Chase Winovich - a philanthropist who plays football for Michigan

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"YPSILANTI, Mich. — Tammi Carr vividly remembers when Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich contacted her last year. He ran up to her car in the parking lot of the Wolverines’ football offices and told her he wanted to designate the ChadTough Foundation as the main beneficiary of a charitable project he was planning.

Carr was immediately ready to accept Winovich’s offer, but she told him to run it by the football office and the athletic department. Once Winovich received the all-clear from Michigan’s compliance department, he launched a social media campaign in December that raised more than $211,000 to benefit ChadTough. As a result, he and several teammates dyed their hair orange for the Outback Bowl in January.

Winovich continued his philanthropic endeavors last week when he participated in Dancing With the Michigan Stars. The event raised more than $143,000 for research and awareness of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, an inoperable tumor in the brain stem.

The ChadTough Foundation raises money for DIPG research and for outreach to families of children who have been diagnosed with DIPG. Winovich’s engagement with the ChadTough Foundation continues to floor Carr, the daughter-in-law of former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr and the mother of Chad Carr, the namesake of the ChadTough Foundation. Chad Carr died in November of 2015 after a 14-month fight with DIPG. He was 5."

Credit:, 3/12/2018, Author:  Rachel Lenzi



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Good for him. The meaning of life is to realize how rare in this universe it seems to be and precious it is here on earth. Therefore, develop your own life, but assist others in good works to develop and protect their life.


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One of the things that makes me proudest to be a Michigan Wolverine is how many legitimately good dudes have come through these parts. Go Blue.


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I 100% agree that jokes about sexual assault are not funny.  (I have a wife/daughter/mother/sister and volunteered at SAPAC in college.)   I would argue here that the joke made was saying that rapists are bad (and MSU students/players are bad). 

In the article, "Are rape jokes ever okay?" a female comedian draws the same line,"In the early 90s, she wrote a sketch about rape, but "the important thing was the butt of the joke was the rapist, not the victim. It made a point”."

I laughed at the poster's joke.  MSU players are bad people.   Michigan players raise money for kids with cancer.   We are morally superior.   



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Chase Winovich is one HORRIBLE dancer.  Chase Winovich is one SUPERIOR human being.

The guy is simply a champion, and while he is not even half my age, I still admire him and strive to be more like he is.  The man gets what is truly important in this world and takes it upon himself to make the world significantly better.  A rare and special quality.

How awesome would it be for him to pick up and spin one of his teammates ballroom style after a big sack this fall?


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Any time some snooty professor complains about how students sleep through class but show up to watch student athletes kick a ball around on Saturday, show them this. Would any other program, let alone a single student at the University, be able to raise nearly half a million for various charities? It's amazing to see these players use their platform and fame for good.