Didn't watch the game live ; OSU thoughts ?

Submitted by Mgoczar on November 18th, 2018 at 3:57 PM

So far this season I couldn't catch ND or Penn State or this Indiana game. After ND game I was actually encouraged by our offense unlike many here (that's how shitty our O was last year) I saw light at the end of the tunnel. Well M has passed with flying colors so far. 

Seeing highlights seems like we totally got into a shell in the red zone. I think it's a combo of saving plays and confidence in run game that it'll break for big. I am no expert but defense just seemed a bit off for whatever reason. Hope chase is ok. Need him. God forbid if he doesn't go, who is WDE? This is the reason I want 5-6 dlinemen in this class. Get Harrison . Get rushing DT and another WDE. Hope villain rehabs and contributes. Dline wins you close games. 

What does the board think about The Game. I am personally getting M vs MSU vibe. M wears down OSU and repeats it's winning formula of running tough and leaning on it FTW. unlike a few (many?) Whose families go generations in this rivalry I was just an undergrad so my hate for OSU comes from learning about M football history, their regular beatings (I saw the final great M team in 2006 before graduating) , reading this blog and honestly now Urban Meyer. But hidden is also their "MSU like" ability to win close games. Take Maryland for example. I mean WTF. Seeing those highlights what are you doing Maryland. OSU just won't die. And I hate that. This air of inevitability Michigan has started developing this season. Indiana game - reading comments - was never in doubt. OSU kinda has had that under meyer. Nebraska game, and Maryland game (how can you let them win and drive with a minute to go!!!) . 

Rambling aside, early thoughts on The Game. 

My prediction : 34-28 Michigan wins 




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We should be able to move the ball pretty effectively against them and bust a few big plays like basically everyone has this year.  If we pressure Haskins consistently on the other side of the ball I think we could bust this open in the second half.  That said, we should have buried them about 5 times in 2016 and didn't so yeah, they don't die easily.

The Mad Hatter

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We were also playing with an injured QB in 2016 and OSU still needed overtime and the referees to steal that game from us. This year we have a great QB and are mostly healthy across the board. And last night we learned that we have a great kicker. We played to win and not get hurt yesterday. Harbaugh didn't give a fuck about the score. OSU collapsed against Purdue and nearly lost to Maryland. I think if we punch them in the mouth early they'll crumble. 42-17.


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I agree this is a different team mentally than the one we had in 2016, but anOSU has a history of not beating themselves in this game and unfortunately we do.  I think we're going to win this and possibly big, but look at how many times we could have put the game away in 2016 without having to worry about the officiating (Speight drops the ball on the one-yard line for no reason, Delano Hill commits pass interference on third down in the fourth for no reason, Mason Cole grabs a face mask on a 30 yard screen pass for no reason).  We need to be the smarter team for once.  I think we will this year, finally but I'm still nervous about it. 


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I agree with you, we have to play smart. Can't let the refs help determine the outcome. Haskins is a great QB; if we don't get in his grill, they have a good chance to win. If there is holding going on, it better be called.

Which brings up a good point; who are the refs? Has that been determined yet? Are they all from Ohio?


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I went back and watched the 2016 and 2017 games yesterday on youtube.  The officials handed that 2016 game to anOSU in overtime, but up until that point the officiating wasn't that bad.  They missed one egregious pass interference call against the bugeyes in the first quarter (Darboh was literally tackled with the ball in the air) but other than that it was OK.  The themes I saw in both games were:  1) anOSU made better in-game adjustments, 2) they were better conditioned in the fourth quarter and 3) they committed far fewer mental mistakes.  I think Harbaugh has finally changed the culture to where we'll be OK on all three fronts this year...fingers crossed.


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Uhhh, there were some posts put up after the game that showed like 5 or 6 really egregious penalties committed by the buckeyes directly in front of the refs that weren't called. Whatever you "think" you saw the reality was that game was called massively in favor of OSU including refs that were self proclaimed buckeye fans that had previously been banned from reffing that game.


