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edited, I was just trying to tell a cool story, not to get any Professionals in trouble, thats not my style. Carry on.

   I am going in for quadruple bypass on January 8th. My surgeon is a Michigan grad, [Redacted] M.D. The cool story bro is we talked a while about football and The big house and the players he has operated on while he was at UM. [Noted Michigan QB], [Noted Michigan Safety] and [Noted Michigan Corner] to name a few. Now, the kicker is that his main partner is a TSIO grad, so I got that going for me. Anyway, Go Blue.

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Just had quad bypass in December 20. He had his at st joe in Ann Arbor/ypsi. His surgery went great, he is walking a quarter mile a day and feeling great. May God bless you, in no time you will feel great!


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If you need anything, let me know (I'm not sure how, but Brian may facilitate this). My very close family member is an amazing cardiologist, in case you would like any information.


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My father had a triple over 20 years ago and he's still going strong. Good luck to you, and do everything your doctors tell you. It really paid off for my father. 


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My dad had a triple on two different occasions, about 20 years apart. Almost entirely different experiences as the technology and procedures had improved so dramatically. His first doc was Bo's cardiologist.

Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.


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2. If at UM, my family knows from experience that they're heart doctors/surgeons are miracle workers. You're in good hands.
3. If not being done at UM, the fact that he went to UM should assure you.......but not add much as the reality that he's likely done this procedure over a thousand times.


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I am sure you will come through this just fine, You did not have a heart attack which is great so your heart wil remain healthy this is very important and a blessing. Now, your life as you knew it may change unless you have been eating very healthy. So after they get you off the bike they (Physical therapist)  will be telling you what your diet from that day forward is going to be like. Now, unless you are into having your chest cracked open you need to follow their advice because you will be reminded that you could be back for another bypass within a year by going back to lunch at micky dee's. It will be so nice to walk the stairs without getting out of breath and you will feel like an absolutely new man meaning sex will be so much fun again and not a test of your stamina, your better half will enjoy your new you as well. My wife wanted me to mention this he he he. Recovery is a pain especially for smokers because every cough is like the Gods saying you should have quit smoking years ago and thank your lucky stars if you did. Anyway, the worst part is over right after they pull your chest tubes which will probably be the second day, man those things suck. You won't believe the stuff coming out of you when you get awakened after surgery (all the wires and stuff) but don't let that scare you it's just looks scary it doesn't hurt. Just know where what I call the button of love is at all times it will probably be pinned to your shirt. You can play all that up to your family they will be looking at you like "you poor thing". Oh and one last thing tell your better half, wife, girlfriend, whatever that to be at your bedside when you wake up from surgery with your ice and lots of it, I personally I could not get enough your mouth will be as dry as the bottom of a bird cage. I guess thats it, again enjoy your new you and be thankful you did not have to find out the hard way (heart attack) that your arteries were screaming for a easier time getting blood to and from your heart. The rest of you Mgo Blue lovers listen to your body and get your ass to the Dr don't wait for a heart attack to get your bypass there is no gaurantee you will live through it. Do it the right way bypass first your heart and loved ones will thank you for it.  Go Blue!!!



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U of M surgeons are some of the very best on the planet. If you ever need neurosurgery of the cervical spine/brain stem, ask me. I can recommend an incredible one.

I'm in for a tumor removal from my retina on Junary 17th at Kellog Eye Center. Once again, gladly trusting my vital body parts to the greatest university on the planet.