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Submitted by Wolverine Incognito on March 8th, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Hey y'all, I'm listening to sports talk radio in Columbus right now.  Tressel is getting a 250,000 fine and two game suspension next year according to them.  More to come.



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If anyone didn't catch the news conference, the nitty gritty is right here:…

That's the document OSU sent to the NCAA reporting this violation. It's frankly stunning that Tressel and the AD are still trying to cover up this mess with half-truths at a news conference when the truth is right here for all to see, from their own institution no less.

The relevent bits are at the end of pages 2 and 3. Tressel received three seperate emails nearly 8 months in advance detailing exactly what was going on and which players were involved. He pretended he was going to act on this info and then did nothing about it, acting like he wasn't allowed to report these problems because the attorney providing the info requested anonymity. In a recent follow-up interview with the OSU admin Tressel indicated he thought he should stay silent because of a criminal investigation, but it's clear from what was going on that he was grasping at straws at that point, knowing he was about to get busted (he admitted as much). Doesn't take much reading between the lines to realize he was just sitting on this info, hoping not to get caught. Let's hope the NCAA does a proper investigation, becuase if they do there's no way these puny punishments will be enough.

The Baughz

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The NCAA will investigate and hopefully give out a more severe penalty. I hope 20-30 years from ESPN does a 30/30 on the Ohio St Univ getting the death penalty ala SMU. In all seriousness, I think a more severe penalty is on it's way.

The Baughz

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Well Tressel lied right? Im going to use a few examples of people/programs who lied and what their repercussions were.

Dez Bryant: lied about knowing or having dinner with PrimeTime and that cost him a whole season

SMU: we all know that story. Basically, their program was beheaded. Tressel's actions are not in the same league as SMU, just using it as an example.

Bruce Pearl: Lied about having a recruit over for a party. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think that is what went down. He got suspended 8 conf. games by the SEC. More punishment might be on the way from the NCAA.

So those are just a few examples. I would say what Tressel did would be #2 behind SMU for worst offense. He knowingly withheld information about his players breaking rules. Ya I get the whole I want to protect my players, Im scared meme, but that was wrong. There is no excuse for what he did. If Pryor and company receieved a 5 game suspension,shouldnt Tressel's be more? He knew what was going on and kept quiet. He is the guy in charge of those players and that program. I would think that warrants more than a 2 game suspension. I could be wrong. But this is how I feel and it is just my opinion. You may think this is crazy and thats fine, this is just my view of it and would not be surprised to see more games added.

Oh and doesnt OSU lead the nation in most self-imposed penalties since 2000? I saw it on twitter, but I forgot whos account it was. It was over 350 I think.

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I'm pretty sure they were talking about Oregon. Once a radio host who hasn't broken any news in his entire life knows about it, it's just a matter of hours before it'll leak to everyone else.

However, I think this will end up being the bigger story and is much closer to what Cowherd described. It is weird to call Oregon a top 10-12 program (they're top 2 this year and, like, top 40 all-time) and they are not going to get blown up from what i've read.

Let Michigan, OSU, and Oregon serve as a lesson to other college programs: have competent compliance officers, tell the truth, and for the love of god stretch legally!


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is it just me or does it seem like mich got hit harder for practice gate? he knowingly withheld violations and wouldn't have said a word if the feds hadn't come across the osu stuff the crooks sold  and contacted tosu


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So he misses Akron and Toledo? Lovely. I like that OSU is the most penalized program in D1-A over the past 10 years and every single time the punishments are so minor... Failure to promote atmosphere of compliance anyone? 


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While tsio hopes that by handing down these weak penalties the NCAA will accept this punishment and move on, history shows that it isnt quite that easy.  There most certainly will be (if not, then the NCAA needs to be investigated) a thorough investigation into the football program which will uncover more violations. Also, Tressel's bit about treating the kids like his own because of having "a player murdered" and "a player incarcerated"  issimply  a red herring to distract people from his own mistakes.  How can this man preach accountability when he refuses to accept full responsibility for his own actions?


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and if we didn't you all would have never heard about this and no suspension would have happened...thank you that is all...move along nothing to see here


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OSU claiming they decided to "self-report" it? B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. The only reason they did that is because Tressel got caught with his pants down for all of the media to see. If that did not happen, no where would they be telling the NCAA about this violation. 

Nantucket Blue

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For whatever reason, this will be enough and the NCAA will say, "OK, cool."

I hope (at least outsie of OH) that everyone is now aware of a complete pattern of SHENANIGANS!

I need to go get my broom.


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Has the NCAA accepted this bullshit self sanctions yet?  He lied to the investigators.  If this stands, it is utter fucking shit.  They better at least have to vacate this season for the cover up.