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01/08/2019 - 11:47am It's a job and he's still a…

It's a job and he's still a fairly young coach working his way up the ladder.   

07/30/2018 - 10:38am I genuinely enjoy these…

I genuinely enjoy these sidebars into life in AA.  It's been a decade+ since I graduated and I haven't been able to make it up to a game in a couple years, but really enjoyed everything about living in that town and the few times Brian puts up articles like this, I feel a little bit like I'm back there.  Any reccomendations for AA-news resources other than MLive?

02/14/2017 - 6:27pm Maybe, but I honestly don't

Maybe, but I honestly don't see a lot of Sparty's out defending this guy or the situation.  What I've heard from most Sparty's is shock/anger about Nasser (but waiting until the multiple investigations get the full story out about how this guy was able to stay so long and do so  much harm), immense dissatisfaction with Hollis (approaching DB levels), and the opinion of "if these players/coach commited or helped cover up sexual assault, fuck them, good riddance"

02/13/2017 - 4:28pm This is a good, if

This is a good, if depressing, point.

02/13/2017 - 4:27pm Thats kind of what I'd heard

Thats kind of what I'd heard about MSU's athletic department, its a real instutional good ol' boys network and things like team performance or discipline don't matter if you are in with the long-time adminstrators.  I don't know for sure, but I'd suspect creep-o Nasser was well connected with that group and people were willing to ignore rumors that kept coming out based on it.

01/12/2017 - 12:36am Wow, that's a little guy. At

Wow, that's a little guy. At least you know without a doubt that the little guy is a heck of a fighter, and any adversity he faces there on out will be a cakewalk.

12/06/2016 - 11:37pm He's a good kid and I wish

He's a good kid and I wish him the best, but as choppy as O'Korn looked in his start this year, if he was able to compete at this level I think he would be playing under Harbaugh. Good luck to him and we will always be grateful for the work he put into the program.

08/20/2016 - 11:26am ND doesn't usually screw

ND doesn't usually screw around with this stuff and generally take the student conduct pledges pretty seriously (except, arguably, with respect to sexual assault). I suspect everyone is gone or at least the first time offenders are done for most if not all of the season.

07/06/2016 - 4:18pm I feel like if it was a CO2

I feel like if it was a CO2 leak, the answer would have been "we have no idea what happened, we both started were disoriented and the doctors are trying to figure it out".  The "I was just sleepy" answer + ruling out alchol sounds like drugs.  :-(

04/28/2016 - 9:10am I went last year and it was

I went last year and it was an awesome time. As a tip, bring along a couple of rare bottles of different kinds if you have them. There is a big tradition of swapping sips in the lines, so if your willing to let some strangers try whatever you have, you can pretty much try every other kind of rare beer on earth. Good luck on getting a golden ticket!

03/07/2016 - 6:40pm Agree entirely, but would

Agree entirely, but would also add Carol Hutchins to your pantheon list.

11/08/2015 - 2:33am I don't entirely get the

I don't entirely get the metaphor. Is that an embarrassing situation, hence the comparison? With the physics of cramming air into offices, I'd assume that is just a thing that happens.

10/15/2015 - 11:40pm He is, and kept a house there

He is, and kept a house there to spend time with his mom and was very active in a lot of community organizations.

10/15/2015 - 11:38pm You have too many words

You have too many words spelled correctly to be believable.

10/15/2015 - 11:36pm That sounds like so much

That sounds like so much post-grad... Holy crap.

10/15/2015 - 11:33pm Way to name check your JD, I

Way to name check your JD, I bet you were the coolest gunner in your section. "Jizzo" is immature, beneath the level of class befitting of a Michigan alumn, and most of all, just plain stupid.

10/12/2015 - 11:26pm Yes!!!


10/12/2015 - 11:24pm Can someone photoshop rafiki

Can someone photoshop rafiki in pleated khaki's and the trademark Bo Michigan cap?

10/04/2015 - 9:25pm Yeah, I genuinely feel for

Yeah, I genuinely feel for the them. They have been field really damn good teams for the last couple seasons and between who they had on their roster and the fact that they could have marque wins against Oregon and a top OSU on their resume if things went well, this might have been the best shot they'll have for a while for an NC. I feel a little the same for ND, I'm happy to see rivals crap the bed, but not lose because hard working kids got injured.

