Memories of Michigan Replay

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I've been presented with an opportunity to meet one of the people involved with this show spanning three decades. I remember the Lloyd years with the confetti-ish pictures but much of the run of Michigan Replay came before I had control of the remote.

Share your memories, favorite eps, favorite moments, and questions here and I'll see if I can ask about them.




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Grew up watching Michigan Replay. I loved it. Then I got to work on the show as a intern in 1995. It was Lloyd's first year. During the week I would go though a stack of tapes and pick high lights of the top qb,rb, wr, dt, lb, and db. Brian Hartley(producer) would give me a list of names and numbers of the team michigan was playing the next week. I would find good or great plays made by these players and write down the time code on the tape.  Brian would edit the segment highlighting that team. Lloyd and jim would talk about michigan's next opp.

 On game day I would sit in  a ch. 2 truck with a tape deck and record the game and log the time codes. writing down each play and the time it happened on the tape. Bob Lipson(owner, director, creator of michigan replay) would be taking notes in the press box, on what plays he wanted to show. At half time Brian would take the 1st and 2nd qt. tape and drive to southfield and ch. 2 to start editing the plays together.

At the end of the game I would grab the tapes from the 3rd and 4th qt. and run to my car, trying to beat the traffic and drive to southfield. we would wait for Bob Lipson to get there later with the sound from the locker room. They would edit game footage and sound, and all the other segments they worked on during the week as we waited for Lloyd and Brandy to get there.

 I would make copys of the run downs of the show for Brandy and Lloyd. And then sit with Lloyds wife to watch the taping of the show. It was great. Lloyd and his wife were very nice. This might be the only time that Lloyd and his wife could have some time togther during the season. They always went out to diner after the taping when michigan was home.

The away games  were a different story. It was always late at night and long hours hanging around ch. 2. waiting for the team to get back.

It was so cool to be apart of a show I grew up on. 


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if I had the power.  Excellent Replay play-by-play!


On a slightly different angle, if I recall correctly, Inside Michigan Football did a story last year (?) about some of the inner workings of Michigan's video crew, including showing that they upload in-game roll to a secure website for coaches to view.


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Yeah, the music was pretty bad (and thanks to Wolverine Historian, we can easily listen to all the different theme songs).  I was watching / listening in the 70s, and that music always made me think of some old guy trying to find something that sounded current but that was 15 years behind the times.  But, especially with what I know now (from the OP and posts to this thread), I am just amazed that they were able to pull off such an excellent show in such short time with the technology they had.