Update on OSU car dealer investigation

Submitted by 1464 on May 26th, 2011 at 11:56 AM

I haven't been following this all that closely, but there's info in here that is new to me.  The one thing I can lend insight on is the fact that one of the players had dealer tags from a dealership in Marysville.

I live in Marysville, and the biggest reason they would come up to Marysville, which is 40 min from campus with no traffic, would be a high end car dealer that is open up here.  It used to be a Lamborghini dealership, but now carries a variety of high cost cars.  Pure and unbridaled speculation?  Yes.  But still very telling...





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There's a time and place for everything, and he had wide enough access to cable for his full (comedic) monty.  Lordy he was good though, and could have been the best of this generation.  He was my favorite, but needed a few large national tours before he could be vaulted past Rock. 

You could always pick up the genius, with the comedy and schlub as devices to walk that line of sanity.


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Honda has a big plant in Bellefontaine and a dealership in Marysville. Maybe the players were looking for gas efficiency and longevity in their discount cars.


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True, but without doing any research, I assume they also sell Honda's closer to campus.  As do Nestle and Scott's.

On a side note, Marysville just got their very own Chipotle this week.  I, for one, am enthused.


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Haha, small world, I ate there the first day on Tuesday.  Had to wait in line for 45 minutes, WORTH IT.

On topic, the dealership they're talking about in Marysville could very well be the one that took over Nelson Lamborghini.  The owner of that place is a huge OSU fan, and Marysville is just far enough from Columbus that most players probably wouldn't be recognized extremely easily by the other clients browsing for cars.


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I think will happen.  There seems to be enough gray area that the NCAA may not go there.

I probably shouldn't feel frustrated that osu will get off light, but until the NCAA proves they are focused on doing things right as opposed to what brings in the most $$.

As much as I love the rivalry, I want to see osu and Tressel exposed for what they are - liars, cheaters and another "win at all costs" program.  If their getting hammered hurts the rivalry for 5-10 years, so-be-it.

What I want to see is a level playing field and may the best team win.

But, I also think the world would be a better place if everyone just told the truth and we all know that will never happen.

Cigarro Cubano

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Man, I thought it was only sedans & suv's.   Gotta give it to the bucks, they are into some high class stuff.  It's all or nothing with these guys. 






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and zero sale price paperwork...hmmm, something smells rotten in Columbus, and we all can see what it is. If OSU thought lying to the NCAA was serious, Tressell would be gone. That is one corrupt institution down there.

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"The Ohio Department of Taxation also is investigating the sales to determine whether all owed taxes were paid."

I think the guy was misreporting sales prices to avoid taxes, but that's just me. He could have been reporting lower prices, avoiding taxes, and then giving the players the difference as a discount.

Zone Left

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There may be, but car dealers aren't doing well enough to sell a bunch of cars significantly below market price. If they sold 20 cars with $10,000 discounts, that's $200,000 in lost revenue/profit. I don't really see how that works for a smallish business. There are a lot of crazy fans, but not a lot of crazy fans that give away that kind of money.

Personally, the $0 sales price for Gibson's (?) car was a tell to me that the guy was trying to avoid taxes. 

On the other hand, I can see dealers giving away loaner cars for a few days here or there.


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There has been no word that the NCAA is investigating the new car issue, though, correct?  Unless they've jumped in and haven't publicized it.  As of now, though, it sounds like it's an Ohio BMV and OSU compliance office thing.


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wouldn't OSU be in better shape if their compliance department looked and suddenly "found" the discrepancies? It would seem as though saying that they couldn't find any, and then tons turn up, would be more likely to get the dreaded "lack of control" wedgie that we are all thinking that they so greatly deserve. Or am I misunderstanding the way that works ?