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Submitted by sheepman on May 20th, 2011 at 12:18 PM

I have a question about taking a QB this class. Do we want someone like Kiel in this class? Or might it be good to take another solid QB, but not a star - knowing we have Shane Morris in the fold?

While I think the common wisdom would be - anytime we can get one like him, we should. But what if this makes Shane Morris decommit and go to (God forbid) Sparty or ND or OSU? We are stacked at QB for 2 more years - aren't we? And it seems like a 2 year spread between big names is what we would want.

Do kids like Kiel and Morris like the competition? Or will they go somewhere to be the big cheese?

Anyway, lots of questions.



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This question has already been answered.

Shane Morris was told about this by the coaches - they take a high profile QB every year so the Drew Henson situation (starting a freshman QB) doesn't occur again.

Morris is a lifelong Michigan fan. He's staying committed.


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Pass on Kiel because we have Shane Morris next year? I know we all love Shane Morris, he is a young phenom, from michigan, going to be rated very highly if not the highest among qb's and players next year.

..but Kiel is the number 1 rated qb this year. It would be silly to pass up on him,

If both qb's are up for some healthy competition, which it sounds like they are. You never know what could happen with red shirts, injuries etc..

Either way we are in a great position, and its a great day to be a wolverine.


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First, I agree with your comment. I'd like to see a QB (even it it's a compotent, non-elite QB) in every class. We don't need another 2008.

Which brings me to my point (and apologies if you are literally paraphrasing something Hoke said), but that's not how I remember the Henson situation. Didn't Henson get the start by beating out Brady, who was the incumbent? He didn't get thrust in there because there wasn't someone ahead of him. Also, Henne started as a true freshman, and that worked out OK (NOTE: I realize that the Henne's of the world are few and far between, and that it would be really stupid to bank on your true freshman QB being that polished).

Unless the "Henson situation" was that there was a hyped freshman behind a non-hyped incumbent, ultimately pressuring Carr into starting the "elite" QB over the experienced one. I guess having QB depth of all elite recruits would solve that issue, but taking an elite, renowned QB every year seems like something you'd probably want to do anyways, not to specifically avoid another "Henson situation."


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No....the "Henson situation" Hoke is talking about is a Michigan quarterback leaving school for some crazy reason like an Ohio State alum paying him to play baseball, thereby torpedoing a potential national championship season because you're forced to play John Navarre before he's ready.

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I don't think the "Henson situation" necessarily refers to Henson leaving to go play for the Yankees, I think it has more to do with him being hurt (wasn't it 4 or 5 games that season) and being forced to play a freshman (Navarre). Navarre played b/c Henson was hurt and there was no other back-up with experience, not b/c Henson was too busy playing baseball. Although this made Navarre's sophomore season rushed.


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Since we only have one more day left to live, I'm just going to ask: how do you pronounce your username? I never know if I should just say each letter, or figure out a way to say it as a word (wuh-lubbed). I can be obliterated as a happy man tomorrow if I know the answer to this question.


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Shane Morris still has 2 years left of highschool, what if he has a major setback in his development or tears his acl or something? I think it would be rediculous to turn away a supreme talent know that he is committed. Alot can change in two years.

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I think you always take an elite athlete when you have the chance. If Gunner Kiel wants to come here, you take him.

As for the competition thing, elite QBs tend to spend a lot of time analyzing depth charts and making sure they set themselves up for success. Sam Bradford was a #1 pick. Even if a guy good enough to be the #20 pick was on the team, he wouldn't have played and even if he was drafted, he would have been a low pick. That's why I doubt Kiel comes here. The depth chart when he gets on campus would be:

1. Robinson back for one year.

2. Devin Gardner (hopefully) back for three years.

3. Kiel (probably)

4. Bellomy

In theory, he'd be competing for a starting job with a 5* uber talented kid in Gardner with Shane Morris showing up the next year. That's a crowded position and there's typically only one guy who plays much.


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I just know that in college a backup is never even close to a sure thing to replace the starter after said started graduates.  How many times has the "starter in wating" been surpassed by a young buck?  Seems to happen a lot...either way, these are GOOD problems to have.


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No offense to the star system worshipers but I would not be so quick to put Kiel ahead of Bellomy.  I keep watching his HIGHLIGHTS to see 5* potential but it doesn't show... and these are highlights.  The kid can play but I would be just as happy with a solid guy like O'Connor.


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You're in love with Tyler O'Connor.  You wanna have, like, a million of his babies.

Seriously, though . . . O'Connor and Bellomy are decent prospects, but Kiel has very good potential to be an NFL quarterback.  The recruiting sites all agree that he's more talented than either one.  I'm not down on O'Connor (who would be a solid second-tier offer) or Bellomy (who has some potential down the road in a Scott Dreisbach type of way), but Kiel's a 5-star talent and SHOULD be put ahead of O'Connor on just about everyone's list.  He's better in just about every facet of the game, from athleticism to arm strength to mechanics.


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Why would we care if this year's 5-star commit scares away next year's (potential) 5-star commit?  The goal is to get as many talented players on the roster as soon as possible.  If the coaching staff tiptoes around because of kids who won't get to campus for 2 years, then we're going to be in serious trouble.

If Morris decommits because Kiel pledges to Michigan, then we'll be better at an earlier date.  And that's just fine with me.

