Really excited about our WRs

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We've all heard how we dont have any "game-breaking WRs" and to some extent that may be true, but we are definitely getting some huge production and big plays from this group. When Odoms went down, it was an opportunity for Hemmingway to step up and shine. Now that he is healthy, he is really showing what he can do. As good as Odoms has been in his career, I think its obvious to see that Hemmingway, Stonum and Roundtree should be our main targets next season. We should have some amazing depth next year, and I'm sure Odoms and several others will figure prominently in the offense. I think Jr, Roy and Stonum all have the capability of being All-Big 10 type players. After next year we'll lose Jr and Stonum, but we'll have plenty of options and I'm sure someone will step up. Roy will be a senior and we have a lot of young guys waiting their turn. Stokes was a top recruit, but has been banged up and has had to wait his turn. Perhaps it will be his time to shine. Ricardo Miller..perhaps Watkins...we've definitely got a lot to be excited about from our WR's, and that was one of the biggest questions from the RR skeptics, could UM still produce top WRs and a dangerous passing game. I think that question has been answered.



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I'm really excited for next year already. Not only do all our receivers return, with the potential of landing an all-american like Arnett and/or Watkins to the depth, but we return all our runningbacks plus Dee Hart and hopefully a healthy Fitz, and a junior Denard with a junior Tate to backup. Oh and we will only lose one lineman in Schilling. Our offense is gonna be crazy good.


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too, fwiw. 

I think one thing this offense shows, particularly when you have absurd running threat at QB, is that guys can get wide open often. Hopefully Denard's accuracy will take another incremental jump with another spring and summer. It's been pretty good, but several balls like the 2nd pick yesterday (the one behind Roy). If that ball's thrown accurately, it could have been 6. Easily a long gainer.

As of today, 2nd ranked passing attack in the B10 at just over 262 yards a game (behind Indiana and slightly ahead of Northwestern). Something to sell receiver recruits, that's for sure.


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This receiving corps is incredibly deep, now and into the future. We have three players who can easily take it to the house on any play in Roundtree, Stonum, and Hemingway. I am so excited to see these guys the rest of this year and for the rest of their careers. I think Miller and Jackson will be good as well. As for Odoms, while I don't think he has the break a big one ability like the others, he can block incredibly well for a receiver. The little guy really knocks corners back off the line.


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He has been overlooked on offense it seems. Maybe switching from slot to the outside has affected him. Probably not. He has come up huge in the past. I guess I just got caught up in the what have you done for me lately thinking and unfortunately this year he hasn't had many opportunities to show his stuff. Hopefully he comes back strong next year.


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I love Odoms for his toughness and hands, but I have a hard time calling him a big-play guy.  He's caught 86 passes in his career, but only one for a TD.  But he's a great blocker and good possession guy.       


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I don't disagree about Junior, but Odoms is one of my favorite players, and I'd miss seeing him out there catching, and especially blocking like the ram that he is.  Hopefully there is room for all to get plenty of time.


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If your a defense next year, how are you going to guard a qb who can take it to the house anytime. Three big threat receivers (Stonum, JR, Tree), Slot ninjas till the eye can see (Tay, Gallon, Stokes, Grady, T-Rob), a reliable tight end in Koger, and four different runningbacks (Hopkins, Shaw, Smith, Hart) and a really experience line. It won't be fair.


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Odoms, in my opinion, has better hands and blocking ability than Hemingway.  That said, Hemingway is the bigger deep ball threat.  It's a tough decision, but I expect to see Odoms more often once he's healthy based on our team's propensity to run the ball and in 3rd down passing situations due to his catching ability.


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Neither really have the speed to be a consistent deep threat, but at least Hemingway has the size to go over corners. Of course, with Roundtree and Stonum fit for that task, we don't need Junior or Odoms to go deep. (After Saturday, I decided that Junior is basically Jason Avant with two more inches, which makes, bear with me here, Roundtree a shorter, poor-man's Braylon.*) Both Junior and Odoms will get their touches, especially on 3rd-and-manageable passing downs because of their hands, although Junior will get more action near the goal-line.

* One can dream, right?

R Kelly

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Roundtree actually reminds me more of Breaston when he catches those bubble screens.  He is good at getting north and south right away just like Steve was.  He is definitely a little slower than breaston was, but his production is amazing.


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I loved Stevie B, but I wish for more production from Roundtree than we ended up getting from Breaston. Speaking of whom, man, imagine what he would have done under Barwis and Rich Rod. You're probably right that Breaston's potential is the more accurate goal for what Roundtree will do.


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It is an important part of the tradition and psyche of the team to have someone wearing the #1 jersey.  It needs to be done this offseason.  In the afterglow of Roundtree's big day, I wanted him to get it yesterday, but Hemingway has been clutch, too.  Maybe one of them will take control of the OSU game and make the decision easy.


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group. Deep being a point of emphasis. We lose a 3 year contributor like Owens and the team doesn't miss a beat. The O Line is silmilar We are building that talent level across the board, with work yet to do. Stay the course.


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They should even better next year with this offense. If one of the running backs can take it to the next level with more experience next year there won't be a weakness .They should be better than Oregon's spread next year and they are getting close to them this year if not even with them now.


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Something I clamored for all of last year, until Roy stepped up, was to find a definitive go-to guy among the receivers. I think opponents are having to pick up on where Roundtree is. Problem for opponents is that Junior has snuck up as a huge play receiver (20+ YPC) and Stonum is lethal if he gets the ball with room to run.

Throw in Gallon, Grady, VInce Smith and the revolving Tight End combo, who do you cover? somebody is basically open every play. It's pretty great. With continued improvement from Denard/Tate in the accuracy department, we're going to be fun to watch next year.

One thing: Daryl Stonum is fucking fast. I would love to see him get some touches on an end-round type play. I think that could really fuck with opponents already struggling to keep up with denard.


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When Roundtree emerged, it put Odoms out of the slot and into the outside WR position. I guess I like Hemmingway more there, because you are a little more limited with a 5'9 guy on the outside. Jr has the ability to make the tough sideline catches.


November 8th, 2010 at 12:38 AM ^

He is the "anti-primadonna" WR. I think he had a lot to do with the early season, extra yards that Robinson was getting with his downfield blocking. I'd love a few more guys with his toughness out there - not afraid to mix it up after a pass, even if he wasn't thrown the ball.

Godspeed on the healing Tay-

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Roundtree is my favorite player on the team (on field ability + off field personality)...

Just putting that out there (seemed as appropriate here as anywhere).

In general...

I couldn't be happier with the recievers. By my defintion of "gamebreaker" we have a few (at least).

BTW- Is it just me or did Stonum get robbed out of an amazing catch Sat? It looked to me like he had control of the ball (though the angle they showed on tv wasn't great) and he (his hip) clearly came down in bounds. It was costly... Would have been a 3rd down conversion... I want to say it was before a missed FG?

Anyway, It was highlight reel stuff now forgotten because of a bad call (if I'm not mistaken).


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Respectually, there is no Jason Avant on this team. He simply did not drop passes (remember NW catch). It was clear to me during his junior year that the NFL would be calling. Unless Jr. steps it up big time and quickly, I don't think he's NFL material. That being said, I will be thrilled if he turns out to be a good to great college WR.


Edit: meant to reply to comment comparing Jr to Avant and Roy to Braylon. Sorry.


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We're loaded across the board on offense from here on.  These close, high-scoring games will start becoming blowouts in our favor as the defense fills in.