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Brian August 25th, 2011 at 4:32 PM


never heard of it

We didn't listen!

The University of Michigan football program will open the 2014 season with a match-up against Appalachian State University on Aug. 30 at Michigan Stadium. This will be the second [sic] meeting between the Wolverines and Mountaineers at Michigan Stadium.

Sorry about that error in the second sentence above. Michigan has never played Appalachian State.

If you'll excuse me, I feel like having a seizure.



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There are so many fantastic parts of this video, but my favorite is the consecutive onlsaught of guitar, sax, and keyboard solos.

The honorable mention goes to the (EDIT: husky) girl who looks like she's about to throw a bottle of chemicals into a "HOT HOT HOT" fire.

Little Brown J…

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You have got to be kidding me.  You are right I have never heard of them either.  "In college, we'd start every season against Appalachian State or some slack Division II team."  That must be the reasoning behind this...



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Are you sure he didn't mean a clock showing the number of days since UoM last beat App State?

I'm sorry, that's my one flamebait comment on this post. I swear. Man I wish I had photoshop skills so I could've made one and posted it here. Damn. You can close your eyes and picture it still. That's good enough.


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I said I was sorry. I felt bad the whole time I was doing. I mean, I did it anyway. But I apologized!

All kidding aside, I should have left it well enough alone. I'm sure it hurts enough already. I think you have to acknowledge though that you're bring it upon yourselves, right? What was the rationale behind this? It's not like they are gonna pay you to play them again. Plus I thought it was somewhat witty, no? Totally classless? Ok, fine.


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There's tons of upside.

I'm sure tickets will be in high demand, and this game will likely have the highest television ratings ever between a D1 and D1AA school. Considering that we will probably only have to pay them $600k to come play here again, I think it's a great money decision. Also, I'm not too concerned with losing to them this time around.


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I vaguely remember that in the conference, TV revenues are split evenly among all in the Big 10. But what about non-conference games? If Michigan gets the Lion's share of TV revenues, and only pays out 600k, this game could have the potential to make Michigan significantly more money than almost any other game.


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There are tons of halfway decent 1-AA teams Michigan could bring up- Delaware, Montana, Richmond, Villanova, etc.  

Bringing back Appy State makes no sense, especially when the program just decided to make the leap to the big boys in a few years.  I was at that game and whether we win by 1 or 100 it won't make the sting of the first loss any less.  You know their fans won't care either way- I can't wait to get taunted even if we win.  And yes, I have to say if.


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App State is the only FCS opponent that makes sense.  It's an actual meaningful game.  Every other game we could schedule against an FCS team is a waste of time.  We might as well schedule a doubleheader against Eastern.  But App State, that actually is exciting.  I want payback against them.   The thought of a team like that being 1-0 against us is disgusting.  I don't know how you can be okay with that.

And really, the idea that we'd continue to schedule FCS teams but duck out on App State would make us look pitiful.

Blue in Yarmouth

August 26th, 2011 at 10:27 AM ^

A guy in the other thread had the best analogy I have seen for this game and why it can't possibly bring us redemption:

(Paraphrasing here) It's like getting beat up by a girl, and then going back years later to fight her again. 

That is what it feels like here. If we win, no one cares, but if we lose AGAIN, we are even more a laughing stock than the first time. Bad move IMHE.


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I felt this way at first as well, but now I am changing my mind.  Allow this analogy from my college years to illustrate:

An friend of a friend I knew in undergrad was probably the best beer pong player I have ever known.  Like scary good, never seen him lose.  Also really competative.  So, me being crappy, when I happened to play him for the first time, I of course won by sheer luck and him being off his game.  Drove the kid crazy.  So what did I do?  Naturally, I never played him again.  Thus I ensured I always had that crazy game when I (well I and my teammate) unseated the king. 

This is kind of what I think is happening.  Nothing will ever erase the Horror, but kicking their ass in a rematch does make the first one seem less spectacular when you look back at it.  Just as if I would have played that guy again, and probably gotten skunked, would have made my initial victory seem less cool.  So if anything, it's kind of a mistake by App St. to play us again, and give us the chance to put them back in their place.

Of course if we have a crappy showing again...well then, we have bigger problems.


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That's a good counter-point, but I'm pretty sure those wins matter to the Russians.  Imagine if the miracle were the last game that US and Russia ever played against each other.  But it wasn't, Russia returned to their acendancy (although, again, the international hockey landscape has changed since then), and  I'm guessing no really cares about that game much outside of the US much anymore.  Just like no matter what happens in any subsequent game, App St will always celebrate that win, as they shoud.  But it will help our healing process.


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