C L Rucker suspended at least one game (confirmed)

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This will probably get nuked in no time, but RCBM is reporting that starting senior corner C L Rucker has been suspended for at least the next game for the ever popular "violation of team rules."




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A violation of team rules pales in comparison to multiple violations of NCAA rules or Dever Dorsey's two felony arrests. Sounds like sour grapes to me. By the way you can come and see the Paul Bunyan Trophy at the Duffy Daughtry Football center any time you want I'm sure it will be there for quite some time.


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but i'd gladly take "practiced too long" and offering a scholarship to a kid who needed a second chance over having a team that does whatever the hell they want and allowing a kid who was on a second chance the ability to keep a scholarship.

i would gladly take UM current situation over MSU's in a heartbeat. 

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Detroit News confirming, per Dantonio.

Gotta hand it to that Dantonio, a violation of team rules that just happened after the Michigan game, and wham! --player suspension.  Justice delayed is justice denied up there in E. Lansing.

What's that, you say?


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Stop it everyone. We all know he runs a 'tight ship'. Nothing but class up there in east Lansing. You would fly right too if your coach ignored medical advice about pacemaker surgery to show up college kids in a sports contest. And remeber, they only get second chances if they are out of prison before they start losing ground in their 40 times.

*I'm still in an mgobadframeofmind


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Sparties on RCMB are making liberal use of the slam-head-against-wall emoticon, wondering why Chris L. Rucker, a senior leader on the team, would do something stupid to get himself suspended.

Chris L. Rucker was one of the ski mask gentlemen at The Glorious Frat Beatdown Of 2009.

2 + 2 = ......?

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with the RCMB crowd over board content.

But I just scrolled though the pages in this, and -- this is a hilarious exercise in 'net-based groupthink -- the conventional wisdom is that it had to be something like a missed team meeting today.  Like, uh, surely Dantonio's running such a clean ship now means that it had to be some exuberant celebratin' that occurred in the 14-hour period between the time that Rucker's team bus pulled into E. Lansing and when Dantonio, in a flash, declared the suspension.

This really ought to be a fair question for the press to be pose to Dantonio:  Coach, we understand that you cannot and will not comment on the details of individual disciplinary measures, but can you at least specify whether the Rucker suspension relates to something that occurred before, or after, the team traveled to Ann Arbor?  Because that is really a question we have with regard to YOU, and not Rucker...


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Well, even better are the people acting as voices of reason and saying "we should lay off a bit because we don't even know what it's about, it could be something as simple as skipping class."  Which, if true, would vindicate Rucker (a little bit), but I don't think they get what that suggestion really means.

Honestly, the timing suggests, logically, that he blew off the meetings today or something like that.  I'd call it a silly one-man conspiracy theory to suggest that Dantonio timed the announcement to cover up his waiting until after the game to announce it - if there wasn't already an established history of leniency in that program.

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Well, even better are the people acting as voices of reason and saying "we should lay off a bit because we don't even know what it's about, it could be something as simple as skipping class."  Which, if true, would vindicate Rucker (a little bit), but I don't think they get what that suggestion really means.

You put it better than I did.  The voices of moderation and calm along the banks of the Red Cedar are saying, "Probably just missed class, or a meeting, or bible study, etc. etc. etc."  Which is fine, as far as that goes.  It's better than assault and battery.  For Rucker, that is. 

But unless the class/meeting/prayer session that Rucker missed was at 4:00 am Sunday morning, that particular theory points to Rucker's transgression having occurred before Saturday afternoon at 3:30.

I don't know what happened and it sounds, right now, like nobody on the boards knows.  Dantonio knows.  He knows the what, and the when.  I'd actually support Dantonio, if this were truly a "team rules" thing, in saying that he won't comment on the "what."  I will not defend Dantonio if he stonewalls on the "when."  Absent Dantonio declaring, on the record, that this matter relates to something that happened after the game, late last night,  I'll presume that it pre-dated the Michigan game, and that Dantonio timed the punishment.  (Is anybody going to bite on the argument that between the hours of 11 pm Saturday and noon on Sunday, Dantonio and his staff were carefully considering the procedural merits of the whatever "Chris L. Rucker disciplinary matter" had been pending from before the game?  Not me!)

