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01/08/2019 - 1:49pm Our conference schedule next…

Our conference schedule next year is far from daunting. We avoid Nebraska completely who handicappers have as a potential national player next year. We get MSU and OSU at home. Our only road games of concern are PSU and Wisconsin. 2 total road games of concern all year where you will likely be - at worst - a couple point dog is nothing to complain about.

In theory, I get the gripe regarding non-conference scheduling, but our loss to ND last year had no impact on our season at all beyond the game itself. We had everything still to play for going into OSU. Had we beaten some scrub team and still lost to OSU at year's end, we wouldn't have made the playoffs and also would've been trounced against Florida. We're playing one good program (that's clearly not beyond our depth) out of conference each year. This year we get them at home.

I think the schedule isn't the problem. The inability to beat good teams reliably is the problem. And the main problem - above anything else - is we can't beat OSU at home or on the road. Until we can do that, the scheduling strategy is nothing but a lot of speculation that I think is largely unfounded.

01/08/2019 - 10:30am Desperate is probably the…

Desperate is probably the last word I would use to describe the state of affairs at OSU, who have eaten our lunch for the better part of two decades now.

05/02/2018 - 2:51pm Good point

Ah, yes. A great closing point.

Hey, I, admittedly, have no knowledge of this subject I'm talking dismissively about it.

03/29/2018 - 2:23pm LMAO

Look, this isn't a Spartan thing - I think Miles Bridges actually could be a great NBA player when played at the proper position by a legitimate NBA coach - but there is no way in holy hell that Nick Ward is getting taken in any round of the NBA Draft. Frankly, even in the old NBA, he'd be undersized and not particularly skilled. In the current one?! LOL. I think Jordan Morgan has more of a chance of making an impact in an NBA rotation coming from whatever country he's in right now than Nick Ward.

03/28/2018 - 2:15pm Handsy/grabby

I actually have been saying the handsy/grabby thing about UofM's defense for awhile. I don't think it should be taken perjoratively, I think it's the way you defend the modern college game. Honestly, if you focus on Z all game long, in addition to the relentless textbook foul-free defense he gives is a decent number of arm grabs to keep his guy with him. Frankly, to be an elite defense, that's the kind of stuff you have to do (in situations where you know you want get called for it).

"Fight in the streets" is definitely getting a little carried away with the description. Unless this guy's just referring to Mo Wagner's off-the-top rope loose ball move, which, OK.

03/05/2018 - 10:02am Atmosphere

As an alum in New Jersey, I selfishly would love for it to come back. I get the reasons why it would not. Particularly if the Big East is given the monopoly on the week before the actual tournament. Though, Brooklyn I'm sure would present a similar pro-UM atmosphere if they go to the Barclay's.

I went to the games Thursday and yesterday. Thursday was a bit of a sleepy crowd. I'd say it was marginally pro-UM, but having attended Big East Tournament early session games before, I don't think that's any different than most first round(s) games for any conference at any site. The atmosphere yesterday was electric and was very, very visibly pro-Michigan in the arena. I think it'd be a real boon to UofM to be able to take advantage of NYC being a home-away-from-home situation again. 

01/16/2018 - 1:22pm Hmmm

Can't wait for Every Day Should Be Saturday's Sunday report on Friday's Saturday commitment.

01/05/2018 - 1:37pm Arm strength?

I'm not sure arm strength is the issue. Dude casually chucked a 65 yard hail mary at the end of his bowl game while running out of bounds. But I agree re: downfield accuracy. That's why I think Magnus' initial Vick comparison is probably the most apt. Though, I'm not sure we'll ever see someone with the agility/elusiveness of Vick at the QB position again.

11/28/2017 - 2:36pm Your issue is the salary?

I don't understand the critique about his salary. Who cares what the salary is? It's not hurting the athletic department in any way. The only question that matters is, would UM be able to hire a better coach? If the answer is no, then what does the salary matter? If the answer is yes, then you're going to have to pay the new guy (who is presumably very desirable) a figure probably in line wit Harbaugh's salary anyway. 

I highly doubt the answer to that all-important question is going to be yes in two years, but, to each their own.


11/28/2017 - 2:33pm Pretty tired?

