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10/30/2014 - 9:48am The second-most probable

The second-most probable series of events is actually us losing out for the rest of the year and going 3-9 (14.53%).

02/15/2012 - 12:56pm Whoops.

Didn't reload the page before posting. So you're asking for hundreds of dollars for a secret project? Maybe strike a deal with donors so they can get a sneak peek at the design.

02/15/2012 - 12:53pm Can you tell us

what the flags will look like?

01/04/2012 - 12:13am GIBBONS!!!


yes, Gibbons!

12/09/2011 - 2:51pm and I broke the dam.

and I broke the dam.

12/05/2011 - 12:51am They definitely are a rival.

They definitely are a rival. Just not our biggest.

12/04/2011 - 5:21pm Two things:

1) Sparty NO is more than 4 years old, so it's not like this is a new trend indicating our fanbase's growing obsession.

2) This is a funny quiz aimed at one of our rivals. I would have posted it when I found it whether we had won or lost this year.

11/09/2011 - 5:26pm Sluuuuuuuuuuuuut


10/27/2011 - 6:02pm FTFY

09/02/2011 - 5:45pm Go. Blue.

Go. Blue.

08/25/2011 - 8:22pm We didn't listen!
08/24/2011 - 1:02pm I'd describe the Blue Lep as

I'd describe the Blue Lep as "Charley's but better." Also 1/2 off grad nights on Tuesdays are give me even more reason to drink (like I needed any).

08/08/2011 - 4:31pm For an interesting discussion

For an interesting discussion on the UofM's colors in general, see this ancient article from Michigan Today:

06/01/2011 - 11:44am Here is the Link


03/14/2011 - 2:38pm Link:


That doesn't look like it's a perma-link though.



01/07/2011 - 11:59am Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Shit

12/13/2010 - 2:05pm Can you spot the number 12 in

Can you spot the number 12 in the logo? It's a little subtle.

12/13/2010 - 2:01pm New Logo: I'm on it!

12/05/2010 - 7:40pm The Stakes are Too Damn High!

The Stakes are Too Damn High!

11/19/2010 - 11:44am That's

how I always remember it.

11/16/2010 - 1:51pm A sarcasm detector?

That's a REAL useful invention.

11/12/2010 - 4:42pm So...


11/11/2010 - 2:58pm And a double post

And a double post

11/11/2010 - 2:58pm It's a gift.

And a curse.

And a gift.

11/11/2010 - 12:53pm Boom!


11/11/2010 - 12:48pm Ask...

And ye shall receive:


Dolphin Punching


PS: Save the Dolphins!

10/28/2010 - 1:21pm But...but...

"Spy" sounds so bad ass...

10/26/2010 - 9:37pm really? one's going to point out the elephant in the room here?

10/14/2010 - 12:52pm They could just nickname him

Admiral Ackbear.

or even Admiral blACKBeAR

10/04/2010 - 11:40am Funny you should mention that...

If you flip on the TV tonight, you will see Chad Henne start against Tom Brady.

So yes, one will be MIA, as in Miami, and the other will be NE.

I realize that you are a troll, but here is something for your reading pleasure:


10/03/2010 - 10:53pm Unfortunately...

Todd just threw his first interception since 1997(!!!)

10/03/2010 - 1:34am Dude!

We're getting a Dell!

09/15/2010 - 9:54pm Wow, the announcing...

is just awful. I didn't really pay attention when it was live because I was so wrapped up in the game, but listening to it now is torture. The Notre Dame slant I can understand since it's on NBC, but they are getting players' names and other facts wrong left and right, and just trailing off mid-sentence.


09/13/2010 - 4:13pm Kelly Said:

From ESPN:

"I think he's a tough kid," Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said. "When you run a quarterback 25 times, you've got to have toughness. I'll let Coach [Rodriguez] figure out whether that's the case for 10 games. Coach Rodriguez knows better than I do. But we hit him pretty hard today."

09/12/2010 - 12:57pm (No subject)

10/23/2009 - 8:29am To be fair, you were a guy

To be fair, you were a guy who danced during intermissions, and Brian was only echoing the sentiments of pretty much everyone there. Can you do us all a favor and at least keep your shirt on this year?

10/21/2009 - 4:29pm "...start looking at those

"...start looking at those who can contribute at the highest level to our ongoing efforts in the world arena of football,"

So Tyler is doing the announcing for Arena Football as well? Awesome!

10/20/2009 - 11:28pm Last time I was at Cheetah's

Last time I was at Cheetah's (early 2008) they were very accepting of American Dollars.

On a related note: While in Germany, I wondered how to tip the strippers there, being that the lowest bill denomination they have is 5 Euros. As it turns out, they system that they have is far more awesome than I could have ever imagined.

When you go into the club, you trade say, a 20 Euro bill for 20 fake, printed out bills of what can only be described as "stripper money." You then tip the stripper with that.

10/20/2009 - 4:55pm So THAT'S who stole my

So THAT'S who stole my wallet.

09/10/2009 - 11:07am Beaten


09/10/2009 - 11:06am It's meant to be literal

What that photo doesn't show is that there is an even more awesome illustration hanging below the text signs of a fist (presumably Rosenberg's) coming into contact with a dolphin's face. Thus, I presume a literal context for the insult.