Dee Hart rumors...anyone, TVH?

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GBW pay board is freaking out over a rumor from the freeboard that there is a D_Hart anouncement (change) coming soon...anyone?



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I guess instead of crying on the podium to try and keep his job, dickrod should have cried to this kid to try and keep him.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out dickie.


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reading this blog, but you clearly have no idea what it is about.  I have read many opinions that I have disagreed with, but your approach is pathetic.  You seem to have the emotional maturity of a badly parented child.  Please find another outlet for your negativity and immaturity.


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If we lose a commit due to the fact that DB hasn't made a decision at this point then Rich Rod better be fired.  That's not fair to RR to lose a recruit due to the fact that DB doesn't know what he is doing.


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Dang it -- forgot to delete the message before caving.

Stuart, all the ban talk below is not directed at you, but at the response that used to be just below yours, which user is no longer with us. When somebody gets banned we auto-delete all of their posts dating back to forever (and put a wolverine in under their computer desks -- ah the wonders of the Internet) and the result is the replies to his comments all move up.

Carry on.


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Maybe he can get Josh Grobin to "lift him up"

Man Dickrod is a joke. But, its the fan base that made Dee Hart decommit.........

HIRE HARBAUGH Clap clap clap clap clap HIRE HARBAUGH


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You are a fucking douche bag. I dont give a shit if you dont like Coach Rodriguez and think he should be replaced. Say what you want about his record here but Coach Rodriguez has proved time and again that he is a good man with compassion for people and love of his players. I am sure the Mealer family would disagree with your use of the term "Dickrod," as would the Bills family.

You are nothing but a waste of space on an otherwise good blog.


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DickFRAUD, must go!!!! He has turned the program I love into a laughing stock. Maybe some of you pussies can accept "being a good guy" as a requirement for being a football coach. I will take wins and not embarrasing the program you are supposed to be the face of instead.

This guy is an abomination, yet you all sit here and lie to yourselfs that he can actually "turn it around"

The inability for most of you to look at this rationally is something you should seek help for.

DickFRAUD must go!!!!!


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In and out, in and out, in and out...

As some have here noted, this board has completely melted down over a rumor which, if it comes to pass, is definitely a big, big BUMMER, but it's not the end o' the world and it certainly wouldn't be the end of UM Football, regardless if Rich or whoever else may be our head man next year.

That said, I have been terribly excited about Dee Hart going BLUE and, again regardless of who the head coach will be in 2011 and going forward, I really hope this works out for us in the end, i.e. Dee remaining BLUE or returning to the BLUE by February 2nd. But, I'm taking a wait-and-see approach, on this and on everything else.

In the meantime, it simply ain't worth the angst to behave as if the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is upon us - though admittedly it may sometimes be fun to do so - even where we may in some places be reverting to cannibalism in the BLUE UNIVERSE. Be well, brothers and sisters, one way or another the light will eventually return to A2. 


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OK, I just spent some time over at GBW and read what Tom B. had to share about the banquet tonight, including what I take as some positive comments about what Rich had to say and how he said it, as well as noting that UM is getting "killed" on the recruiting trail right now. So, while I'm taking that "wait and see" approach, I do fully support bringing Rich back (I think very highly of him, in fact) and my "lean" is that I am not overly fond of the way Dave Brandon is handling this situation, though I do respect him a great deal, as well, and assume he has a plan that he is following. That said, if I'm going to throw conjecture out there, the way this is playing out in the early stages it seems to me that one potentially reasonable conclusion - as others here have also suggested - is that DB does have a plan and that the plan may already be set in place and is merely waiting not only the conclusion of our bowl game but the bowl season as well (i.e. That the next head coach has been identified and, going forward, the dominos are lined up to fall when as the bowl season progresses and concludes, with everything being kept close to the vest in the meantime). So, if anything like this does happen, while I can do nothing but support and remain a fan of UM Football regardless of the outcome, I'll be disappointed in the way our university and fan base treated Rich while he was with us... 

New Carr

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He saw us lose 37-7 to OSU and thought, shit, they kind of suck. 

Stop blaming a disgruntled fanbase or DB for everything. 

If we were competitive in our biggest games I doubt that the content of a bunch of blog readers and posters would have an effect on these recruits.


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Its not that Hart may de-committ, its the clusterfuck that has become Michigan Football. This is a program wide clusterfuck. Its not just RR, DB, or any one person. I think most of the blame for this lies squarely on the shoulders of David Brandon. He has all the power to end the speculation but doesn't. You can not leave a coach hanging in the wind for over a month and expect recruits to stick around.

