So Say We All: BSG Marathon On Syfy

Submitted by LongLiveBo on September 22nd, 2017 at 9:40 PM

I don't care if this is off topic so go eat a bicuit.  Syfy is running a BSG marathon over the next few days and I know there are plenty of fans on the board.  I just noticed it so I missed the first hour or so.  Set your DVRs, boys and girls, because Starbuck is about to kick some ass.…



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Nor will my television go anywhere near this turd sandwich of a show. My hatred of this and others like it (Star Trek) are that they used to show them on Sunday afternoons during football season, and the dorks that got to the television where I worked would hurry up and turn this garbage on instead of football during my lunch break- hence my utter disdain for sci-fi shows.

Football > Sci-Fi

rob f

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with Lorne Greene as Commander Adama, not watching !

On second thought, the newer episodes are actually pretty good, just that I haven't really seen more than a small handful of episodes.


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No TV show compares to BSG. The richness of the characters. The sets, music, visuals. It takes what you believe and turns it upside down and inside out (the humans worship pagans, the bad guys worship our god; or the humans become suicide bombers; etc). Its got the most controverial ending of any series ever -- well of those that HAD an ending (cough sopranos cough) -- that I think was brilliant, wow did they have some kajones to pull that off.

Breaking Bad, Sopranos, those are surely great shows. But none had the epicness, week to week stress, depth of characters, or creative genius of BSG. Just watching that miniseries -- it was like family coming home again.

So say we all!!!


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Nobody I knew thought it was a satisfying ending. I generally tell the kids to invest in it up to the end of season 4 (the finale is titled "Revelations") and then watch The Plan. Watch Razor between seasons 2 and 3.

After Revelations/The Plan take a break and savor it. One of the epic works of art of the period. Imagine for yourself where it could go from that point.

Then, and only then, watch season 4.5, and do so with low expectations. There was a writers' strike that delayed production for a year and caused the show to lose the actor playing arguably the most important character for the plot (Leoben), and the whole thing is a train wreck, despite the best efforts of the remaining cast.


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The Wire and Breaking Bad are easily far and away better shows than BSG ever was.  I enjoyed BSG and binged most of it a few years ago while doing cardio.  I would never dream of trying to watch The Wire or Breaking Bad while doing something else because so much is going on and you needed to pay attention to everything to understand what is going on. 

Depth of characters like Stringer Bell and or Jesse and Walt rival any character on any other show period, not just BSG.  

Week to week stress of Breaking Bad was also just as high if not higher than BSG because each episode built off the last and each conundrum Walt found himself in was a natural result of his decision making in previous episodes.

I know it's early, but Billions has been making a serious run these last two seasons.  As far as I'm concerned, it is the best show on TV right now and is quickly climbing in my all time rankings as well.  If the writers can keep up the pacing and character interactions for another 2 or more seasons it will easily make my top 5.

Right now, I'd put my top 5 as this:

1. The Wire

2. Breaking Bad

3. Lost (yes, the ending sucked, but c'mon)

4. Caprica (yes, i loved it more than BSG)

5. BSG



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Re: Battlestar Galatica:

I loved it and watched every episode that wasn't web-exclusive.  I even played the BSG board game a lot and would wholeheartedly recommend it to other gamers and fans of the show because it was an incredibly perfect marriage of the show's themes to game mechanics.  I can expound on it more if anyone wants to rap about it

Problem was that it had a two-year plan that it executed to perfection and after that arc it was pretty much throwing shit at the wall to see what stuck.  Creator Ronald D. Moore pretty much openly admitted that this was the case.  On the whole I appreciated the swing-for-the-fences approach of the finale more than most and still remember the whole series fondly but there's no denying that after such a brilliant beginning it didn't quite stick the landing to the degree that it promised.