Dominos Bird Flying Home

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I was in a party store in West Branch over break (actually the day after Zettel annouced, small world) and what did they have?  Six packs of Shiner Bock.  I was stunned.  Then I was mad, because I brought six pack back as a present for a family member since, you know, you can't get it up there.

Les Miles

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My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with a girl who said I may or may not be on that plane. I guess it's pretty serious.


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So this was the one that DB flew on to get to BR in the first place. So is he still on this plane or is this one simply heading back home because the search is over and DB is staying overnight to go over specifics regarding contract negotiations and what not. Taking the other plane home tomorrow with Les at some point for the announcement. Speculation? Yes. Plausible? Yes. Pulling this out of my ass? Yes.

EDIT: Also the plane is flying to Willow Run. I am currently approximately half a mile away from Willow Run; however, I do not possess any night vision camera/goggles where I could attempt to spy on the plane. 


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Aren't there two planes? Maybe MSC was on one and is heading home and the other is still there, with Brandon. Isn't Miles supposed to be in Dallas tomorrow anyway? He wouldn't go to An Arbor only to turn around in the AM to go to Dallas. 


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my source/ highy respected insider just told me that DB is flying to Ann Arbor to pick up a pizza from Domino's and is going to hand deliver it to Bryce in Minnesota.


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If you believe the other plane really has been rented out for non-university business. The real question is the flight LM takes from Dallas.


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I am guessing he sped up the process in order to get home before the storm hit tomorrow?

Yes, Les is scheduled to speak at the conference tomorrow afternoon.


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ABC affiliate in Baton Rouge is reporting that video of those boarding showed that Miles DID NOT board the plane. Please tell me he just wants to do his speaking engagement at the AFCA tomorrow before going to A2.


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There are NO terminals...a private jet will land and taxi to the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) in this case Chrysler/Pentastar.  They service all of the GA aircraft that land there.  So just go and sit in the lounge waiting for it to land.


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.....just for explaining why I had to put my sleeping 4 and 3 year old in the car so I could figure out who was on the flight back to Michigan. If it were any other night, I swear I would treat someone to Cracker Barrel in Belleville and we could greet the new coach together. LOL