Wine Spectator names Charles Woodson's 2010 Cab one of the top 100 wines of 2014

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Having trouble finding the perfect gift for that oenophile Michigan fan in your life?  Well you can stop looking.  Charles Woodson's TwentyFour winery has had their 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon named as one of top 100 wines of the year by no less than Wine Spectator.  You can buy bottles direct here:

As a bonus, $10 from every bottle sold online goes to Mott Children's Hospital.

And if my wife is reading this I'd love one of the autographed bottles.



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His wines, as with the majority of Napa cabernets and blends, will have zero or next to zero residual sugar. However, many wines made in a 'new world' style will. taste somewhat sweet. I had his stuff a few vintages ago. It was pretty good, like 20-30 bucks good. Not $100+ good but little is.


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is a big dry CAB just the way I like them. Not the best but a decent CAB. If you do not like big CABS your best bet is to try his 2013 Sauvignon Blanc. This is a white wine which has a citrus under tone but can still have a dry finish. But it does not have the tannins found in a big red! So, you may like the SB! Plus it is a lot cheaper, only $20.00 a bottle. You  will want to chill it down before drinking! No cellar time is required with white wines!


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24 wines and Charles' personal facebook page are good follows if you enjoy wine.  They have some good stuff on there from time to time including meet and greets.  This wine is also available in Michigan at a few places.


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Met Charles at an event in Chicago when they released the wines here. I wrote a diary about it. He's my favorite athlete and not really much older than me but I was nervous as hell. Got a signed Michigan helmet, he signed a painting/print of mine, and we got individual pictures with him. Cool dude and super nice and respectful.


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From Paso Robles use to be my favorite zin and one of my favorite wines period! But their long time wine maker left a few years ago and the zin doesn't taste as good. I miss the old vine Turley zin from '98 to 2010!


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I was really excited about this until I saw the prices. 

I drop some money on wine every now and then, but $100+ just seems a bit steep for a bottle of wine with any NFL football player's name on it.  I don't care who they are.  Woodson is by far one of my favorite players ever, but that is not going to entice me to buy a bottle of his wine for that much money when I can get Caymus Special Selection or Dominus for about the same price.  C'mon man!

Wish I would have known about this earlier.  My wife and I were in Napa earlier this year and would have stopped by for a taste.



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Everyone thought Peyton Manning's wine was gonna make the top 100, but Woodson's got the spot instead.

You almost got him, Peyton!  So close!


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My aunt bought my dad and I each a bottle when it first came out! Never thought much about it, but cool it's a top wine! Have to hang onto that bad boy for a couple more years. I know nothing about wine but assume it gets more valuable with time right?

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TwentyFour Cab is a bit pricey ( I purchased a '08 for $90.00 a couple years ago). I've had better $40 to $80 cabs from smaller wineries in Napa. I like CA type Bordeaux blends a bit better like Opus One, but that wine is now well over $200.00 a bottle. But back in the 90s you could buy it for $80 to $90 a bottle.

If you have the TwentyFour Cab cellar (or just keep it on the floor in your dark closet with the bottle laying horizontal, so the cork doesn't dry out) for about 3 to 5 years. It will will be a bit smoother as the tannins mellow out a bit. Also, make sure you pair it with a good steak dinner.



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Of course it was during the season, so Woodson was not around but his Cabernet Sauvignon is pretty good. One of my favorite wineries with a great reserve Cab at a reasonable price is Summers Vineyard in northern Napa! I'll open a bottle if Harbaugh picks Michigan!