The solution is pretty simple. Stop reading them.

Pro-tip: If a website looks like it was made using Angelfire, it is probably not worth your mental energy to read it.

11/28/2017 - 12:16pm Specifics

I have been hard pressed to find specifics on this so far this year. Does it have an actual release day and a working title?

11/28/2017 - 12:15pm Meh

Not sure the record really matters. Characters and human drama matter for television and I think Michigan football had plenty of that this year.

Think about Hard Knocks. Its best moment had nothing to do with the team they were covering being future Super Bowl champs or even football, it was Rex Ryan yelling, "Let's go eat a God damn snack!"

I am sure Harbaugh will provide compelling enough television. I'm also sure the producers will find the kids on the team who make for a fun watch as well. I bet it's an enjoyable watch, despite the overwhelming feeling from this season being one of frustration.

11/22/2017 - 1:35pm It is slightly nebulous

It is slightly nebulous. Though 72 hours from Saturday at ~ 2:30 would have expired yesterday at the same time. So I think if he had been completely symptom free, he could have been cleared by now.

That being said, it certainly is possible he is cleared at some other point later today.

11/22/2017 - 1:25pm Correct


To be clear, I didn't post this trying to imply that it meant Peters is done for in terms of his OSU availability; just that, he could have been cleared by today, and it appears he has not been. I had not really seen any updates since that initial comment by Harbaugh in terms of his progression. Fingers crossed the status changes tomorrow or Friday.

11/22/2017 - 1:17pm That's Not What Harbaugh Initially Said

Initially Harbaugh said he could be cleared as early as today:…

11/21/2017 - 2:32pm Yes

Michigan is not getting anyone any better and I am sure any such contract would include the usual termination for cause terms that account for the unexpected. There will also always be buyouts that our cash-flush University, alumni base and athletic department could always afford.

I love Michigan as much as anyone here, but you are absolutely delusional if you envision a scenario where Harbaugh fails and the next coach who comes in will succeed where he has failed. If Harbaugh is let go, the program will basically have announced at that point that it is chasing the dragon and will never get back to where it once was. More importantly, what rational, attainable and desirable head coach will look at Jim Harbaugh's resume prior to UofM, see that UofM let him go, somehow dissatisfied with his results, and think that UofM is a place where he can succeed and thrive and spend the rest of his days?

They should lock him up now and foreclose 90% of the dumb chatter that surrounds the program in the form of either: a) Harbaugh's leaving for the NFL (or UCLA, apparently): or b) Harbaugh isn't meeting expectations - time to look elsewhere!

11/21/2017 - 10:07am WCBN

I believe Blake is a WCBN sports alum.

09/21/2017 - 12:20pm Partisanship aside

The most batty (and hilarious) comment in that thread was the guy saying we didn't get much of a pass rush against Air Force. If I recall correctly, Air Force called, maybe 6 pass plays, they completed one and every other featured a Michigan sack, a QB forced to the sidelines, a QB having to throw the ball away, or a QB pressured to throw into massive coverage.

09/04/2017 - 9:50am The Knowledge as Multiverse Traveler

I know that some haters on here will claim that THE KNOWLEDGE has been wrong before and has not soared on occasion, but it is they who are wrong.

First, let us presume that THE KNOWLEDGE is capable of astral travel, transversing both time, space and dimensons, a fairly straightforward and non-controversial assumption given that THE KNOWLEDGE has, previously, gone to the future and provided us statements that were accurate. Then let us also assume that we are just a part of one of many possibile universes within an infinitely large multiverse where all possibilities and outcomes exist in one universe or the others. With these assumptions, it is undeniable that THE KNOWLEDGE is right. THE KNOWLEDGE is always right - always has been and always will be. You are just too myopic to see it. THE KNOWLEDGE sees it all.

09/03/2017 - 11:24am Fuck it

1. 12-0

2. Offense is about what I expected for week 1. Think the passing game will improve but be far from otherworldly.

3. Defense is slightly better than anticipated.

4. Saquon Barkley, Baker Mayfield and Jalen Hurts

5. Michigan, 'Bama, Oklahoma and Clemson

06/06/2017 - 10:38am Stupidity aside

Stupidity of the larger thesis aside, this article is so bad for two primary reasons:

1) He spends a significant portion of the article quibbling with an obviously correct use of the word vindicated. He was quite clearly cleared of the "suspicion" that he was shark humping guy. The claim doesn't have to be that you engaged in genocide for the word vindicated to be deployed correctly.