10/03/2015 - 5:32pm They are just OSU or the

They are just OSU or the school down south, those other names belong on Freep comment threads.

09/09/2015 - 7:40pm I'd rather play ND in

I'd rather play ND in football, but have Penn State or Rutgers in the B1G.  Even though Northwestern dabbles in that category, the B1G is a conference for large, well-rounded, research monsters that lead to very balanced university environements, not parochial liberal arts schools with outsized athletic departments.

09/08/2015 - 7:36pm I took away the exact same

I took away the exact same perspective.  DB by many accounts was not a bad Regent, and if anything his cardinal sin was, after losing the Regent's election, using his power and influence as a connected donor to have him placed into a position where he didn't belong.   We have plenty of influential doctors or businessmen as alumni, but if a non-acaemic b-school alumn or doctor that was on the Board of Regents lost their election and immediately tried to install themself as Dean of the Medical School or Ross, there would hell to pay.  By many accounts (and credit to John U. Bacon for emphazing them) he was a prototypical Michigan Man (smart driven confident guy with incredibly hard work ethic and deep loyalty to Michigan) and, for all of his sins, was able to at least acknowledge and focus on one of the true cores of college athletics that often gets overlooked (i.e., the lives and college experience of the actual athletes).  If Brandon would have stayed an important booster and fan, I think he'd be a much happier guy, the rest of us alumni would generally celebrate him as opposed to revile him, and (hopefully) the University would have hired someone qualified for his position. 

09/04/2015 - 8:53am Sure could, there were 11

Sure could, there were 11 guys on the field at all times...

08/18/2015 - 12:26pm I'm constantly shocked at how

I'm constantly shocked at how few people can recognize states by their outlines.  If it was Wyoming vs. Colorado or maybe the Dakotas vs. Kansas, I could see people struggling, but isn't the rest just a basic thing you have to learn as an American?

07/06/2015 - 7:16pm I don't think a lot of the

I don't think a lot of the fan base is opposed to novelty uniforms if they are done sparingly and cleverly.  For football, not more than once a season and not every season (and when done, with a story to go with them).  Basketball,  hockey, baseball, softall you could rotate in more often.

01/21/2015 - 1:17pm Didn't realize they had been

Didn't realize they had been expelled, does IFC formally penalize any other Greek organizations that do events with them (e.g, mud bowl, sorority mixers?). If not, they should, ungoverned houses lead to big black eyes for the community,

01/21/2015 - 1:14pm Citing constitutional

Citing constitutional protections is a bit to far and the U, national organizations, and the IFC all have the ability in varying ways to strip all rights and formal recognitions from various of the houses. That said, the freedom of assembly ideal is core to the history of Greek organizations, and the experience of living in a quasi-self governing community of students is one of the better parts of the Greek experience.

01/21/2015 - 1:09pm It's a U of M board though,

It's a U of M board though, and as I understand it, despite the changes in other frats cultures over the years, Pike has remained Pike for decades.

01/13/2015 - 10:29am Wow, tell us more!

Wow, tell us more!

01/11/2015 - 4:13pm Pretty much everything other

Pretty much everything other than the football program advanced tremendously under Mary Sue Coleman and the strong position the university is in financially (through a period when many peer institutions took huge blows and lost great faculty) and academically are incredible. That doesn't seem to be a fair criticism to me.

01/10/2015 - 4:32pm Given the timing, I assume it

Given the timing, I assume it was either academic or disciplinary, or he was bold enough to try and March into a new coaches office with his dad and try to make demands for playing time.

12/29/2014 - 12:51am I've heard that no small part

I've heard that no small part in the change in offense came at the direction of management worrying about preserving the value of their newly signed QB, which is kind of silly b/c you don't build an offense around a Kapernick if you aren't willing to risk QB hits.

12/28/2014 - 7:47pm *slow clap*

*slow clap*

12/28/2014 - 10:26am Yeah, and I don't think

Yeah, and I don't think Michigan is going to go through the public nightmare of suing him for a breach.

12/28/2014 - 10:21am Probably not, but if the

Probably not, but if the Raiders come in at $10mm a year and promise the moon and sun on control, he'll think about it.