Again, there may be a simple explanation of all of this that fits for Dantonio.  Maybe, incredibly, Rucker did something late last night, and Dantonio saw fit to discuss it with Rucker, investigate, and declare his judgment on a suspension, all in the space of a few hours on Sunday.  Just maybe.  Why he wouldn't wait until a Monday presser to announce it, is a further mystery.  So we'll see. 

zoltan the destroyer

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There were no ski masks. Just because Sparty is too stupid to look at facts doesn't mean you should be.


Make fun of their mediocre football history, make fun of their USnews rankings... but enough with the fabricated stuff. It makes our fanbase look uneducated and bitter.


And we're only bitter right now. Dammit.

South Lyon Sparty

October 10th, 2010 at 10:38 PM ^

If that is true, then they're idiots.  Just like the MSU students who sat behind me yesterday yelling "first down bitch" at every opportunity.  Can't stand up for the actions of everyone.

But you're also indicting an entire message board.  Should you be held to that measuring stick here?

And "stupid troll" was painful.  You should really apologize.  It would be the class thing to do.


October 10th, 2010 at 10:50 PM ^

Right: I apologize for offending you by using the evidence at my disposal (you calling me a liar, taunt about bowl eligibility, large negative point total) to come to the conclusion that you are a "stupid troll."  If you don't wish to be labeled a duck, don't walk like one and quack like one.  It's more than possible to be a Sparty - even to disagree with the majority sentiment - and not be labeled a troll.

As for the RCMB, I wouldn't have a problem with the board if the jubilation and "piss on his grave" sentiment hadn't been so prevalent, or encouraged by the silence of those who disagreed, or ignored by the moderator staff.  If Dantonio had died of that heart attack I promise you anyone around here who'd expressed any kind of happiness about that would have been vilified by the community here.  That wasn't so at the RCMB.  The voices of reason over there aren't near loud enough.

South Lyon Sparty

October 11th, 2010 at 9:45 AM ^

While I didn't call you a liar directly Wahoo, so let's be clear o-k, I still contend your (and others) continued animus toward Michigan State and Dantonio is based, in part, on the past three years and Saturday's win.  If not, I apologize.

The comment about bowl eligibility was made in response to your slamming Dantonio.

As for the RCMB stuff, again... didn't read it then, but if no one called them out on that board for such comments about Bo (which I don't know to be true), then I totally agree with you.  I hate the "First Down Bitch" stuff.  I just wish MSU fans could take prosperity in the small doses we've had it over recent years.

Negative point total?  I'm not convinced a Spartan on this site can do well right now, with the current state of Michigan football.  (Not meant to be a slam.)

BACK TO FOOTBALL... this week is huge on both fronts, for both schools.



October 10th, 2010 at 8:32 PM ^

This post is about a continuing issue that has nothing to do with the outcome of the game.  Dispite his good press, Coach Dantonio has shown time and time again that he will put winning above discipline.  Given his history, it's a valid question to ask when this occurred: before or after the Ann Arbor trip. 

Frankly, with or without Rucker, State wins on Saturday because they played better.  That doesn't change the fact that Dantonio's team discipline is more about the product on the field than punishing inappropriate behavior.


October 10th, 2010 at 10:57 PM ^

Exciting.  I do hope history holds, as that will mean Michigan State will be back to being irrelevant within one season.  The fact that your fans are classless dicks certainly demonstrates that some things never change, while the small things that do change, as in, Sparty's record, will inevitably go back towards the mean.

By the way, I heard the ever so classy "First Down, Bitch" everywhere, including at restaurants with many senior citizens.  Didn't meet a single Spartan apologizing for them.

South Lyon Sparty

October 11th, 2010 at 9:54 AM ^

"Classless dicks", really?  All MSU fans?  Hmmm.  Very classy Blue Voix.

Again, hate the FDB chant.  (But you know what, I've also heard many comments from UM fans at sporting events over the years... walking back to cars, etc.... aimed at no one in particular.)

And if you're being really truthful with yourself, (cue more negative points please) don't expect State to go back to "being irrelevant" anytime soon.  I think, deep down, that's what bothers many of you the most.


October 11th, 2010 at 3:32 PM ^

Ah yes, this is quite the little logical move you pulled.  Responding to a clear and present set of incidences of classlessness by accusing those that deem it classless as classless themselves.  Straight out of "How to Debate on the Internet and Cable News for Dummies."

