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Hey y'all, I'm listening to sports talk radio in Columbus right now.  Tressel is getting a 250,000 fine and two game suspension next year according to them.  More to come.



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 "I am sorry and disappointed this happened. At the time the situation occurred, I thought I was doing the right thing"

Yes, because hiding serious violations involving 5 of your best players from the NCAA is obviously the right way to go about things. I mean, all that serious language in your contract and the NCAA bylaws is just for show.

Seriously, if the NCAA doesn't bring the hammer down here.... well sadly I won't be surprised one bit. To me this is every bit as bad as the Reggie Bush situation. At least the USC admin could feign ignorance...


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Eh, it doesn't matter at this point, as an NCAA investigation takes forever.  Perhaps after this season or next season as the NCAA starts to levy their sanctions, Tressel will retire and an new coach coming in prepared for the hammer will come in and the whole transition and sanctions will be taken a lot lighter.  Basically by delaying the issue, they can prepare for the future, thus reducing the whole punishment.


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This is assuming that the NCAA actually comes down with something severe enough to not have any preparedness matter.  What I'm saying is that by imposing a minimal penalty, and the glacial pace the NCAA moves at, OSU can now prepare itself (i.e. bank scholarships, preapre staff, etc.) for a penalty.  This will severely reduce the actual effect of a punishment, unless again, that the punishment is severe enough that it won't matter.  I don't see this happening.  Plus those players should be declared ineligable for the past season.


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It would be great to see the Scarlet Wall of Denial fall, and some truth finally come out of Columbus.  All it would take is one, and the floodgates may open.  I would love to see TSIO vacate the last three victories over Michigan, at the very least.  It would be even better of the Memorabilia Five were all shown to have participated in the coverup and lied to NCAA investigators, resulting in season-long suspensions for them.  

And it would be the absolute best to see TSIO get all of this plus about three years of probation with no bowls and severely limited schollies and recruiting.  

Undefeated dre…

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Wrapping himself in the flag of OSU.

I think the punishment is appropriate for failing to report the initial concerns to his AD or compliance department.

What's missing, still, is the fact that Tressel intentionally misled the NCAA even after the shit hit the fan. NCAA will NOT accept just the self-reported penalty on that one.


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Their stupid story can't even stand up to these questions.  I laughed out loud as the vest stared into space trying to figure out how to explain when he thought his failure to disclose was a problem. 


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Failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance

It's a choose your own adventure!

P. 1

You are informed players are selling merchandise, but are asked to keep it quiet.

If you inform compliance that perhaps players need to be educated on the relevant NCAA bylaws concerning impermissable benefits, turn to page whocaresitdidn'thappen

if you do nothing. Turn to page 2


p 2.



Even granting the confidentiality request, this is pretty simple, I should think.


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This is hilarious, shameful, and not entirely surprising all at the same time.  Local news coverage in CBus cut the national news short a few minutes just to cover the press conference.  Now the whole city can see what their savior hath wrought.

From now on, when you see someone wearing OSU gear or O-H I-O T-shirts, pity them.  Pity them for buying into a lie, pity them for not seeking out the facts sooner, pity them for supporting the wrong side.  Because Coach Tressel, the Teflon Don himself, has been caught red-handed.  OSU family values?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


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adds at least an additional three game suspension for Tressel, two or three years of probation, and they may or may not take some schollies away.


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They need to vacate wins for playing with ineligable players.  Plus the whole LYING TO THE NCAA I think should carry some stiffer penelties.  I mean come on!  They all went out there in Dec and said no one new anything until they found out in Dec.  But now Tressel admits he new long before.  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!

Also did the AD say that they submitted the self report today?  I thought he said that near the beginning, and then tried to play it off like the news story was nothing new.


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"The integrity of this coach is absolutely superb."

This is like listening to Charlie Sheen.  The president should just say, "winning, duh."


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they just asked the prez if he had any thought of dismissing tressel.

answer: "no!  are you kidding?  i just hope coach tressel doesn't dismiss me!"

that is so hilarious beyond belief.  it is now totally on record that the tail wags the dog!


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WTF???  "I'm just happy the coach didn't fire me."  WTF?  Could you imagine MSC or Brandon saying this?  This guys is an unbelievable weeny.


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Did anyone catch Gordon Gee when asked if dismissing Tress was ever an option he said something along the lines of "heavens no I'd be afraid he would dismiss me."?  Some kind of president they have down there.


Edit: guess so... at least everyone saw how ridiculous that was


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The letter is not even accurate.  In the opening comments there is a comment regarding Tressel not being allowed to participate in Spring Practices and that he will be suspended 'several' games.  In the Punitive Actions section there is no reference to spring practices and 'several' is re-defined as 2 games.  Looking like amature hour in Columbus.


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I knew it would be a total washover when I saw the blank white backdrop behind them.

Complete joke all around, could only listen to about 2 minutes of Tressel and left as soon as he started proclaiming how he was trying to do the right thing and was concerned.

blah blah blah.


The only way this goes further is if the FBI starts investigating OSU, otherwise they'll just wash over everything.  How many bullets can one man dodge?




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lol if the NCAA lets it go at 2 games there officially a joke, those 2 games are preseason games who cares.  first 2 games of the big ten schedule ok. 


now does anyone know when he is suspended for 2 games does that mean he can run practices still just can't be at the game? same for the players will they get to participate in spring practice and practice before the msu game?


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Another Mandel tweet from Ixcuincle's link above:

"Tressel signed an NCAA Certificate of Compliance form on Sept. 13, 2010 indicating he has reported any knowledge of possible violations."

How is that not lying to the NCAA?


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If what Tressel and OSU are saying is true, I think the punishment is fair, although three or four games would also be fair. The fine seems fair, too.

His violation had nothing to do with cheating in recruiting or trying to gain a competitive advantage like the SEC cheating coaches and alums who pay players and their families.

If the NCAA tacks on a game or two, that would also be fair.

Tressel's rep takes the biggest hit -- he capitalizes on that to win credit from recruits' parents and this violation will damage his pitch to moms and dads.

It will be very interesting to see how this affects his public perception -- his fellow coaches have always had great things to say about Tressel, even those he beat with consistent regularity. Announcers and commentators like Musberger, Herbsteit, Holtz and others worship the guy.


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tressel is claiming he found out about the players amidst a drug investigation. the govt only found out about the players bc they were investigating a separate drug issue involving the tattoo parlor guy. the players are not associated with the drug element but osu is claiming to disclose how they knew about player activities would reveal the ongoing legal matter involving the dealer.