"Where to watch the game" for locations not in the bar finder or with an alumni club page

Submitted by oriental andrew on April 1st, 2018 at 4:37 PM

Yup, it's "that thread" again. 

The disclaimer, of course, is that it's for locations which are neither in the (woefully outdated) Michigan bar locator or covered by an alumni club page. 

For me, I'll be in the Quad Cities (Davenport and Bettendorf, IA and Moline and Rock Island, IL) tomorrow night and looking for a Michigan-friendly bar to watch the game. I may try to drag along my Sparty co-worker. 

No alumni club anywhere in Iowa and the only IL one is in Chicago. The bar-finder also doesn't list any locations in the QC.

Anyone have experience watching Michigan games there? If no Michigan-friendly bar, any good sports bar, in general, at which to watch the game? 



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Someone will undoubtedly bitch, I am sure, and I admit to doing so on occasion when it comes to these threads, but you do point out one of the things that drives them - smaller metropolitan areas and the fact that the locator on this site has not been updated in quite some time. I think someone made a stab at doing it in 2011-2012 or so, but I don't know that it went very far. 


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I am watching the game in Barbados, on my boat docked near at my Colonial-era chateau with my mistress Maria (who looks exactly like Rihanna). All other "non-poors" are welcome to join me.  


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I'll think it over. I have to rethink my plans now that my international space station with all my stuff in it is hurtling toward the earth. Think I may just go with my original plan B, which was to watch the game on the squiggly 13" color television in the local Arby's lobby.

Oh, and eat at Arby's.


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if any season ticket holders got an extra ticket or 2 to the watch party since they got 4 each... been trying all day to track one down through contacts so looking on here


I'd be interested in buying one if you have one or know of someone who does [email protected]


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I attempted a modernized M-friendly bar finder. Still in super-beta, and I still have more places to add, but if there's interest, I could re-focus my attention on it:



(Moms, please remove if this violates some board rule)

Chris in Cleveland

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... and the National Championship game makes it even better... We met some great M fans in a random restaurant on Saturday, but were hoping that there might be a Michigan bar around here somewhere...Anyone have any insight/guidance?


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Is Buffalo Billiards still the spot, or are there others (that hopefully have a better tap list and food than BB)?


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In Nashville was f’ing amazing for the Final 4!! We were travelling through the area to Florida and stopped in Nashville for an overnight and the bar was full of Michigan fans and alumni, so friggin fun!!


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Currently doing a research project over in Kenya and I am trying to figure out how to watch the game (Hulu Live won't work, NCAA Streaming won't work). Anyone got any ideas?

Go Blue!


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If any fellow Michigan fans happen to find themselves at JFK Airport awaiting an international flight scheduled to depart as the game is wrapping up, I'll probably be at an airport bar hoping the refs keep this one to a tight 2 hours.