2) This paragraph makes absolutely no sense and is one of the worst paragraphs of writing I've ever seen published by a largely reputable media company:

Except there was no blame to clear, no crime committed. The only connection was our brains seeing a resemblance and somehow believing McElwain was capable of such a pose. 

I have literally no idea what point he is trying to make with this paragraph. It is impossible to determine. How does the evidentiary basis for the "connection" relate to the use of the word vindicated or whether or not such an act is morally reprehensible or criminal? Dodd seems to start this paragraph by casting aside the joke accusations that it was McElwain (and the moral implications inherent in those accusations) as if they did not exist and then he indicts those very accusations in the next sentence as though they do exist. Which is it?

Also, putting aside that this is a Twitter joke, isn't the best evidence in a "'Hey, who is that guy shown in an online photo?' Mystery" (TM), an analysis of resemblances via photographs? Must we wait until someone is subpoenae'd to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on McElwain's boating history and fishing experience before making such a joke or lobbing such an accusation? I did not file a FOIA request before accepting that the video of Lane Kiffin unenthusiastically promoting FAU football featured Lane Kiffin and not Daniel Tosh.

This is the work of a stupid, stupid man and a bad, bad writer.

03/26/2017 - 4:16pm NY Post/Mushnick

Yeah, I'm fairly certain that Phil Mushnick has never been an insightful journalist. Pretty much no one working for the Post's sports page is an insightful journalist. It is a tabloid rag. It's the newspaper equivalent of First Take.

03/24/2017 - 12:35pm Seems pretty simple to me

Seems pretty simple to me - he was having an off offensive night and he brings little in the way of rebounding or defense to the table. Sure, he brings more defensively than Duncan Robinson but if Duncan Robinson's shots are falling (and he was shooting well despite some misses) he should get more minutes than an off-his-game Wagner.

03/13/2017 - 1:52pm No

This team has developed to the point where they can beat anybody on any given night, but the level of competition in the NCAA tournament is just much more difficult than the B1G tourney, and it requires 6 games to win it, not 4. I just don't see this team winning more than 4 given the odds.

While Beilein has turned this team into one no one wants to play, at the end of the day, this is a team with 1-2 NBA players (non-lottery), at best. In order to win a championship they will have to beat ~3 teams that feature 3-4+ NBA guys (featuring a lottery guy or two). That's VERY tough to do. During the NCG-Elite 8 run, we were trotting out 5 NBA guys. I think you'll find most championship teams look more like that than what we're rolling with this year, sadly.

03/06/2017 - 12:54pm A little disappointing

That's a little disappointing for him I'm sure considering, for context, Junior Hemingway ran a 4.53.

02/16/2017 - 10:15pm Amazing

Taking a page out of Wale's book. This is hysterical.

I look forward to all of us replying to Finebaum's tweets with some variation on a "P"-based first name that isn't Paul.

02/03/2017 - 1:11pm New Jerseyan here

New Jerseyan here. You guys up in Bergen County realize the traffic is so bad outside of Sunday because everyone has to get all of their shit done on one weekend day (or in the few hours after work during the week), right?

01/11/2017 - 3:33pm Wildly Pro

A+. I think the team uniforms are much improved. I was a little wary of Jumpman at first for football but I ended up liking it a lot.

But, probably more importantly, on a consumer level, the Dri-fit stuff is tremendous. The more conservative, traditional look to t-shirts, etc. that Nike provides is a much welcomed change from the louder, more abrasive Adidas style.

01/06/2017 - 12:47pm Says who?

Says who? Slightly younger than when Fleck took the job, but Fleck's experience beforehand was being WR at a bunch of middling programs and then for the Buccaneers for one season. 

Not saying Mike Hart is a good hire necessarily, but I wouldn't dismiss a guy like him off-hand.

01/05/2017 - 10:37am This is dumb.

