OT: What High School did you go to? And how were they in Sports?

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I've seen some school trash talk going on in some threads over the last few weeks, and now that signing day is done, and it's things are slowing down again, I thought I'd see-

For those that want to reveal that much info about themselves, where did you go to school, was the Football team good? (Or great, if in a State other than Michigan that we'd recognize it). Who were your rivals? Any great memories? Or were you a basketball school? Or just not good at sports and such.

Me? Dearborn Fordson Tractors, great football, great tradition, winner for years and years, and origin of our newest preferred walk-on (Which is the thread this all got started for me...though I've seen more trash talk just recently). Only a handful of schools sport a better winning percentage, even fewer at the same level. Even less if you take the Catholic schools out of it (*cough*cough* recruiting*ahem*). But yeah, that's the limit of my smack talk.

How about you? What were you before you were a Michigan Man (or woman)?



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Xavier HS in NYC Class of '02 ..
Consistently awesome at Rugby

Football has a few good years here and there, but NYC Football isn't the greatest in general. Pretty decent hockey team.

I was a proud member of the baseball team (bad to mediocre.) Great times and funny stories though.

Famous Alumni:
Antonin Scalia
Al Roker


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Bedford Senior High School, Temperance, MI and still go there. Sports, pretty good. Football has been resurrected, they went 7-3 this year with a win against Pioneer and first time getting to the playoffs in 19 years. Basketball, still in the rebuilding stage, currently 7-7. Baseball went something like 50-3 last year, losing in the state semifinals. Girls baskball went 20-1 last year, this year not so good. Wrestling is the school's best sport, 11 state championships, just won the SEC title, we'll see about states this year. Go Kickin' Mules!

edit: Biggest name to come out of here is Chris Morris, former Spartan, who now plays for the Oakland Raiders.


February 19th, 2010 at 9:42 AM ^

Class of '86. I believe 3 of those Wrestling Titles came when I was in the H.S.. Football got a little better right after I left, Regnier took over the program for a little while. My junior year, we had 8 or so kids get full rides in wrestling.

Football, we sucked. One year, we scored one touchdown, the entire year. Coach Paracheck was so excited when we scored it, he was jumping up and down and his whistle smacked his mouth, and chipped his tooth.

I played with Ken Moyer in football. 6-6, 265, tackle. I was 5-10, 145, and could bench 265. He could bench 225. He finally became a starter I believe his senior season. Got a full ride to Toledo, got on a real weight program, 3 year starter, and 8 or 9 years starting in the NFL for the Bengals. Super nice guy. 4.0 I believe he told me in Engineering.

Go Mules! Mrs. Zaums still there?


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Muskegon is currently a perennial state power (3 titles this past decade). They were also solid when I went there. State title my sophomore year (1989) when there were only 4 divisions. 1990 team was a force but got upset in the playoffs by Saginaw (and Shonte Peoples).

Recent players of note: Terrance Taylor, Ronald Johnson

EDIT: Muskegon is currently ranked 12 or 13 in the country in most wins for a high school football team. They easily have the most in the state. They are losing ground to some of the other top schools since they don't play as many games in a season as some of the other states.


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Gonzaga Prep High School, Spokane Washington.

We were pretty good at just about every sport. During my time our women's sports were especially strong. Football was always top of the league but rarely good enough to compete for a state title.

Jehu the Damaja

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Football team was horrible and still is. Same thing with basketball. The girls softball team won 2 state champs while I was there and their still good. Our wrestling program was really good too. Pretty mediocre in every other sport though. Don't know of any big names to ever come through there though. Our biggest rivals are Adrian (home of UofMs greatest QB ever Stevie THREEt and out) as well as Saline and Chelsea..although they always kicked our ass in almost everything when I was there


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Bay City All Saints '99

My senior year began a run of dominant baseball programs. We still dominate and make it into the quarter finals nearly every season. We've made it to Battle Creek 5 or 6 times starting with my senior year.

Boys basketball is pretty solid, and the other sports are hit or miss depending on the season.


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Small school indeed. I knew quite a few kids from All Saints, including my roommate at UM. I went to BC Central '98. We were a football powerhouse in the 50s-70s. Not so much anymore, unless you consider Alex Mitchell a powerhouse.

Shoelace Robinson

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Findlay, OH. Home of NFL'ers P-John Kidd, K-Josh Huston, and QB-Ben Roethlisberger. And Notre Dame's bench warming kicker Brandon Walker. Findlay's current kicker also kicks the shit out of the ball and will go D1. Must be something in the water.


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A pretty solid sports school in terms of producing elite players (Our basketball team currently leads the Catholic League); moreso an academic school, but we have produced players such as: Devin Gardner (until he transferred to Inkster), Jordan Morgan (current U-M basketball player, Dion Sims (MSU freshmen TE), Daniel Fields (turned down U-M to sign with the Detroit Tigers' farm league), and many others that I can't think of right now. Also a notable U-D Jesuit alum, Connor Barwin, currently plays for the Houston Texans and had 4.5 sacks as a rookie (including Peyton Manning!)

Regularly good at soccer and lacrosse (Soccer team won State championship in 2001, lacrosse was state runner-up in 2005, 2008, and 2009). Baseball was a state finalist in 2006. Football teams went 0-10 two years in a row, but with a new coach they finished 4-6 this past year. Big-time rivals are: Brother Rice, Detroit-Redford-Wixom-now Novi Catholic Central, Warren DeLaSalle, and Dearborn Divine Child.


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Back in my day we were good in Basketball, Lacrosse and Soccer, though nothing at the State Championship level. The 2 best players to come out of U of D at that time were Mike Jackson ('91) who went to U of D Mercy and is now an assistant to Bielien at U of M and Ron Rice ('90) who went to EMU and then played for the Lions for a few years.

