SI on the NJ high school rivalry between Rashan Gary & Brandon Wimbush

Submitted by Communist Football on August 31st, 2018 at 8:43 AM

Nice piece by Laken Litman on the high school rivalry between Wimbush's high school, St. Peter's Prep, and Paramus Catholic. Litman recounts a key 63-yard touchdown run by Wimbush, in which he checks the play at the line of scrimmage to run away from Gary.

“Everybody was going crazy after that,” St. Peter’s Prep head coach Rich Hansen says. “When he came off to the sideline, I said, ‘Brandon why’d you check the play?’ And he went through the reasons why and I said, ‘Great job, great job.’ But then [wide receiver] Corey Caddle is laughing and he goes, ‘Coach, he checked the play because he’s afraid to run at Rashan.’ And I said, well that’s a good enough reason for me, I get it.”

I think the MGoCommune is somewhat underestimating Wimbush's ability to make plays with his feet—he's a legit dual threat, even with the 49% completion percentage. Should be a great game!



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Wimbush is a poor mans JT Barrett. Don Brown figured him out in a half of football. Michigan's defense has lights out speed. This isn't be high school ball, he can run from Gary but he'll just be running to Hudson or Bush or someone else.