Which officiating crew?

Submitted by 1464 on November 24th, 2018 at 10:33 AM

I'm interested to hear who the officials will be for the game.  Anyone know which crew has been assigned?  Sorry there is no content in the OP, but I googled to no prevail.  Curious as to who we have drawn...



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If true, encouraging. Briefly looking at my 2014-2017 play by play dataset for the Big Ten, without any science attached to it, Cannon is one of the few referees that has called more penalties on Ohio State, on average, than Michigan, on average.

Coupled with the Big Ten's incentive to place a team in the playoffs, I think we may actually get a fair shake today in Columbus.

Pierre Despereaux

November 24th, 2018 at 10:57 AM ^

Really, Michigan gives the Big Ten by far the best shot at getting into the Playoff. If we don't get at least a neutrally officiated game, that would reveal a lot about what might be going on behind the scenes here.

I'm hoping the refs take a back seat, let the guys play, and keep a handle on the inevitable chippy shots that will take place.


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I hate that this matters. I wonder if fans of other conferences have to worry about it like we do.

i know many of y'all fall into the "incompetence" camp and not the "maliciousness" camp when it comes to describing the refs, but I feel the calls are intentionally bad against us, based on the crew.


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 I think fans of every conference feel like their refs are trash. Ask a Pac-12 fan what they think about the crews as a whole.

Honestly, it isn't a conference issue, it's a college football issue.

Look at what the NBA did. The two-minute report acknowledges missed calls. They have grades for refs. They are full-time and receive proper training. They don't always get it right, but when you look at the disparity in anger among players, coaches, fans, it's a wide gulf.


College football is a billion-dollar industry and they churn out the same crappy crews week after week.


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Don’t need a thread on weather lol. Looks like the rain moved out? Percentages look low now, and seems dry on GameDay. Happy for this. Regardless of who it might help,  I want weather to have no impact on game.


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Would be interest to look these guys up, when the names are announced, to see where they’re from and what rooting interest they might have.  It only took three OSU fanboys and an MSU hack in 2016...


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What's sad is that if one single call goes Michigan's way, you know everyone down there is going to accuse Delany of rigging the game for the good of the conference's playoff chances.


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It’s unfortunate that officials need to be a consideration. It’s also unfortunate that we know any of these guys’ names. The old adage of “play better than the officials officiate” needs to hold true. GO BLUE!!!