So, what does Notre Dame do next week in EL?

Submitted by umich1 on September 12th, 2010 at 7:39 PM

I always intently watch the Notre Dame - MSU game every year.  Perhaps its that lovely feeling of being able to watch, and knowing at least one of them are losing the game!

I think it also does a lot of foreshadowing.  It puts Notre Dame's strength (and resolve) into perspective.  It shows us what to expect out of MSU in a few more weeks.  I've always observed Notre Dame gets one of MSU's better shots, but at the same time, Notre Dame comes in after a hard Michigan game and isn't on their A game. 

What do you guys envision this week?  I'm thinking Notre Dame might be too strong on paper, but man - the way we ripped the game from them they just might not mentally be ready to play.  The game is in East Lansing, and MSU has had two easy warm up games to prepare.

Any thoughts or hopes?  Lets assume A)  East Lansing isn't disappearing from the map on Saturday and B) both teams cannot lose at once.



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It will be a close game but MSU will have a sparty moment and give it away at the end.  I predict something like 35-31 for ND.  Cousins will have a big game but it won't be enough.


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MSU better come prepared to play, cause the 2 teams they started out the season with won't have them prepared at all..


I hope ND shits on them, just because you look what any msu homer says and they think they are gonna win by 40..

They will be in for a rude awakening when their running backs won't run for over 150 yards against a solid defense.  Cousin's better step up his game as well.. Saturday he threw for under .50 completion percentage..


I can't really see them being able to stop Floyd and Rudolph if Crist is in there the whole time.


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We have to root for our little brother and more importantly for the real big 10. Also, you probably missed the MSU V Florida Southern game. Not a "warm up" game. It was almost a serious embarrassment. 


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It pisses them off when we genuinely don't take them seriously.


67–30–5 means I likely won't live to see State have a winning record against us. If it ever got close I don't think I could continue living anyway. 


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Yup, I didn't catch much of Little Brother's "away" game, but if they play like that Crist will tear them apart.  Only thing that might save Little Brother is that ND's defensive backs weren't that good.  


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As long as Kelly can prevent his team from performing the folding chair act, I think MSU is going to have their hands full.  State did not look overly impressive yesterday.  In a game they were favored by 28 points, I can understand a little bit of looking-to-next-week's-opponent.  But watching the highlights, there were times that MSU just didn't look that good.  Kelly is going to bring a hornets nest into Spartan Stadium next week.  I just don't think State will be ready for it.


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It's a very weird feeling watching that game every year.  I don't root for ND (I could NEVER root for ND) so I have to root for Sparty...but I don't feel good about it.

With the exception of that infamous 2006 game, MSU doesn't really choke against the Irish.  The home team has won the last two meetings.  Before that, the road team won the previous 6 meetings. 

Don't know much about MSU since they have only faced Western and FAU.  I have no idea who to pick in this game.  It's a tale of two evils.   


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But rooting for MSU makes for a much better season for Michigan.  Why?

Notre Dame fans have to cope with not only losing to Michigan, but also losing to Michigan's Little Brother.  

A win against ND gets MSU feeling good.  I love it when MSU is off to a good start (5-0 or the like), ranked and we get to end their season by walking all over them for 4 quarters (think of the Drew Stanton era).  

Zone Left

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Is Keith Nichol still practicing at QB?

If ND plays as well as they did Saturday, don't turn the ball over, and Crist is healthy, then MSU is in a lot of trouble.


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The meathead would have kicked a field goal right before half.

The meathead wouldn't have had his backup QB's first pass be a flea-flicker.

The meathead wouldn't have decided to punt with 4 seconds left on the play clock.


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I don't know if ND will do the same as UConn, but after being "Denarded" last week, UConn opened a can of whoop-ass on Texas Southern and won 62-3. I think ND has something to prove and after their Denarding this weekend they open a can up against MSU. I don't think the MSU RB's will have the same easy course they have had against their 2 cupcake opponents. 


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Hey guys, Lynn Henning already called that Sparty would handily beat the Irish. He made that prediction one sentence after announcing that ND would beat the Wolverines. Seriously.


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Usually the away team wins this game.  Sparty has won 9 of the last 13 meetings but the home team has won only 2 of the last 8.

2009: ND-33 MSU-30 (South Bend)

2008: MSU-23 ND-7 (East Lansing)

2007: MSU-31 ND-14 (South Bend)

2006: ND-40 MSU-37 (East Lansing)

2005: MSU-44 ND-41 (South Bend)

2004: ND-31 MSU-24 (East Lansing)

2003: MSU-22 ND-16 (South Bend)

2002: ND-21 MSU-17 (East Lansing)

2001: MSU-17 ND-10 (South Bend)

2000: MSU-27 ND-21 (East Lansing)

1999: MSU-23 ND-13 (South Bend)

1998: MSU-45 ND-23 (East Lansing)

1997: MSU-23 ND-7 (South Bend)

Mmmm Hmmm

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I'm fascinated by the wide spread on predictions--I suppose that is in part a product of a relatively new season and different posters seeing different things.  But I think another product is both MSU and ND are really hard to get a good read on.  ND beat as close to a tomato can as you'll get in the Big Ten (yes, I know, Purdue did beat us the past two years...), and piled up a lot of yards in this week's box score (even though, with more context, their offense is not as impressive).  MSU, on the other hand, played tomato can-conference tomato cans and piled up tons of rushing yards.

Bottom line: we really don't know what type of team either one is at this point, so predictions vary from blowouts either way to close games either way.