coming and there hasn't been anything to suggest that any better candidates have been offered/want the job.

And between Miles and Hoke, I'd take Miles in a second, recruiting issues or not.


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Please let that mean that we signed Miles up. The alternative bears no contemplation and my liver's hurting from this week already...

Pouring another scotch as I speak....What's a little cirrhosis anyway...