DRob Named Big Ten Offensive POW for 3rd Time

Submitted by MGoShoe on October 4th, 2010 at 10:59 AM

Not a big surprise, but Denard Robinson has been named the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against Indiana.  This is the third award in five weeks for DRob.  According to Scott Chipman of the Big Ten:

BigTenScott @nicoleauerbach Big Ten record for offensive POW in a season is five, set by OSU QB Troy Smith when he won Heisman in 2006.

Add this distinction to the list of records or honors that DRob is on pace to set.

MSU WR/KR/PR Keshawn Martin was named Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance against Wisconsin in which he compiled 190 all-purpose yards, including a 74-yard punt return TD.  Obviously defending Martin and his return game is a major key for Michigan against MSU on Saturday.

[Edit: Crazy DRob stat of the day]

BigTenScott BIG TEN NOTES: MICH QB Denard Robinson ranks third in Big Ten history for single-season rushing yards by a QB - after just five games

BigTenScott One more note on Denard Robinson - his 905 rushing yards trails only IND's Antwaan Randle El, who had 1,270 in 2000 and 964 in 2001.



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You Michigan fans are so STUPID.  You think your QB is so great, but you maize n' retards have never had quarterbacks as good as ours.  Name one Michigan QB who's as good as Miller, or Banks, or Smoker, or Stanton.  NOT ONE. 

Michigan QBs go nowhere.  If I flip on the TV tonight, where are the Michigan quarterbacks going to be?  M.I.A., like those punks that let themselves get captured in Vietnam, something that no TRUE SPARTAN WARRIOR would ever let happen.   



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Michigan QBs go nowhere. If I flip on the TV tonight, where are the Michigan quarterbacks going to be? M.I.A.

This is too funny. If you literally flip on the TV tonight, you will see 2 Michigan QBs starting for their respective NFL teams, one of whom has 3 Super Bowl rings. One of their back ups? MSU product Hoyer


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Leach, Brady, Henson, Harbaugh, Collins, Dreisbach, Greise, Henne, Grbac, Navarrre and Wangler.  To name a few.

Michigan State WRs go nowhere.  If I flip on the TV tonight, where are the State Widereceviers going to be?  Probably awaiting sentencing for Jail time.

Nice Cheep shot at Vietnam POW's asshole!  Do you really have no class or respect for the Military??  Kindly go down to the zoo, cover yourself in steak sauce and jump in the cage with 20 hungary and hostile Wolverines.

POW, MIA:  You are not Forgotten

WWI: 3,350

WWII: 78,777

Korea: 8,172

Vietnam: 2,260

Persian Gulf:41


Semper Fi

Black Kerouac

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also, since he was mentioned in the original post...can I just say here that I despise Troy Smith with the fury and intensity of one thousand suns, now and forever more? Thanks.

MDs Balls

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Do any of you Walverines know if there will be a wheelbarrow on the sidelines?  Otherwise... the victory walk to midfield gets a little uncomfortable.

Wolverine In Exile

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that Denard has actual human numbers (not the video game ones he's putting up now), we win, and the message boards erupt into "OMG, HEZ NOT GOOD. HE HAS NO SKILLZ" and teh WWL begins a full day of talking heads shows about how Denard is overrated...


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Martin is a good returner, but Wisconsin's special teams coverage has been horrible this year. Arizona State had a 100 yd KO return for a td and another long return all the way to the 2 yard line against the Badgers.


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...to note that after just 5 games, DRob ranks 3rd all time in Big Ten single season QB rushing.  His 905 yards trail Antwaan Randle El's season totals of 964 and 1,270.

dr eng1ish

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I thought this poll was pretty interesting (siap):


Which of these quarterbacks ranks as the most exciting college football player?

Tebow- 17%

V. Young- 19%

Mike Vick- 29%

Denard- 35%

Also, he got 63% of the vote for the Heisman if awarded today, including beating out Pryor even in Ohio (45%-39%)


Meaningless in the long run, but interesting to see how he's viewed nationally.