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Submitted by Wolverine Incognito on March 8th, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Hey y'all, I'm listening to sports talk radio in Columbus right now.  Tressel is getting a 250,000 fine and two game suspension next year according to them.  More to come.


Undefeated dre…

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Basically saying "Tressel's voice quivered, and he seemed emotional. He really must be sorry.." And Pres. Gee's comments are, frankly, disgusting. This is why you don't have some jocksniffer as your college president.


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Someone with some sense in the thread, With Newton running roughshod over these guys and the "hey you guys can play in the bowl, but only because you promised you thought it was okay" from the tatoo issue, the NCAA has clearly shown the complete lack of any backbone when enforcing rules violations. Wait sorry, Tressel and OSU cheated!?!?! Shocking, simply schocking. This cannot go unpunished!


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How are those two situations similar at all? Tressel just came out in public and admitted to serious aligations. The NCAA will have to go after it because everyone knows for a fact that something was going on. I don't recall Auburn's situation being that unambiguous.


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when posters speculated he would be suspended for two games. Then that's what happened! We got SANCTIONS for exercising an extra 15 minutes a week. There is no justice in this world--hell, we are used to that. But jeebus. 

The only silver lining that I can see is that the tied of public opinions turns strongly against the Buckeyes. Sadly, we've been tarnished with the same brush.


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Does anyone else get the feeling that the tide is turning in relationship to the rivalry?  RR gets fired (fair or not) got the media off our back and separates us from our, minute in comparison, violations. We have Hoke who seemingly can do no wrong.  We have the QB with a smile that can light up any room, wheels like we haven't seen in a long time, and most importantly a TEAM first attitude.  Meanwhile, tuos is seemingly in shambles with 5 players and their coach suspended and a recruit who was arrested for groping 15 year old girls that was still offered a scholarship.  The media is starting to report what we have seen all along.  It wont be long until we retake our rightful place as the true superpower in the B1G


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But our rightful place, at least for the last 60 years or so, has been as one of two true football superpowers in the Big Ten.

Let's not delude ourselves. We're in the midst of a seven-game losing streak, and they've won a heck of a lot more national championships during that time frams. Sure, we won a ton 70 - 100 years ago, but Michigan and OSU have together owned the Big Ten for a long time.

I'd be content with a return to the Big Two and the Little Ten.



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The NCAA will have the final word on all of this.

I just hope they realize that he can say anything he wants, but the bottom line is that he knew of potential problems and did NOTHING about it. NOTHING.

He had better hope he came out with these emails the instant the NCAA started investigating in December. 

Also, I hope the NCAA realizes that if the December news didn't come out, Tressel would still be sitting on this. He's only discussing it because they got caught.



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If Ted Ginn Sr. is as ethical and upstanding a person as he claims to be, hopefully Michigan can make some inroads at Glenville HS now.  He'd have to be an unthinking pawn to keep directing all of his best players to Ohio State now.


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The "respecting the confidentiality of the investigation" claim is a decent line of defense, even though it is not sufficient to save himself from self-imposed and maybe additional conference and NCAA penalties.


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I don't think it's a good defense at all.  If it were so confidential and inactionable then how did he get alerted?   And once it was brought to his attention he could have well arranged for whatever confidentiality it required so that he could disclose it to school officials. 


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At the very least, he had the right and the duty to share the emails with the legal counsel for tsio.  It was interesting during the conference when the question was asked as to whether the emails had been forwarded, they quickly avoided an answer.  Assuming that an NCAA investigation doesn't void FOIA requests, I would think those emails shouldn't be hard to obtain.

Kind of appreciate Brandon after watching their AD stumble and repeat himself about half a dozen times.

Stay tuned...this ain't over.


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I thought it was a beautiful thing. I mean Ohio State's coach had a press conference in March with the opener, "So there was this federal drug probe..." And then rambles along like the last days of Lenny Bruce going on about getting caught in the system, victimized...blah, blah, blah.  I hope Coach Hoke goes on a tour of Ohio and eats baked goods in the home of every target and shows them the difference between Michigan and Ohio State. I love it. Bring on the NCAA investigation, the two games, the five games, this will go on and on....


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they should vacate all the games that the players played since he had this knowledge.

If he had properly reported this knowledge, an internal investigation followed by player suspensions would have taken place mid-season. Therefore these games were played with ineligible players and should be losses.

I addition, this is willful non-compliance. If the NCAA lets this slap on the wrist go- why can't other coaches hide player non-compliance in the hope for a good season and say "I'm sorry" after a 12-1 season and a bowl win?

Oh well - ha ha - sorry - ;)

I'll let my assistants "coach" vs Little Sisters of the Poor and hand over 3% of my salary.


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the osu punishment may be dictating the consequences out of conference. given the pearl punishment of half of the conference games, they may be expecting this as well. what i mean is basically they're expecting this to supplement the punishment the ncaa dishes out.

not saying as much, though, makes it a joke.

Eye of the Tiger

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Add additional sanctions.  But I don't think they will be career-ending.  I think a reduction of the number of scholarships could be one; probation another.  A third possibility would be disallowing OSU from playing in a bowl game next year.  

But beyond that, I have a hard time seeing this turn into anything bigger, unless the investigation turns into one of "loaner" cars and improper benefits over the 10 year period.  


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On March 8, 2011 Jim Tressel was suspended by Ohio State the first two games of the 2011 season and fined $250,000 for failing to notify the school of NCAA violations involving Ohio State football players and a financial arrangement with a local tattoo parlor in which five Ohio State football players were suspended for trading championship rings, jerseys and awards for tattoos.[17] Ohio State President Gordon Gee assured the public that Tressel will not lose his job. President Gee is hopeful that Coach Tressel will not dismiss him. [18]

Lloyd Christmas

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While the news brings a smile to my face, I hope it's not the end. For Tressel not to report it, lie about it, and then try play it off as if he didn't understand the rules is ridiculous!! A two game suspension against " little sisters of the poor " type teams is laughable!! The NCAA has a chance to redeem itself ( somewhat ) by doing the right thing and bringing more severe punishment to Tressel and whomever else is involved!! Can't help but think that the coach isn't the only one who may have caught wind of it before it got out.


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So I happen to be a U of M alum who lives in C-bus...Needless to say my current emotional state (joy!,glee!!,supreme happiness!!) is much different than most here in this city. Anyway, I'm paying particular attention to the local media here in Columbus and caught this particular exchange that a local reporter had with tosu prez. Gordan Gee.
<br>Reporter:"Has the thought of dismissal ever crossed your mind?"
<br>Gee: "No are you kidding. Let me just be very clear in the umm, ahh, urr , umm, agh, yer..I'm just hopefull the coach doesn't dismiss me."
<br>I am completely serious that is it verbatim, save for perhaps some the proper phonetics during Gee's stammering bit.
<br>Stay classy Gee. Stay classy tosu. Stay classy Columbus!