BYU Starting QB Taysom Hill Out for the year with a broken foot

Submitted by TheDirtyD on September 5th, 2015 at 7:02 PM
Heisman long shot and Star BYU QB Taysom Hill sprained his foot against Nebraska early in the game. Hill returned only to re-injure it again this time taking him out for the game. He left in a boot and on crutches and won't return to the field. According to a sideline report from Todd McShay. A freshmen Tanner Mangum replaced Hill.

Outside of whatever OSU QB, he might be the best QB we face this year. Michigan might catch a break if Hill is still out against them on 9/26.

Get well soon my friend. Edit I had the wrong date. EDIT#2 per ESPN he's done for the year and BYU message boards.


Gucci Mane

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Assuming a sprain is a simple injury is completely incorrect. There are different grades of sprains, ranging from a little pain and instability to a completely ruptured tendon. Many times a sprain is worse than a break. If Taysom has a very severe sprain, he will not have time to heal enough to suit up in the big house.


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This seems in bad form as it's discussed heavily in the evening game thread and it seems in poor taste to discuss a young mans injury in a non game week situation regardless of your last line. Just my thoughts.

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im all for civil discourse in which players / coaches are respected as human beings and totally agree certain issues should remain off limits but your definition of "poor taste" is slightly harsh.  

this blog exists for its authors and members to discuss and dissect michigan sports (though mostly football) and general issues pertaining to the u, community, etc.  

m plays byu this month and the health of their players certainly constitutes reasonable, relevant material, even more so since harbaughs stanford staff recruited taysom hill - who when healthy, has played at an all american level.  how many braxton miller injury threads have appeared on this board at all times of year?

most posters are respectful and are not rejoicing over some players injury like sadist, rather relaying info relevant to m vs byu.  not everyone reads every thread, especially if certain topics are buried within like 400 other posts.  as for timing, should this info wait to be mentioned on sunday am of byu game week?  taste not as poor if aired during game week?

if you find it bad form or poor taste, it might be smart to enjoy the rest of mgoblog while skipping these type threads.  or dont find offense in extremely common, relevant topics.  just my thoughts


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Get well Hill. With that said, I doubt it matters to our game. We still don't have the talent to compete with BYU. Hoke ensured that. Outside of Peppers and Rudock there isn't really anyone that can compete with any of the BYU players


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Good observation idiot. Nebraska started an entire new line except for the left tackle and moved the ball easily.

Tommy Armstrong holds Nebraska back. At one point he went on a 1-11 midway thru the 2nd


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hahahaha you of all people can't call me troll. You told me in a direct quote over a year ago that Hoke was a great coach and that it was only a matter of time before he turned this program around when I had DARED to question Hoke's coaching ability. So you'll please excuse me when I completely disregard all of your opinions and believe the exact opposite of whatever it is you believe