Sunday at The Masters: Drinking Thread

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I turned this on at 3:00 and the first few holes have already been crazy.  I can't wait to see Watson and Spieth get the back.  Let the rollercoaster ride begin.  


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I like how Rickie Fowler wears orange in honor of going to Oklahoma State. I like to think Michigan golfers would want to do the same if given the opportunity.


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I believe he thought he needed to make birdie at 11 to have a real chance.   He risked it, ball's wet, he's now playing to remain respectable. 

I hope, every year, that Boom Boom can catch lightening again.  Thought he was going to when he his shot at 12 on Friday was reminiscent of his 12th on Sunday in 1992.


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has no children of his own.  His personal life away from golf has been something of a soap opera, with his first wife committing suicide, at least one other divorce and a couple relationships ended by cheating, by one or the other.  One of his wives had children but none of them carry the Couples name.


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Ok, I'm in. Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Just rode 50 miles on 50 year old legs, I think I earned it. Here's hoping Fred Couples makes a run.


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Tiger has to get his act together to catch or surpass Jack Nicklaus' major wins record of 18.

What once seemed certain is now has to be considered a possibility of declining likelihood.

Tiger had won 14 by the conclusion of the 2008 season in which Tiger was 32 while Nicklaus had only won 11 by the conclusion of the 1972 season in which Jack was 32.  Tiger entered this year at 38 years old still on 14 wins.  Jack entered the 1978 season at 38 years old at 14 wins, but would win his 15th later in the year at The Open.  Wins 16 and 17 came at age 40, and then Jack won one for the old guys, taking his 18th at The Masters at age 46 (which is still the record for the oldest Masters' champion).


Jack Nicklaus' Major Wins 15-18

Year Championship 54 holes Winning score Margin Runner(s)-up
15. 1978 The Open Championship (3) 1 shot deficit −7 (71-72-69-69=281) 2 strokes United States Ben CrenshawUnited States Raymond Floyd,
United States Tom KiteNew Zealand Simon Owen
16. 1980 U.S. Open (4) Tied for lead −8 (63-71-70-68=272) 2 strokes Japan Isao Aoki
17. 1980 PGA Championship (5) 3 shot lead −6 (70-69-66-69=274) 7 strokes United States Andy Bean
18. 1986 Masters Tournament (6) 4 shot deficit −9 (74-71-69-65=279) 1 stroke United States Tom Kite, Australia Greg Norman



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Not a bad way to spend the afternoon - the Masters, grilling steaks on the patio and some Guinness. Meanwhile, the kids practice some game which combines golf, baseball and, from the appearance of things, lawn darts on the grass. Speaking of the grass, it's finally mostly green again, so golfing is in the air.