Schad: Patterson receives new contract extension @ TCU

Submitted by wlubd on January 7th, 2011 at 8:04 PM
Per his twitter. If true, then FML we're all kinds of screwed. Might actually have to resign self to Hoke or Miles



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You mean he hasn't already lost serious credibility with you? Even if he has a master plan that ends up brilliantly, three weeks looking like we have no idea what we're doing seriously hurts whatever brand he wants to establish. This makes two straight coaching searches in which we've looked like idiots, under two consecutive ADs, and I can't imagine what coach would be stupid enough to volunteer to be DB's rabbit à la Rich Rod for Bill Martin.


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Patterson is out


Let the hilarity ensue. I am guessing the "firm" DB is using to find candidates is getting thin on candidates, as is my patience with DB.

I am going to Vegas to find the American Dream....and maybe a corch. My attorney will fill you in with all the details. Going to go take odds on DB's length as AD. Any takers?


James Burrill Angell

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I'm going to use the analogy of Brandon as a fraternity guy at a party
1) Harbaugh is the super hot chick that keeps flirting with Brandon from across the room but then keeps sliding her tongue down some other guys throat. Likelihood you're taking that home decreases every moment she's with other guy and you're still across the room and its time to look hard at other options. You waited it out a while to see whats up but she finally bailed with the other guy. You get none.
2) Les Miles is that sleezy chick on the dance floor you've got your balls ground on before and you know damn well could be a LOT of fun but could also give you the clap so you have to decide if you want to go there. PLUS, she dissed your best friend once and banging him will piss off your best friend. TRANSLATED: To date, Miles isn't an option and he has NOT been called. whatever was there that stopped his hiring 3 yrs ago still is likely hanging around in some circles and is magnified by that crap that went on with the recruit he signed and then dumped once he got to campus. But Brandon may be stuck in the position of having to tell everyone to shut up and take Les or else its:
3) Brady Hoke -  Hoke is like a sort of vaguely cute but overweight chick at the party throwing herself at Brandon. Who knows, she may be a lot of fun, and if she dropped 40 pounds with a little time, she might even work out. You'll definitely take some shit from your friends, but, with any luck, if the chick starts taking care of business, you may end up looking like a genius.  Brandon may have no one else to take home at the end of the night so they may get together.
or 4) The Field - Brandon could go to another party and take his chances that you go home alone or back to the original party to grab the fat chick or you could find something completely different and out of the blue. Now, those options seem to dwindle the longer you wait around at the original party waiting for the hot chick. You heard from others that some of the house parties you thought about swinging by have been shut down (Patterson, Peterson, Fitzgerald, Pelini) and there's a long line at Rick's(Gruden? Cowher?). 
So where does that leave you're chances of scoring if you're David Brandon?


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you finally decide to go back to the "sure thing" fat chick only to find she's already hooked up with some other dude. Now you're desperate and you end up with some crack whore (fill in loser name of choice) and you're destined for at least 3 more years of taking what you can get from this skank before starting all over again. BRANDY NOOOOO!!!!


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I think DB would be going by himself and doing the five-finger-shuffle.  There is desperation on both sides(UM for Harbaugh, Hoke for UM).  We need to hit a home run with the choice but only have the ability to hit singles.  I really like Patterson and Mullen, maybe Fitzgerald, but we'll probably end up with Hoke.


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chris peterson does not have a cell phone....


1) no ties to the midwest

2) plays questionable competition

3) the last two BSU coaches who have gone on to bigger programs have been utter disasters.

nice coach, but i'd rather have Hoke.


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I could read it two ways. Either he has no intention of leaving, or TCU's perhaps a little concerned that he might try. I'm not usually an optimist so I'd lean towards the former but you could be right and it doesn't say he's signed it. Worth keeping track of though...

Go Blue Eyes

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How long was Brandon CEO of Dominos whose main product was pizza which even by their own advertisements sucked?  I think it was close to 10 years.  How bad was Dominos pizza?  My kids hated it. 

So this so called "genius" CEO who ran a food company, again whose primary product people thought tasted horrible, took nearly 10 years to make a change to its recipe.  I hope that he blows everybody away with an awesome pick but I think you are right, he is wallowing away on his yacht.  Maybe not literally but figuratively.

03 Blue 07

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I think this corporate history is incorrect re: DB. Wasn't he brought in by the buyout firm to turn them around in the, you know, making money way, and did just that in only like 3 years? Also, the commercials were his idea, and I think he saw a problem with their product and swiftly rectified it. By all accounts, he did a good job. So. . . yeah.


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Well, the same can be said for Michigan, the goal of Michigan is to make money, not necessarily to win football games. Granted it's much easier to make money by winning football games, but the primary goal of teams/universities is to make money, much like Dominos.

Right now, Michigan's pizza sucks, they need to pull a Dominos and re-invent themselves and make better pizza. I have 100% faith that they will do this.

Go Blue Eyes

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Actually the change was started before Brandon left.  Profits did go up after the change:

The question remains why did it take so long? 

The change was precipitated by a decline in sales in 2009 of 6% - a time when cheaper meals (remember the Great Recession was causing people to go to lower cost foods):

 Edit: Forgot to add: Good pizza = good profits.  Bad pizza = lower sales thus lower profits.