That being said, Morris has given inclinations that he's not afraid of competition.  So take that FWIW.  There's a lot of time between now and February 2013, so anything can happen.


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I dont think we should take a quarterback unless it is a real stud like gunner, who is probably going to the sooners. (long time reader, first time poster)


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I had also heard that the coaching staff wants to take a RB every year, however I haven't heard much about secondary options there like we have at QB. Is that simply because the depth chart at RB is a lot deeper than at QB? Do what the coaches really mean is that normally we would take a RB every year, but with 8 on the roster and only 1 graduating, we'll hold out for only top prospects this year like Dunn or Garmon? Then once the depth chart is molded more to their liking, they will pursue a RB every year?


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I don't think taking a running back every year is as important as taking a QB every year, and I also think we have more depth there.  Michigan can afford to hold out for an elite running back, and I think we'll get an upper echelon back, although perhaps not Bri'onte Dunn.

I get the feeling that the coaches have been looking harder at backup options for QB than for RB.  When it comes down to it, I think one of the guys we're in on - Dunn, Brown, Garmon, etc. - will commit to Michigan.  There are 1,000 reasons to want to be Michigan's running back right now, including tradition, lack of a true #1 back, a chance to get the majority of the carries rather than splitting time a great deal, a solid offensive line, etc.

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Always take the best quarterback available. Being a 4 or 5 star quarterback doesn't automatically equal success. It's better to load up on talent and let competition decide who is the best.

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Right now, we don't worry too much about Morris, especially if Keil wants to go blue.  You take him and continue to recruit Shane Morris, no question.  Right now, more than next years class, is getting the best class we can -- right now.


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I know they were in the same class, but what if we didn't take denard because tate had committed?

You always take top talent when you can. Period.


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To turn down a commitment from the #1 QB in the country because you think that it will improve your chances with a kid in next years class, that already committed to you, is ridiculous. First of all, you take the number 1 quarterback in the country, regardless of how it may impact you chances with a quarterback in the following cloass. Second, when that quarterback in the following class committed to you already, and knows that you plan to take a quarterback in the current class, it is an absolute nonissue. Not even close to an issue.

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as is any QB in college nowadays.  We need a QB period.  We are at risk not taking one regardless of Morris. 

I don't think most 5 stars are worried about competition.  Pike went into a head to head with another 5 star at Auburn. 

We need guys who make Borges' O work.  This raises the need even more.  Bellomy is more  a meld.  

QB me pls.  That said if it's a question of taking a QB not currently offered or Adolphus Washington (assuming we get a late summer commit from Wormley and/or another DE)...give me Washington.  I will take the risk at QB for that kind of talent if this becomes a number game.

Courtney Avery can play QB /s.  That is a problem I hope this staff has to deal with.

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Michigan Wolverines recruiting strategy (hopefully):  Take the best possible players that you can get at each position, every year.   Keep It Simple, Stupid.

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Is in stark contrast to Messag Board Guy Recruiting Strategy, which would be: Worry about everything, not take early commits because some guy might commit later, watch five minutes of recruit film and think you're an expert, start redundant, dumb recruiting threads, Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


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I think you always have to take talent, because good competition will breed better performance.  If a player knows that a couple of miscues lands him on the bench, he will keep the intensity and focus high.

I believe a former Michigan running back had mentioned that the staff always told him that every year they were going to try and recruit the best running back in the country, and that he would always have to work to keep his spot as the number 1 back. 

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Why do i keep hearing this same ridiculous question.  You take the best QB possible every year regardless of who may be coming in or is already in.  I don't know how old these guys are asking these questions but this is Michigan.  We recruit the best at every position every year.  I can't wait until that becomes the norm again and people stop asking these ridiculous questions.  You think Auburn fans were worried about that when the got a commit from Zeke Pike and they have the Frazier kid coming in this year, NO they weren't.  Shane Morris is a sophmore and who knows what can happen by the time he graduates from high school.  I hope we get Kiel and i have no reason to believe Morris would be scared off if we do.  He, unlike a lot of posters,  seems to understand what Michigan is all about.  It's about being the best and competing against the best.  I sure hope some of our fans start to realize that and stop bringing up this ridiculous topic.


May 20th, 2011 at 2:19 PM ^

You take an elite QB whenever you can, even if he transfers, even if he gets beat out in the depth chart, even if he bolts after a redshirt sophomore year.

You'll get some players that have always wanted to play for Michigan.  You'll get some players that were won over by Brady Hoke.  and then you'll get some players that want to play alongside other elite players.

Going from any of Denard Robinson->Devin Gardner->Gunner Kiel->Shane Morris->etc could attract any number of WR, RB, or OLinemen to the program and have a snowball effect for the rest of the recruitment class and roster as a whole.



May 20th, 2011 at 2:51 PM ^

Everyone is always looking to add talent at the QB position.    Having Kiehl Frazier in place didn't stop Auburn from going after (and getting) Zeke Pike.   Just look at Kiel's other finalists-  Alabama is recruiting Kiel even though they've got Philip Sims (one of the top 5 QBs in '10) and AJ McCarron (one of the top 10 QBs in '09).  Oklahoma is recruiting Kiel even though they've got Blake Bell (one of the top 5 QBs in '10).   Missouri has James Franklin (one of the top 10 QBs in '10) and had Tyler Gabbert (4 star prospect in '10).

You always shoot to get elite talent at QB and once you've got it, you keeping trying to get more.