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Submitted by JamesBondHerpesMeds on August 20th, 2012 at 10:50 PM

My roommate and I want to cut the cable cord, so to speak, but we're wary of doing so due to the potential loss of BTN and ESPN for Michigan-related fare (plus Fox Sports Detroit for Tigers games).

How have y'all addressed this issue?  We're thinking of Apple TV connected to our HD system as the best option then using Netflix/Hulu Plus -- but that doesn't help with the sports channels.  Even if we want to use ESPN3 and BTN2Go, we need a cable subscription.




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Considering what you'd spend at a bar for 3-4 hours four times a month, you'd be better off just keeping cable. Even if you only spend like $10 per trip (and really who can go to a bar for that cheap...not to mention what bar will let you take up space for that long for that little on a CFB Saturday), that's still $40 a month and you may as well keep cable for that.


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I think you're stuck unless you just go out to bars for all of the games.  Everybody around here is giddy over Google Fiber, but it also does not have ESPN, nor BTN, so we will not be signing up.


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Just get a friend or family member to give you their directv/dish network/comcast/X cable provider user name and password.  You can watch BTN and espn3 with that.

Edit:  I probably should write this. ******This is not legal advice.



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You can always use vipbox.tv, too.  

Those of you who are into WWE or MMA might want to check out all of the "out of the box" recommendations here on Saturday and Sunday nights if you aren't already doing so.  The quality isn't all that great sometimes, but the price is certainly right.

Silly Goose

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ESPN3 is based on your Internet provider, not your cable company. Just about every major service has it, so you should be set there. BTN is harder, but for the 2-3 games on it you can just go elsewhere.

Silly Goose

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Also, the best device for streaming now is probably an Xbox 360. Offers far more video choices, including the ability to watch two games at once on ESPN3, plus it can play games and movies. If you do go with an Apple TV make sure you wait until after their September press conference in case they announce new hardware.


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To watch ESPN3, make a free att.net email account and an ESPN account with that email. It works for me and my ISP is Korea Telecom. I think the only games on BTN this year are UMass and Purdue.


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give you a ton of video, movie and live programming streamed content to your tv.  Buy the lifetime subscription to Playon and get a Roku box for free for about $69.  You'll need a high-speed internet connection (15+ mbs), a wireless router and a fairly robust pc.  PBS is video only so I have a Mohu HD antenna ($34-$75) and pull in my local PBS and network stations within 45 miles.  The subscriptions (account and passwords) are required for BTN2go and all flavors of ESPN, but you can subscribe to the ESPN magazine and get the access with it.

Charter is my ISP and they block BTN unless you have cable tv with them.  I'll use the suggestion above for that.  TYVM

Roku provides links for your subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu Plus ....  Playon runs on your pc and gives you live tv and video  via scripts.  Superusvox is one of the best scripts.  Many offer world-wide programming as well.  You can even get Tunein for free which even carries radio stations like WTKA and Sam Webb!

The user interface is clunky, but these are one-time investments that will enable you to cut the cable and save a ton of money.


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but it is video only.  That's not a problem for me except that I like the local programming and Charlie Rose who doesn't appear to be available on PBS channels.  PBS is trying to   encourage support for its local stations.

I believe that there is streaming at a cost from pbs.org to your pc.  I don't know about any script that currently provides it on Playon.  It probably will come at some point.



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would make comparitively, if they allowed direct subscriptions. In my house, if there was a way to get HGTV, BTN2GO, ESPN, HBOGO and Cartoon Network online - the cable would be gone.


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i use wiziwig , and atdhe.eu, and espn3


pretty much handles everything except Michigan Wolverines Hockey

too bad somebody can't streamthe BTN, FS Detroit and the Comcast Detroit that are on a more consistent basis...