Mr. Robot

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Located in Muskegon, MI, bordering the infamous Muskegon Public Schools...

Suck at football, suck at basketball, suck at tennis, suck at pretty much everything. The hockey team is alright, and the wrestling team used to be good before our awesome, midget, Bawris-type ADD coach (And also my chemistry teacher in his last year!) moved to Oregon (OSU grad though, unfortunately).

We DO have one state title to our name though, and we did win it in epic fashion.


I even impressed a guy from Texas with that video. Yes, I take pride in impressing a Texas native with a high school football video from not Texas.

Our band owns, however, and we we do some damage in Science Olympiad. To qualify that though, we aren't in our local region because there was no room for us. That region contains the regularly state and oftentimes regularly nation champions and a number of other really good schools. Grand Haven has sponsors and a class dedicated to it though, so I still feel like we're better because we cram right before regionals, do awesome because our region sucks, and go on to state. We are generally motivated to do well at state, but spend most of the time in between fund raising, so we also tend to do bad at state, but my senior year we beat Grand Haven in a couple events, did quite well overall, and smoked everyone in our region who was also at state (We did not win our region either year I was in Science Olympiad because we had people in theater who were forced to miss for the school play both years and people like me had to invent knowledge of random events. We have an awesome theater program, and participation = a lot of their class grade, so this problem was unavoiable).


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If you want that whole 1992 title game, here you go....


It's one of only a handful of older games that the MHSAA has archived on their website.

For another great finish, check out....


2008 D2 Semifinal. Muskegon shot themselves in the foot time and time again in this game. They were dead in the water down by 3 scores with time running out. Not so fast. Two freakin on side kicks later Muskegon wins. Ridiculous.

Mr. Robot

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Infamous for being good. Like the reference above, even Al Capone was a fan.

I mean infamous as a compliment (Good kind of bad), because as an avid football fan, it's kind of painful to watch my high school suck Lions style. And by suck I mean so bad I never even went to a game while in high school (Since been to two, both blowout losses). Actually, we did do well my senior year, making the playoffs for the first time in forever, but my senior year I was generally far too busy between school and my job.

And do they not border directly? I always thought that they did. I might be wrong, but I thought the borders touched somewhere around MCC, perpendicular to US-31. North Muskegon is, well, literally just North Muskegon.

Edit: And yes, that '08 comeback was pretty awesome, but not quite as awesome as this:


Edit2: Thanks for the link to our '92 game. We're probably the only team in history to make a "cath" to win, lol.

Oh how I hate our school colors and fight song. All to-MSUish. It made my open house really, REALLY hard to decorate for...

Mr. Robot

February 19th, 2010 at 1:08 AM ^

It was just down the way from the ice arena. I've had the sign for that place stuck in my head ever since they reopened it after renovations or something. I was really little at the time and while we were waiting for them to cut the red tape my dad had me on his shoulders and all I did was stare at the sign while we waited.

Good times. I should go to a Fury Lumberjacks game again one of these days...

Mr. Robot

February 20th, 2010 at 5:23 PM ^

I guess I should really go home more often so I can keep up in these things...

Looks to me like they're keeping the name though. This kind of sucks, but I guess on the upside, it means it does mean we could develop some potential Michigan-bound players in Muskegon. THAT would be pretty sweet. I'll be surprised if they sell as many tickets for a junior league though, honestly...

Mr. Robot

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Got it from a Grand Haven guy who was dating a friend, so I assumed it was accurate. Its possible he only meant some kind of mandatory schedule though, and not an actual for-credit class. We just kind of showed up after school on days our coach wasn't coaching the middle school track team and did, well, stuff. Normally we didn't have more than the allowed number of people anyway...


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yeah, GH is amazing at Science Olympiad. When I was at Shores, I was the capt of our team. The only events I won were the quiz ones and optical where I aced them. The more creative/engineering events, we got completely PWN'ed by Grand Haven. We didn't have the elective SO courses like GH. We just showed up once or twice a week after school when our chemistry teacher was not having drama rehearsal.


February 18th, 2010 at 4:17 PM ^

Grandville, MI, on the outskirts of GR. Mediocre football in the brutal OK red, but we had a really solid run when I was around from '05 to '09. Andrew Hawken (stand-up guy BTW. Not sure how he wound up at State) of MSU was our running back, and Brad Iciek of GVSU was our QB for the latter stages. Had a couple wins against Rockford, since then they've fallen off the map.

Other than that, Wrestling is traditionally a state powerhouse, baseball was average, mens bball was shitty, womens bball was usually good (alma mater of Alyssa DeHaan of State), not so sure about track, and cheerleading was really good (assuming you consider it a sport).


February 18th, 2010 at 7:41 PM ^

Yeah I'm currently a Junior there. Hawken also goes to my church and you're right he is an awesome person. Brad Iciek is my neighbor and was disappointing he couldn't bring home the title this year. Also, wrestling really isn't that great anymore. Baseball is usually pretty good, placing in the top 10 rankings for Class A most years. Track is not very good. And competitive cheer is always one of the best in the state. Also, the OK Red is the toughest conference in the state hands down. For example we beat Grand Ledge in the first game of the year and they go on to win all their conference games. We end up 4-5.


February 18th, 2010 at 4:18 PM ^

I was in the same class with Mark Ingram when he went to GB but the football team was pretty underacheiving after his freshman year. BBall team had Zach Gibson and K'len Morris and lost in the regional final to Clarkston.


February 18th, 2010 at 4:21 PM ^

I went to Jackson Parkside for 3yrs then graduated from Jackson High. Not great in any sports really. Couple of good people from there, Tony Dungy is the highlight.