No shots at the OP - this is probably worthy of posting - but man, this is the stupidest recruiting report/update I've maybe ever seen. The reporter repeats what his "source" tells him. Then he acknowledges that it is contradictory and can be read two different ways (essentially stating that, without further information, it is meaningless). Then he does no follow up with said "source" to ascertain which of the two meanings he meant to imply. So, basically, this "source" is inarticulate and the reporter is either too dumb or lazy to get to the bottom of his own report.

Thanks SEC Country!

12/23/2016 - 8:34pm Um


12/23/2016 - 11:02am Still

Still, you did it wrong. It's not the Boca Bowl, it's the The Boca Raton Wet The Beak Ponzi Scheme Awareness Bowl.

12/07/2016 - 3:18pm In the writer's defense

In the writer's defense, Peppers' defensive stats and return stats are, even comparatively, not on par with Lamar Jackson's offensive numbers - which are rarely seen. I love Jabrill and think he is deserving of making the final (and that an argument can be made that he deserves to win it), but trying to compare Lamar Jackson's 51 total touchdowns, 3000+ passing yards and 1500+ rushing yards with Peppers' solid, yet unspectacular defensive stats is a losing argument every time.

12/06/2016 - 1:36pm Depends

If you're talking about Lloyd leading the '06 team against Harbaugh leading the '16 team, I probably take the '16 team.

That said, you coach 'em up the same and scheme them the same and I take the '06 team. The '06 team was loaded with NFL-caliber talent on both sides of the ball and, perhaps more importantly, the offensive stars were also incredibly explosive college players as well. This '16 team has a lot of second-third day of the draft NFL guys on offense who were solid but not spectacular college players. Henne had arguably the best college career of any Michigan QB. Mike Hart the same at running back. Avant-Breaston-Arrington were spectacular at their respective roles at receiver. The offense has some solid guys who will play in the NFL but other than maybe Butt, I'm not sure anyone is someone we will look back on as an all-time Michigan great.

The defenses you could probably argue either way. Other than Woodson, Jabrill and Lewis are maybe the 2nd and 3rd best secondary players in M history (apologies to Cato June). The D-Line has been great. But '06 produced guys like Leon Hall, Lamarr Woodley and David Harris who each turned in decade long NFL careers and produced a bunch of Pro Bowls between them.

12/01/2016 - 12:55pm Wait, what?

Are you merely raising it as a distant and incredibly unlikely possibility or is there some kind of real risk that Western Michigan passes 2-loss Michigan in the rankings? I am not crazy to think there is a .0000001% chance of that occurring, right? 

12/01/2016 - 12:06pm Only worse than Ellerbe era?

As a student who attended all but a handful of home games during the Tommy Amaker era, this crowd looks sizeable compared to that time. Not sure where they concocted those attendance figures if that crowd failed to beat out an Amaker era showing.

Regardless, I am sure it is some combination of football dominating the athletic landscape again and finals. Attendance always dropped around finals time if I recall correctly.

11/22/2016 - 2:15pm Godspeed

A good friend of mine from law school went to OSU for two years and is a big fan. I am not sure he takes it as personally as I do (as I have lived and died with UofM from about the age of 4 up to and through my undergrad days there). He has asked me on a few occasions if I am interested in watching with him and I have just politely declined.

I see no upside in these scenarios. Even if we win you will have to tamper your unbridled excitement so as to not appear to be a total asshole (not that anyone here would ever approach "Pride Buckeyes" level). If we lose, you will not want to speak to them even though they will (at least in my case) be conciliatory and respectful. I suggest you bring plenty of smokes and light beers (or whatever self-destructive vices you indulge in) and just prepare to retire to a corner of the property for some alone time if we lose.

09/20/2016 - 11:02am It's really not.

It's really not. I am a New Jerseyan and a UM grad. There are a significant number of us. You will find most Jersey people to be kind and hospitable if not provoked.

Frankly, most people in the state who bother to watch college football look up to our program and respect it. I attended the first round of this series in NJ in 2014 and - painful though it was - I didn't experience any negative fan interactions. Even the usual back-and-forth teasing that goes on was innocuous. After they blew the game we left and didn't have face any gloating or poor behavior despite being a large group of fans decked out in UM gear following what was one of the biggest wins in RU's history. Frankly, I was shocked by our experience. Given the context, I expected RU's fans to act much more offensively.