12/28/2014 - 10:18am Shelter is one of our most

Shelter is one of our most high profile alumni in the national media, it's not like he wouldn't be thrilled to see Harbaugh come home either. I think generally the NFL guys are taking the right approach, Harbaugh is probably coming home and things have progressed really far down that path, but the NFL teams haven't had a chance to lay their cards on the table yet, and their is enough money and prestige in the NFL that a team could make Jim think very hard if they could move quickly and willing to offer a substantial topping bid.

12/26/2014 - 9:43pm Yeah, I think if he wanted a

Yeah, I think if he wanted a stressful authority position, he would have kept the helm at Steelcase. I'd expect he's doing his duty to the alma mater in his time of need and will then happily hand off the ship to a permanant captain while he enjoys his retirement (and the adoration of the fan base when he swings by the presidents box for games).

12/17/2014 - 11:33am I don't think you need to

I don't think you need to kill rawk or  the big screens, just recognize their appropriate role in the game day experience.  During warm-ups or post-game or every couple of downs when the band needs a break, maybe a song gets mixed in (and never again commission a song like that big house song).  Screens are great so that in-staduim fans can also watch replays after calls, but maybe focus more of the content on clips from old games, player bios (like when they introduce the players with clips at the begining of broadcast game), or comission Filmic to make some awesome content.  People will mind the plugs for stadium rentals and boxes less if its mixed in with stuff worth seeing.  

Also, could we get someone in graphic design to make a digital version of one of the old scoreboards for when they are showing the game stats?  Those skeumorphic scrollers  they have now drive me banannas, if we are going to pretend our super high-def digital screen is something older and lower tech, lets at least have it hearken back to what we used before.

12/16/2014 - 1:25am I'm not saying it impossible,

I'm not saying it impossible, but it strikes me as implausible. Unless the Raiders are dangling some large carrot to the 49ers in cash, trades or draft picks, why would they consent to negotiations before the end of the season to a regional team. If Harbaugh did well there, it would hurt their market share and be a big black eye on the organization.

12/16/2014 - 1:07am Could have been asked to

Could have been asked to embargo the source until something happens tomorrow too.

12/16/2014 - 1:01am Yeah, Carr only gives media

Yeah, Carr only gives media quoted at gunpoint. However, I feel like if you asked him about the history of lumberjacks in Sault Sainte Marie, you could get him to open up.

12/15/2014 - 1:43am I don't think Hackett would

I don't think Hackett would want it.  Dude just retired from a long tenure at a major public company and got drafted to come patch an immediate need at his alma mater.  I'd imagine once the new coach is installed and the university is able to conduct an approriate AD search, I'd guess he retires to his beautiful lake/ocean house in his preferred resort town and enjoy dropping the "when I was AD" line around the luxury boxes when he comes back for games.

12/15/2014 - 1:32am His dad was also a lifetime

His dad was also a lifetime college coach, and a man who took a program and made it his career (WKU).

12/15/2014 - 1:16am Plus, starting Bo-alumn and a

Plus, starting Bo-alumn and a Michigan Econ major.  I'd love to see the mad hatter go out a hero at home at the end of his career

12/10/2014 - 11:43am Yeah, not to discount the

Yeah, not to discount the gravity of a situation involving potential domestic abuse, but can someone dig up more on this point?

12/10/2014 - 9:55am The Saturday night's are pretty lively....

12/06/2014 - 10:17pm Doesn't mean much if it is

Doesn't mean much if it is signed either.  U of M isn't suing Harbaugh for damages, and I doubt they'd decide to taking on an NFL team for tortious interference if they swooped him away after it was papered.  

11/29/2014 - 4:52pm Is there a Tindr for

Is there a Tindr for available coaches in your area?

11/16/2014 - 11:44am Disagree slightly, if

Disagree slightly, if charged, indefinite suspension. Depending on the degree to which the evidence supports an obvious conviction in the eyes of a lay person, the coach makes a judgement call whether to let him practice with the team or pull his scholly for the next year. If convicted or plea, boot him. If charges dropped, reinstate.

10/31/2014 - 1:34pm He's just a seatwarmer while

He's just a seatwarmer while we wrap up our real search, I doubt he'll do anything other than keep an eye on the department and make sure nothing gets out of hand.