And if you're being really truthful with yourself, (cue more negative points please) don't expect State to go back to "being irrelevant" anytime soon.  I think, deep down, that's what bothers many of you the most.

If I'm really being truthful with myself, I know that Staee will go back to being irrelevant in football.  You're a basketball school.  Outside of the state of Michigan, most people think Michigan State is in Ann Arbor and that they are the Wolverines.  The lack of academic prestige coupled with the incredibly low out-of-state proportions and mediocre grad programs mean the school has zero national presence outside of athletics.  MSU is Cal State Fullerton with better conference ties.

So no, not really concerned about MSU becoming some national power...in anything.  Enjoy your mature chants and 10 win season.  It'll be the best since the 60s, and likely the last until the next 60s.

South Lyon Sparty

October 10th, 2010 at 10:19 PM ^

It is because many posters here, without knowing what they are talking about... go off all half-cocked on MSU and Dantonio again.  I do like discussing football with other fans, but when you guys are laying in wait of possible probation with a Coach with a checkered past... this type of thread is laughable.

Thought I'd point it out, since we're friends and all... and gather some more negative points.


October 10th, 2010 at 10:22 PM ^

Many posters are simply questioning the timing of the announcement. Given the history of Mark Dantonio's disciplinary policies, I think that is a valid point to raise. You seem to think negative points are a badge of honor for rival fans. Most of us here are willing to listen to reasonable discussion, but you are intent on pissing people off and then playing the martyr. It's a tired act.

South Lyon Sparty

October 10th, 2010 at 10:44 PM ^

Not sure how I'm exactly pissing people off?  Just the fact that a Spartan fan wanders onto your board is enough to gain negative points.  And, no... I get you're not supposed to gather them.

Funny thing about the supposed "history" of Dantonio's disciplinary policies... he let Winston back on the team after the fight and jail sentence last year, it blew up in his face and he suspended everyone he knew to be involved.

Rucker does something, he suspends him for at least one game, maybe more.

Not sure what awful history you speak of?

(Maybe this is the part where I piss the collective off.)  What makes you think UM has any moral high ground here?


October 10th, 2010 at 10:53 PM ^

See, it's not about moral high ground. What Mike Gundy and Chip Kelly and Greg Schiano and Rich Rodriguez do has no bearing on what Mark Dantonio does. I am not Rival Coach X. I'm simply looking at the facts as some random guy on a blog. The fact that Winston was allowed to walk out of jail onto the practice field and 8 Spartans were reinstated after the Rather Hall mess is enough for Dantonio to lose the benefit of the doubt. Given his history with disciplinary issues, I think questioning the timeline involved is perfectly fair.


October 10th, 2010 at 11:04 PM ^

You're absolutely right.  But I still can't resist:

- Player A: commits crime, gets two years probation and permanently kicked off team.

- Player B: commits crime, gets 180 days in jail, gets second chance.  Stays on team, proves totally unworthy of second chance.

I think we all know who's who here, and it says something about who gets the high ground, but there are a lot of people who are willfully ignorant, because it would screw up the pretty story about Dantonio's TUFF DISCIPLINE, and to acknowledge the truth about things would take a tally mark off of the RCMB's RODRIGUEZED!!! count.  We can't have that.

South Lyon Sparty

October 11th, 2010 at 9:59 AM ^

I get your point.

Personally, the Winston reinstatement to the field happened way too fast for my liking too.

As for the Rather Hall stuff, some players didn't make it back onto the team.  Others were suspended for the rest of the year and reinstated for this season.  The whole thing was a mess, I grant you.  But honestly, after being punished are you saying everyone involved to whatever extent (and we don't know who did what) should be permanently banned from the team?  If so, that is where we would disagree.

Having said that, I think Dantonio has also learned from all of this.  Maybe that is why, possibly, he suspended Rucker so quickly for (possibly) something that might not be so severe this time?  Ever consider that?



October 11th, 2010 at 3:36 PM ^

You keep using this line thinking it makes any sense.  It doesn't. 

You have a lot of classless fans that don't know how to handle success.  Michigan has classless fans as well, but last I checked, Michigan fans don't vandalize cars, spray paint sidewalks, and spew vitriol up and down the street quite like State fans do.  Should we attribute that to a lack of historical success?  Or should we attribute that to being the general class of the fanbase?  Your choice.