Wrestling Hello: #1 Ranked 152lber Will Lewan commits to Michigan

Submitted by TheTeamTheTeam… on September 18th, 2017 at 6:33 PM
Lewan just won a Cadet World title in Athens, Greece with Michigan's own Sean Bormet in the corner. He is also a reigning Fargo champion and will compete at Flo's marquee "Who's Number 1" event where he will take on Brayton Lee. This is an incredible addition to an already stellar class. Joey Silva and now Will Lewan, Michigan's wrestling recruiting is BOOMING right now.


Mr. Yost

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I'm sure the snark of people who don't care an iota about wrestling will share a thought or two.

But count me in for someone who loves when Michigan does ANYTHING and it's #1. I don't care if it's badminton, a #1 wresting recruit I'll forget about in 10 minutes, or a national championship team. I love it when Michigan is #1 - recruiting included.

The leaders and the BEST.


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We wanted Gold, guess we settled on Silva....*rimshot* I'm excited for both of these additions, Nationally recuiting the wrestling map is what Michigan needs right now, and With Bormet as one of the Cadet World Team coaches, thats a pretty sweet in. Adding in a Mason Parris and possibly stealing someone like Artolona out of Florida or Connor Brady out of Ohio would be a difference making class.


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Unfortunately the teams you mentioned have been recruiting a little bit better. Combine that with Michigan having a couple of high level recruits careers end early due to injuries and that's why they are still lagging a little. If they keep it up though they will get closer. It's always a tough break when a kid gets hurt just as his career is beginning to take off.


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PSU has the best coach in all of NCAA wrestling in Cael Sanderson, Hard to argue with a 4 time undefeated NCAA champ plus a World Medalist and a living legend.

Iowa is as wrestling blueblood as they come and again with a coach and multiple assistant coaches being multiple time NCAA champs as well as world medalists its hard to compete against that, not only that but Iowa wrestling is like Indiana Basketball is like Texas football, its just a different breed.

Minnesota is on the downward slide after the ousting of J-Rob

I do not know which OSU you are referring to but I'll just take a stab and say Ohio St. where they consistently have two or three of the top high school teams in the nation and have an Olympic medalist on staff as well as a Gold medalist and only person ever to win the Yary-Gin in lineup. Even so, we have beaten them in duals with some consistent success as of late, and as long as David Carr does not choose to go there Michigan will close that gap. Tomasello, Snyder and Bo Jordan are set to graduate after this year, they lost Rodriguez to injury and transfer causing NATO to drop to 125, Bo Jordan allegedly cannot stop getting women pregnant(pure rumor mill) they are weak at 157-165. Definitely beatable.

If you were talking Oklahoma St. yeah thats a rough road to ho, John Smith is an incredible figure and a living legend himself and they are recruiting higher than just about anyone at the moment

Bottom line, I like McFarland as a coach but he doesnt have the relevant credentials or the key connections that others have to work with. Bormet is a great coach with great connections, but we need more than that. If I were them, I would start looking at J'Den Cox as an assistant coach. He has everything you desire, 3x NCAA champ, Olympic Bronze, young and well known. Kids will want to be coached by him. He stil;l has a few more competition years but with his injury history and David Taylor poised to take his spot, its something to look at


September 19th, 2017 at 10:18 AM ^

Michigan has always lacked a top to bottom line-up.  Unfortunately for us the best teams we have had since the start of the 2000's (this year and in 2005) have been during times where another team is historically good.  I am not sure how we are going to end up team wise but we could have what it takes to bring home a trophy.

However, OSU has line-up with amazing talent top to bottom and PSU is running a line-up out there that has 5 returning CHAMPIONS!! and 3 others who could AA.  These recruiting classes are amazing and this is a huge get.  I coached against him 3 times his sophomore year and the rumors down here was he was a lock for Stanford.  So Michigan must have done some seriously good recruiting. 

He is a great kid, amazing wrestler and could be a Massa type when it is all said and done.  Both Silva and Lewan are BLUE chip recruits and Michigan has never had these classes consistently.  Put another one in 2019 together and we may have a chance in 2020 of winning a title.