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This game still scares me, but I can't even begin to disagree with anything you said. Michigan has performed so much better than OSU this year it's not even funny. I can't stand how lucky OSU is. That shitshow down there should be coming into this game with three losses.


I hope we smack the shit out of them and it's a complete laugher.

Goggles Paisano

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I think Michigan is much more crisp and executes at a much higher level next week.  OSU was lucky to come out of that game yesterday with a win.  They have lots of issues right now and lots of things exposed that we will take advantage of.  It's close thru 3 qtr then we pour it on late and win by double digits.  That's what the better team does.  


November 18th, 2018 at 4:13 PM ^

Haskins is a death machine who is routinely on the money with 30-40 throws.  Dobbins had cavernous holes and ran hard.  Maryland Caveats apply, but their offense look formidable.  This is not an offense that we are going to “shut down” or hold to under 200 yards of offense.  They have a ton of talent.

Their defense is the worst I have ever seen at Ohio State.  The issue looks like more than coaching, their personnel seems lacking and I have no clue how that is possible.

Michigan, on the other hand, has a terrible tendency to run Higdon into the line twice in a row when we get into the red-zone.  It would actually appear that third and long is their actual desired outcome.  Our play-calling does change in the red zone.  I know a lot of people say there is no such thing as “red zone offense.  For us there is, and it is a struggle.

All in all, Michigan wanted to be there mentally yesterday but they weren’t.  All they cared about was that they won, and I think they knew they could sleep walk and do that so that is what they did.

Next week will be a battle.  OSU had every reason to shut it down yesterday literally like 9 times and they bounced back.  They will not be down-trodden next week, they will be on an emotional high.

Five opportunities for me to look stupid next Saturday.

1. Haskins throws for 2 touchdowns and over 200 yards;

2. Michigan offensively owns OSU and controls the line of scrimmage;

3. Higdon and Evans combine for at least 150 yards;

4. Shea Patterson breaks one big run;

5. For some fucking reason, we still get hosed by the refs.

Michigan 37-30.



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We were so Vanilla yesterday. Is everyone totally blind? Not going to be that way next week. You must be the guy I met on the elevator last night saying Michigan sucks. Sad Sad. This meant for ijohnb.

Maryland QB hits the wide open guy 30 feet away, we are not having this conversation. 

Revenge tour continues next week. Big Clue: Good Guys Win.


November 18th, 2018 at 5:23 PM ^

Yeah, there are a lot of people on here that think this will be like a 42-10 game.  We are not THAT much better than OSU.  We are a damn good team, but they are one-less Top 10 team with a really good QB, and it is a road game.  It will be a battle.


November 18th, 2018 at 5:50 PM ^

This game is an entity in and of itself.  The Maryland game doesn’t matter.  The Purdue game doesn’t matter.  Prepare yourself for it, the crowd will be nuts, the tension nearly unbearable.  The Michigan v. OSU game, with a lot on the line like this year, may be the biggest pressure cooker in all of sports.  Literally, throw out the records, the PFF and S&P advanced whatevers.  Gonna be a war man.  Buckle up.


November 18th, 2018 at 4:34 PM ^

It definitely felt like we didn't want to show our whole hand in the red zone.  I don't remember too many run-run-run play sequences in the red zone before yesterday.  



November 18th, 2018 at 4:38 PM ^

If Don Brown routinely leaves the middle wide open again, the game will probably look the same as Indiana. If that's the case UM will probably need at least 35 to win.

I think the offense will be able to move the ball but they will obviously need to score TDs instead of FGs in the red zone. UM scored 1 TD in 8 redzone appearances yesterday. 

If they look like team during the Wisconsin, MSU, PSU stretch it's a UM double digit win. If the team from the last two weeks plays, it'll be a frustrating game to watch.