Long story short, NJ is a rather friendly place to go watch Michigan play a Big Ten game.

06/08/2016 - 2:45pm Also

Also, I would not surprised in the least if it this is found to be a false flag operation by an MGoCorrespondent. This provides MGoBlog and its readers with everything it could ever want from Rutgers' fan base.

06/08/2016 - 2:34pm Oh my God

I thought I had thoroughly enjoyed all there was to enjoy out of this hilarious piece of news and I hadn't even noticed the failed acrostic. That (with the perfect accompanying gif) really sets this whole thing off. The perfect cherry on top.

06/08/2016 - 10:19am Uhhh

Are we really discussing the discussions on First Take? I'd be much more interested in you recapping your work water cooler discussion on the topic, MFanNE. It'd likely feature more thoughtful and/or original analysis.

05/26/2016 - 2:07pm Wilbon Analytics

The funniest take away from the Wilbon article was that he thinks that WHIP is an advanced stat. Yes, WHIP - that century old statistic used in every roto league since time immemorial. Yes, WHIP - the stat that is literally (Walks + Hits)/Innings Pitched.

I was blown away by how that Wilbon article made it to print.

04/29/2016 - 2:31pm Disagree re: small time

I disagree that this revelation is small time. I think the seven game suspension was the result of the improper benefits, but I doubt that was all that would result from the NCAA discovering that these improper benefits were being funneled through requests from Tunsil directly to the Ole Miss athletic department and coaching staff. 

My guess? The NCAA nabbed Tunsil on the impermissible benefits but wasn't able to uncover any involvement with the AD/coaching staff initially. (Despite these texts, I highly doubt an AD or staff are writing checks directly themselves). Presumably now they can connect the dots from the source of the funds, presumably some outside booster that Ole Miss' staff could connect with, to Ole Miss' program. I think this revelation could be potentially devastating. Coordinating payments through an associate AD is above and beyond a lack of institutional control, it's the wild west of NCAA lawlessness.

04/15/2016 - 2:37pm Oh thank God

Oh, thank God. I was worried that Paul Finebaum did not think that UofM was a "major university." Glad we received that endorsement from a guy who covers the academic stalwarts of the SEC.

04/12/2016 - 11:34am To be fair

To be fair, that joke is probably equally true about us Michigan alums.

03/30/2016 - 10:18am Very doomed

I pre-dated Packard Pub by a few years and during my time there it was an Atlanta Bread Company and some other failed business that I can't recall. The current tenant must be at least about the fifth since my run ('02-'06).

Seems odd since that's a fairly dynamite foot traffic location and there is barely any competition (or was, at least) on the bar front in that area. Packard Pub had absolutely horrendous service though, which was probably more of a factor than the location.

03/29/2016 - 10:28am Ah, well

Ah, well. It is Ann Arbor in the Spring. I think there will be plenty of other bars/restaurants willing to help anyone who needs to get their tailgate on.

03/08/2016 - 4:02pm Slugger

Slugger is criminally underrated in that hierarchy.

03/08/2016 - 3:31pm Eh, this is a bit of a stretch

Believe me, I agree that ESPN lost its usefulness long, long ago, but this is a bit of a stretch.

Why would ESPN cut off Peyton's ability to respond to the question? If it was nefariously trying to protect Peyton, wouldn't it run the conference on a delay and thus, be able to cut off the question itself, rather than the answer? Once the question is asked, the cat is out of the bag and any damage is done. Cutting off Peyton doesn't provide any benefit.

If ESPN is trying to help Peyton by allowing a reporter's question about a scandalous topic to be aired but subsquently cutting off his own answer on the subject, they must have a pretty shitty view about Peyton Manning and his speaking abilities.

02/19/2016 - 2:14pm Weinreb

Weinreb is the absolute worst. I suppose if Penn State kicked Michigan's teeth in throughout my time at school there I may harbor a lifelong grudge against them, but I doubt I'd spend my life writing inartfully argued missives against them. I'd probably just wear some troll-y t-shirt or something.

At least, arguably, these other buffoons have some sort of actual self-interest they're trying to protect in the process.