Trey Burke: Consensus All-American

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Trey Burke has been named to the AP All-American team, making him 4/4 on NCAA used All-America teams. Truly a great honor.…

Adding to Raoul's list (via the NCAA Award Winners publication):

1924—Harry Kipke
1926—Richard Doyle
1927—Bennie Oosterbaan
1928—Bennie Oosterbaan
1965—Cazzie Russell
1966—Cazzie Russell
1977—Rickey Green
1988—Gary Grant
1993—Chris Webber
2013—Trey Burke



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It seems like the honors sort of roll in at this point, but they are well-deserved indeed and congratulations to Trey Burke on being named to the AP first-team and, as a result, becoming a consensus all-American. Looking at the list of Michigan winners, he joins some select company indeed. What an amazing year it has been for him. 


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The voting for most All-American teams takes place before the NCAA tourney, so the teams are selected on the basis of the regular season alone. While Rice had a great regular season, he took his game to another level during the tournament. So, did he deserve first-team status based on his regular season alone? I have no idea, but I just wanted to point this out as a possible explanation.

marco dane

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Job well done. The memories I have are so special,not to be forgotten.

There's little doubt who's the NPOTY,now!!!!!! Even better...he's from Columbus!!!!


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Every year, when baseball announces its HOF inductees, I have a buddy who always says, "If you don't vote for someone who receives 95% of the vote, you should lose your ballot for five years since you're clearly wrong.  Yes, your opinion is wrong."  I bring this up since three people who apparently watch/write about college basketball for a living didn't think Trey Burke was one of the best five players in the country this season.  I'm speechless.


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Something tells me that Burke is gonna lose out on the Wooden Award to Oladipo and the shit is gonna hit the fan around here.

Didn't the end of Wooden voting coincide with Oladipo's game clinching 3 against Temple and Burke's "off" performance against SDSU?  I remember ESPN being extra slurpy towards Oladipo on their final Wooden POY List. 

How stupid are those voters going to feel if Burke misses out on this?