End of the world is officially coming. Notre Dame is 4-0.

Submitted by UMxWolverines on September 22nd, 2012 at 10:51 PM

For once instead of being overhyped and not living up to expectations, they have been underhyped and are doing better than anyone thought. This is ridiculous.



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Is both a blessing and a curse. Both helps and hurts the program. All in all I am terribly happy he is a Michigan man, but I'm not sure he is good for Michigan football.


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As a WR/PR he would be a Heisman worthy player who would do well versus elite teams. It is a credit to his work ethic that he has gone as far as he has as a QB. But as we all see he is too limited as a QB to be a championship-caliber quarterback.


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In what world do you live in where Denard "hurts" our program? I'm not sure there's a more likable player in all of major sports. I don't care how pissed/hurt/frustrated you are after this game; I feel worse for him than I could ever dream of being pissed about this game. Watching him play, for all his worts, has been the most fun I've ever had in my Michigan fan-hood.


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Your Michigan fan hood probably goes back about ten years at most.

Denard is a wonderful human being, but he is clearly limited as a qb and has not really improved in three years. How is it unreasonable to think we may be better off with a different qb situation?


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I would say Denard was the lone bright spot during the worst 3 years of Michigan football of my life, and he gave us a sugarbowl championship.  Thus, we might be a better offense with a different quarterback, but you could say that about 99 percent of teams, and I don't think he hurts the program at all.  Also, to say that he hasn't improved in three years is nonsense.


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Very frustrating game. I love Denard and I'll be sad to see him graduate, but nearly every time he's gone up against a good defense he's made terrible mistakes. Three of his picks tonight were just... bad. Very encouraging game from the defense, however. Can still win the Big Ten, but it's going to be tough if our QB can't tighten things up. And I don't really think he will. He's just not a good passer. Pain!


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The one positive I take from this terrible game is that our defense looked pretty good.  If Borges can get away from the uncessary trickery and Denard learn a little discretion we'll be fine.


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Would have loved to beat them, would feel a lot better tonight, but what was everyone expecting, long term? That ND was just going to bring in top recruiting classes annually, pay top dollar for coaches annually, have a ton of fan support annually, and lose annually?

We're a flawed team, and it showed. The good news is we can still win the Big Ten and have a Rose Bowl season.


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To HELL with Notre Dame and their French whore-assess.  God this game sucked to watch.  Good game by the defense overall.  Denard killed his own team but at the same time they still should have won (yes, should).


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Or maybe they haven't played anyone yet? Lets be honest, we played like shit tonight, any time a team has 6 TO you should be winning by a lot more than 1 touchdown. They've played Navy, Purdue, and Michigan State. Navy sucks this year, Purdue almost beat them, MSU was overhyped, and well we know what happened tonight. Great, Notre Dame is 4-0,  but they will still be going to some shit bowl at years end. 

Louie C

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Had to hear the end of the game on the radio because I was on the road. You would have thought Tommy Rees came in and looked like Montana and the Irish were the Tide.Never mind the fact that we turned the ball over six times and still lost by a score or 13-6. Still not sold on ND being a BCS contender. Not with the QB situation they have. Hats off the the Irish anyway.

User -not THAT user

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...is it worse having your heart ripped from your chest the way the ND fans have had it done to them over the last three years, or is it worse knowing that with 6 (SIX!!!!!!) turnovers committed  by the early 3rd quarter, you had no business being in a game on the road that you still only lose by one touchdown?

I love Denard, but bless his heart, he makes Tim Tebow look like Tom Brady.  It wasn't the game plan that a smart coordinator would have called for him, but his execution was horrendous.



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There is no way that our offense should have had that many turnovers.  This is clearly all his fault and our offense sucked!?!  I mean WTF?  Clearly he has no idea what it takes to win here at michigan.  FUCK RICH ROD!


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I disagree strongly.  Hats off to them for not shooting themselves in the foot as they have been wont to do in years past but I still think they're overrated.  The defense is nowhere near as good as what NBC would lead you to believe.  We gashed them consistently until we either coughed it up or got a stupid penalty.  I can take solace in the fact that ND will not make a BCS bowl this year and Michigan still has a very good shot at the Rose Bowl.  Our defense was impressive tonight, and Borges just needs to install an electrode in the seat of Denard's pants to trigger when he should take off.


September 22nd, 2012 at 11:51 PM ^

Their offense was horrible. We won game with three more instances of execution despite about 40000 turnovers.

Love their defensive front, but the secondary was full of holes. We just simply could not execute. Our picks were to two twice and then simply god awhile throws, not fb induced. Still love shoelace though and I am going to send him out with love (if he beats msu into the dirt and perhaps beats ohio also).


September 22nd, 2012 at 11:11 PM ^

This game was an anomaly. Our quarterback had an atrocious game, and we didn't have a QB Plan B. I love Denard, and attribute many of our wins to him, but tonight was a bad night for him, and we should have had a back-up plan/qb. We played better than I expected, especially the defense. I think this season still looks bright.


September 22nd, 2012 at 11:12 PM ^

Also, if a genie had told you before the season that we'd lose to ND but beat Sparty would you have taken that?  Looks like that's gonna happen at this rate.

If we so much as *halve* our mistakes, we win the game.


September 22nd, 2012 at 11:16 PM ^

This was an opportunity for a senior QB to step up and really lead the team and just could not get it together.  Almost of the opinion that Bellomy should have gotten a shot in there if for nothing else than to just calm down Denard.

I guess it also makes me feel better that I did not pull the trigger on about $350 for two tickets to the Nebraska game, if nothing else the prices should drop.....