Smotrycz, Christian, Brundidge all transferring

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"We never like to see players leave the program, however, Evan, Colton and Carlton have made the decision to transfer and continue their careers elsewhere," said Beilein. "All three are fine young men with bright futures. We wish them and their families nothing but success going forward." 



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You hate to see a kid like Smotrycz leave, I know the fans are higher on other players, but Evan is a system player, he fits Bielien's system perfectly and was going to be a bigger factor in years to come.  Sure you want to get more athletic, but you also want guys that fit your system like Evan did.  Brundridge could have developed into a solid backup PG by next year and Christian was going to be nothing more than a role player at best.


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Christian was no surprise at all.  Brundidge only slightly less, but this probably says a lot about how far he was from significant PT, but I really don't get the Smotrycz thing.  Although he might not have started next year, he'd be the only real 4 we have on the team, and would likely get a good amount of PT at that spot, especially since he plays a different style than McGary, and one more Beilein friendly, in fact. 

This seems like a "more than basketball" situation.


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Hopefully the person who plays the 4 next year is someone who doesn't act like every foul against him is ridiculous. That drive me nuts.


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I was seriously expecting (I guess hoping) this to be a bad joke and the OP to be negged to Bolivia. There goes the huge depth for next year. Front court will probably be fine between Morgan, McGary, Horford, and Bielfeldt. But none of them are able to step back a hit a long 2 or a 3, which Beilein loves in his offense to spread the court. I would not be surprised to see GR3 play a decent amount of 4 and Stauskas/Vogrich/THJr splitting the 2/3 to spread the court more. Also now there is nothing after Burke. I wouldn't be surprised to see Beilein try to pick up a decent PG in the 2012 class just to have for depth, even though it would not be the best use of a scholarship.


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WTF Smotrycz , I was only mad at you for a little while! I really liked him, especially when Evan took Jared Sullinger to the hole. You were part of the master plan Evan. Now....I am upset.


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What ever happened to the saying...Those who stay will be champions? If those three don't want to be champions then see ya. The rest of the squad will be!


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Colton isn't suprising, him leaving doesn't really hurt. Burndridge hurts our depth at PG some, but he wasn't going to get too many minutes regardles, so I'm not too worried.

Smot is obviously the biggest one here, but I'm not nearly as asuprised as many people here are. I told my dad during the B1G tourney I thought this might happen. He was supposed to make a big leap production wise this year that never happened. He probably felt a ton of pressure, and despite his big shot vs Minnesota and big game in the tourney, he still took a lot of heat from us as fans and even though he kept us in the game against Ohio, he did make a costly turnover that caused many people to mlame him for the loss.

And looking at the dpeht chart for next year, it's not surprising to see him go. He probably sees a huge blockade in front of him for playing time. Instead of just competing with Morgan and Novak for playing time this past year, next year he'd have to compete with Morgan, Horford, McGary, Robinson, and Bielfeldt. That's 5 guys for 2/3 spots instead of 2 for 1/2. And all 5 guys are very talented.

People are saying we are short on depth next year. We are actually much deeper next year than this year, especially with our bigs. In terms of hurting our immediate depth for next year, Brundridge hurts more depth wise, but Smot is obviously the bigger overall lose because of the thought that he would be a starter.

Good luck to all 3 wherever they go.


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I made the mistake of looking at the comments on the Michigan Baketball facebook page... Never again. They're all trashing on Smotrycz about how he's soft and how they're glad he's transferring after he cost Michigan the OHIO game.

One guy was even ranting about how terrible Beilein is. Gosh I want to punch those douchebags in face. They are pathetic excuses for Michigan "fans."


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I highly doubt that they all were like, "Oh gosh, it suddenly seems like a good idea to transfer" at the same time, so saying they all are transferring on the same day is misleading. I'd guess they each came to Beilein at some point in the last couple of weeks and the staff decided to make it public all at the same time for any number of reasons.


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game, but I am more siked about the offseason developments with Horford and McLimans. Mc can hit the three and horford puts on another ten to fifteen and he is gonna be a force down low. his injury had to be closely related to his bigtime added weight last offseason. If you put Mc in the weight room for another 10-15 like Horford coupled with McGary and Morgan and our biggest weakness becomes a strength. Couple that with Trey, THJ, Vogrich, GRIII, and Stauskas (who should see the video if u dont believe) and you have a Big Ten Champion caliber team who should be better than this years squad. I cant wait. FWIW though, I hope all the best for Smotz, he will surely be missed. 


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 I know losing Smots will hurt as he was going to get more time next year. But I always felt with Evan that he could have offered so much more. Its something that always bugged me. At times he looked lost, out of position, etc. He seemed to play with a lack of confidence and was often timid. Hopefully he finds what he's looking for.



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"It's just a matter of what I thought was the right fit, something my family agreed on," Smotrycz said. "I don't want to say too much right now in being sensitive to the coaching staff. But it was a decision I had to make to be somewhere I was happy."


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Everything about Smot -- his demeanor, his body language -- said he was unhappy. He seemed like a smart and hugely sensitive kid who was overwhelmed by the pressure, the criticism, and his inconsistency. He always seemed so tight. Plus, it couldn't have helped that next year he'd be facing a lot of competition for playing-time. McGary and Robinson -- and maybe Stauskas and Horford -- may well have eaten up his minutes. Probably Smot will be happier at a program with less pressure and more minutes.


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all year long didnt seem plugged in to the program..His demeanor to me seemed disinterested. He did  not appear to me as a team player..All year long I got the feeling that he was not happy and BOY did that prove to be right. I think he is making a HUGE mistake but whats done is done and If my perception of him was correct which it appears now it was we are probably better off and he is probably better off..Frankly I did not think he was a very hard worker and I never saw him enthusiastic or encouraging to other teammates...I kinda think he may have been a bad apple in the bunch attitude and effort wise..He had his moments to be sure but he was VERY inconsistent...I feel in the long run Michigan will be better off without him. As for the other two I dont blame them one bit they werent going to be regular players...


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Never good to see transfers, but best of luck to all 3.

Two main concerns:

1. Ball handling: who else besides Trey will we rely on to bring up the ball? Stu is graduating and Brundidge is transferring.

2. Experience: Smot had two solid years under his belt. It's definitely a blow to the program when someone with significant minutes logged leaves (in addition to the Stu/Novak graduations), even when we replace him with a top incoming recruit.


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I will always remember Smotrycz for bursting on to the scene against a top ranked Syracuse in a close lose but moral victory and Christian's clutch long two from the free throw line extended at the Breslin Center last year in a win against Sparty.

Good Luck to all 3!