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We might as well get this post up today since the list is growing by the minute it seems. If anyone had concerns about the new coaching staff and their recruiting ability, they're probably not asking anymore. Brady Hoke seems like he's in 10 different places at once, and the buzz they've started to create in a short amount of time has been outstanding. Here's a look at the visitors list so far for this weekend. Remember this list will continue to grow, and could shrink so check back.

  • Commit RB Justice Hayes (4 Star, 5'10", 175 lbs)- Justice being on campus this weekend will help with recruiting. He's been talking up Michigan to quite a few recruits now.
  • DB Stefan McClure (4 Star, 5'11", 170 lbs)- Defensive back out of California. Has a good relationship with Hoke from being at SDSU. I think Michigan has a real shot with Stefan.
  • DB Raymon Taylor (4 Star, 5'10", 165 lbs)- Raymon might decide to wait a little bit to commit, but I think it's safe to say he'll most likely pick Michigan.
  • K Matt Wile - (6'2", 210 lbs)Here's my interview yesterday with Matt's coach. I wouldn't be surprised if Wile was a Wolverine by Tuesday.
  • TE/LB Frank Clark (3 Star, 6'2", 210 lbs)- Glenville prospect that I think Michigan has a good chance with.
  • OL Tony Posada (3 Star, 6'5", 315 lbs)- The coaches were out to Florida this week to see Tony, and I think this visit will be his last. He should be firm to Michigan again.
  • LB Leilon Willingham (4 Star, 6'3", 230 lbs)- I spoke to Leilon's coach today, and it looks like this visit is happening. Willingham is committed to Texas A&M and was supposed to visit the Aggies this weekend. If he cancelled that trip to visit Michigan then that's a pretty strong statement.
  • DB Tamani Carter (3 Star, 5'11", 172 lbs) - Michigan's newest commit is visiting.



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Good work as always Tom. This is a pretty impressive list considering the circumstances. I am looking forward to many Hello posts in the near future.


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This news will settle some nerves.  I'm glad we're finally starting to see some big defensive recruits. 


I have faith in this recruiting class and Brady Hoke!!


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Look around this website.

The MGoBoard scroll bar would indicate to you that Raven is visiting on 1/28.

Reviewing TomVH's prior posts would indicate to you that Bryant is announcing, I believe, on the 28th.

As for Kitchen and Rawls, the situation is fluid.


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this visiting weekend could (in a 100% positive view) net 5 new commits. and with 1 weekend after, we may fill out a pretty respectable class.

i admit i wasnt sold on hoke from a big name standpoint, but little quick turnarounds like hes done thus far have made me change my mind. im thinking we may actually increase the win total in his first year! 


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I realize we are all looking for 5* guys but consider this, a 3* guy this year is probably as valuable as a 4* next season because he gets a year of practice in the system.

I doubt Hoke wants to bank any scholarships this season.  I'm sure he feels the more players now the sooner the team meets his goals.

To me a 4* player two weeks before signing day is elite.  it's like getting a 5* player next season!


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It generates interest. One should consider more prominently the hc and what he feels he'll get out of a player in his system. DR was a 5* player, but a 4* recruit. Mike Hart hadequally diverse production relative to the being a 3* recruit, and the list is endless. 

There can be no debate whatsoever that Lo had much more talent than Bo, but was sadly deficient in the development of the "team" concept between so many heavyweights, as is evidenced by only two outstanding years(10 years apart), and mostly begging the team to win the bowl season so we "can lay claim" to another double-digit win season. This is even more evident when you consider the expanded seasons. Henne, Hart, Long, MM, AA.  Hell that's a good start for an NFL expansion team. No reason in hell we should have felt proud to beat a Fl team that was decimated by graduation plus the additional normal attrition through early entries, injuries, academic casualties, et. al. Fuck, to be honest, they were a four loss team and not the defending NCs. The defending NCs were mostly in the NFL and the next group they were to send there were still two years removed from that level.

Bo, on the other hand took people named Mallory, Cannovinos, Dufeks, and others without a snow ball's chance in hell of becoming pro, therefore would have been no better than 5.5 3*s and simply won ten games every year it seemed, and the early ones in an 11 game schedule. Now that's called getting the talent you want, and developing the team concept to such a degree that an error in judgement was simply unacceptable.

Given the above, I could give a tinker's damn about the number of stars an incoming frosh is "burdened" with. All I want is for them to play at the 4* level when they get here.

Bo actually sent as many players to the pros as did Mo and Lo, but not too many stuck. Tex Schram, former GM of the Cowboys concluded that Michigan got the best possible coaching in the world under Bo becuase, "They are fundamentally better than all others, but simply aren't athletic enough to compete at this level."

I suggest keeping your eyes on the road and a little less time counting those bright things in the sky. And then pray that Mattison, Hoke, Al, et. al. will do half the job Bo did. If so, we'll be just fine.


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Wolfman, I agree with your premise 100%, but there is an error: Don Dufek did indeed play in the pros.  He was a terrific special teams player for the Seahawks for a few years.  Mallory (Mike) and Cannovino (Cannavino?) are perfect examples of guys who were taught--not born--to be linebackers.  Nobody's been teaching them like that in Ann Arbor for at least 10 years.


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I saw DGDestroys mention this in an earlier thread, but can you shed any light on the rumor that  LB Anthony Wallace (and possibly other Texans) are coming on a visit with TE Chris Barnett? Those 2 would be huge pickups.


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Anthony Wallace told me today that he's not visiting and that he's 100% to Oregon. I don't know where that came from, but Oregon commits aren't allowed to take visits. If they do they're not considered commits anymore, so he would have been putting a lot on the line.


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Dude... I'll be 40 years old 3 days before National Signing Day and, right now, I'm more excited about the potential and what this staff is doing with this recruiting on such short notice than I am about my birthday or any presents I might receive.

Of course, on the flip side, this birthday may not exactly be one that many of us look forward to, but still, GIDDYUP!


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For a guy, anyway, 40 is awesome.  Yeah, you're falling off a bit physically, but compared to what women go through, count your blessings.  Career is stable, you're making some $$, a few wrinkles or gray hair make you look successful, and younger women still think you're a catch.  It's all about your attitude.

Happy birthday, man!

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So, DGDestroys mentioned here about the potential for Anthony Wallace to come up, along with a few more Texas kids. Does anyone else have any more news about this, kid seems like a good LB recruit.

No but seriously, yes, it's Anthony Wallace. Evidently he and "other texans' tried to get up here earlier in the season but it 'didnt work out'. It's nothing definitive, but the staff is trying to get him up here.

edit: MaizeAndBlueManGroup was a little quicker.


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Hoke is off to a good start, no question.  It seems like they are certainly aiming to fully fill the class with 18-20 if possible.  Especially with Carter's acceptance today.

Also wondering if any news on the QB front, now that Tate is officially done...would hate to go into the season would only Denard and Devin...