Caris LaVert Injury Update - Good(ish) News!

Submitted by ReCruton on November 13th, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Hey! This is my first post, so please correct any formatting or tag needs (should this be OT because it's pro?)

BUT LaVert's injury which looks so bad turns out to be a dislocated foot and he is expected back this season!



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oh boy. what a disaster of a first post - I should have specified Caris Levert, not Lavert Hill, and I should have spelled his name properly... I am full of shame.


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Hey, at least there was a UM connection, and it's current news. As for the rest - ah, mistakes happen, and you owned it. You're OK.

Besides, this is nothing compared to some of the posts in OT season. Some of those are so far out of left field, I halfway expect to see a Friday Night Aerosol Huffing Thread one day.

The Maize Halo

November 13th, 2018 at 12:53 PM ^

Very wrong. Very bad. Go to MGoTimeout. Caris LeVert is a basketball player for the Nets. He also went to college here. He is who you are posting about.

Lavert Hill is a current Michigan Football player, also injured (possibly concussed).

So, your post is ambiguous in almost every way possible.


November 13th, 2018 at 12:59 PM ^

First post jitters, it happens. I made a post way back in the day when Michigan was recruiting Eduardo Clements. He ended up picking Miami(FL). I made a post with the title "Eduardo Clements commits to U of M." People were pissed.

There are lots of helpful things that could be implemented to this board, but I don't see that ever happening.


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I don't believe it. 


I saw his foot gruesomely hanging there. 


This is the equivalent of someone decapitated and the next day...all's good just sprained his neck!!

I'm Batman

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Good news. Congrats on your first post. Most people get hammered on their first post. Stay tuned, more people will be along shortly to lob the same criticisms they didn't bother to read other people  lob before posting.



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I'm surprised there are no fractures. I'm glad to hear that the ligament damage is minor. Other than the absence of fractures, this isn't ridiculous given what we saw. The ligament damage was always the question--ankle fractures themselves can heal reasonably quickly if they're not too devastating.

Troy Woolfolk, some might recall, had a bad ankle break/dislocation that was more serious. The issue there was the ligament damage more than the bones themselves. 

Mr. Owl

November 13th, 2018 at 1:27 PM ^

You are supposed to put every available detail in the title, then nothing in the body.  That's proper threadin' up in these parts.

An appropriate title may have looked like:

OT: Former M BB Caris LeVert Injury Not As Bad As It Looked.  No Fractures.  He Has A Dislocated Foot And Is Expected To Return This Season After Rehab.

Maybe try to lengthen the title a bit more.  I tend to be too brief with these things, so I gave up on starting threads & just wait for someone more talented than I am to do the creating.

For the body, keep it brief.  Nobody cares.


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A nameless mod has adjusted the title, it's now fine; to answer the OP's question about whether this is OT, no. Michigan alums in professional leagues are not OT, though it is helpful to identify obscure or confusing ones carefully (e.g. we all know who "Woodson" is if he's in a thread title, but there are several important players named "Robinson" so a first name or something is helpful to clarify).



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very promising news indeed! I hope the ligaments don't give him too much trouble; I could see the need for offseason surgery to address that further depending on scaring and ambulation.