To those who think players come to a program for the program and not for the coach you are delusional. Players committ to coaches who will give them the best opportunity mature as a person and football player. If you think they committ to a program then lets hire some asshat off the street and let the program sell itself.

This is probably just the tip of the iceberg as far as decommitts are concerned. This could get ugly.


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Not too smart, are you?   Surely Harbaugh would say he will not abandon his team, and coach his bowl game. So Brandon cannot come out and say now... " We are hiring Jim Harbaugh, but AFTER his bowl game."  And that puts Brandon in a tough spot, doesn't it?  This isn't Brandon's fault. 


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If he's willing to watch this year's recruiting class dissolve to get a chance (!) at Harbaugh, this is most certainly his fault, though arguably the payoff could be worth it.

If he's truly just waiting til the bowl game so that he has one final game on which to judge RR's body of work... it's still his fault.


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This is all Brandon's fault. Either come out in support of your coach or can him. The bowl game adds little to no evidence either way. The only thing waiting does is hurt our recruiting class.

If this is Harbaugh's dream job tell him either come now or never. There are other coaches out there who could lead this team. Harbaugh is not the God of coaches.


December 3rd, 2010 at 12:03 AM ^

It wouldn't be the first time a coach was let go before a bowl game.

Coach Carr announced his retirement before Michigan's bowl game, did he "abandon" his team?

You have to announce a coaching change ASAP, IMO, for recruting.   Brandon letting RR twist in the wind like this very likely opening up all sorts of opportunities for negative recruting.


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Losing this recruit is not the end of the world, and foretells nothing more than that he is de-committing.  The ratings by the scouting 'experts' rarely is as accurate as everyone believes.  Go Blue!


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@ clisimm, we all know you can't predict scout, rivals, espn rankings etc, but when a kid has 46 touchdowns in one season, 2,700 yards and can receive, return, run while playing in one of the most talented states if not the most. He might win national high school player of the year at the army bowl, i believe the hype surrounding Dee and would be very sad if we lose him because he will bring a brand of RB that we haven't seen in RR system yet.


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Dee is the recruit I am (was) most looking forward to.  I remember the night before the Michigan State game trying to log into our beloved blog but I kept getting an error because so many people were trying to get the announcement.  This is a bummer but it is not what happens to you but how you handle what happens to you.

Let me check........yep, I still love this team!


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I am getting VERY pissed with this process.  I admit I like the way DB handled the NCAA investigation, but this process is making me very sour on him very quickly.  We are dealing will kids lives.. You cannot run a place of higher education like a fortune 500 company.  It is almost like people are trying to sabotage RR..  Fans complain that RR class does not look that well, well this is the reason.. He is not only trying to sell michigan, he has to assure parents that he will be there for the entire 4 years..  Totally not fair.


December 2nd, 2010 at 11:23 PM ^

wow. it feels like a mass suicide in this thread...

I HATE HATE HATE putting any stock in high school players. I mean, seriously. I'm sure Hart's a good player, but life will go on if he goes elsewhere.

You know what would really help this team?

Putting a hurt on either Florida in the Gator Bowl or a 10-2 Big-12 Team in the Insight. Let's worry about that. And I don't buy that the Bowl means nothing for Rich or Brandon. We're going to have a great chance to beat some quality teams/programs (even if Florida's down, it would continue our SEC dominance and help recruiting in the SE).


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I agree with what you are saying.. but they are starting to add up.  I seriously think that our team being young will actually hurt us if RR is fired.  These guys can leave and still have a couple of years to play elsewhere.  I know they say the "love it here"  but seriously what would they say?  I hate my teammates and I hate the University, but I love the coach!"  I seriously think we are on the brink of something terrible if RR is fired.  I am usually a "glass half full" kind of guy, but I think this mess is going to turn out bad.. I think we are going to replace RR, Harbaugh will take over, have a couple of losing seasons and bolt to the NFL similar to Pete Carrol.. just I feeling I have.

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I implore you, MGoCommunity, please please please do not leave messages on the kid's Facebook, Twitter, or anything else about this. I'm sure he had his reasons for switching and while it's catastrophic for our recruiting class it's ultimately his decision and we need to respect that.

Best of luck Dee. Wish it had been with us, but you gotta do you.