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Submitted by My name ... is Tim on May 21st, 2010 at 2:42 PM

I'm essentially illiterate in college sports fan blogs except for those of the Michigan variety, but Brian's recent link to RCMB made me curious: What are the most thoughtful and intelligent blogs/boards for OSU and MSU? I'm hoping it's not RCMB considering the number of animated emoticons flying around on that site is enough to induce an epileptic seizure.


Also fun to note, in that very same link that Brian provided is an MSU fan, like, totally burning Michigan by changing player names on NCAA '09 to "Taynt (sic) Forcier" and "Martavious Scrodoms."



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Does that NCAA '09 thing surprise you?  It's just another example of how MSU is obsessed with Michigan.

Would anyone here ever take the time to do that to MSU's roster?  I doubt it, cause they're just insignificant.

the_big_house 500th

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But Mgoblog dwarfs them all. I'm not sucking up either, it's a flat out fact. The ones I hate the most are Eleven Warriors and We Will Always Have Tempe. Pretty sad when they continue to harp on that National Championship every year. Yet they bitch about how we like to remind them of 97. Hypocrites.


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The Only Colors is a good MSU blog. And I kind of like the RCMB. It's a very postmodern message board, and funny on multiple levels. Some of them are even intentional!


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RCMB does a good job of coming up w/ info.  They were the ones that outed the new logo and got it shelved.  You have sift thru a ton bs (emotocons, scUM, Meatchicken, general idiocy, etc) to get to it.  It just isn't worth it.  Maybe I am just getting older, but even their epic meltdowns don't seem as much fun anymore.

If you want solid analysis, KJ does a great job at The Only Colors.  Check out his post after the Butler game of possibly the only rational Spartan fan that didn't lose his sh*t after the non-call at the end of the game.  http://www.theonlycolors.com/2010/4/7/1410257/on-officiating


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I'll agree that they can be ahead of the curve with new information but that entire place is just so...angry...I guess is the word. While I don't get the soul-encompassing hatred, I can at least understand when it is directed at Michigan or something but those guys cannibalize their own constantly. The constant anger is just exhausting.


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Actually, what if some of the more adapt Mgoblog users go there and represent M fans in an intelligent, well reasoned and evidenced, and respectful manner. I really want them to see what I have come to learn about UM (only been a REAL fan since I got accepted for Grad school - 3 years). 

Point in case, my brother - a die hard OSU fan - thinks M fans are all arrogant and obnoxious bastards. He says I am the only M fan he can handle because I am not obnoxious about it. I think he is dead wrong and that most m fans are very down to earth and welcoming of other teams and other fans. 



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I was reading some of the comments on the ESPN article about Tressel's wife's surgery.  A lot of the comments were from Buckeyes saying things like, "Wow, I'm really pleasantly surprised at how classy all the UofM responses are.  I expected a lot less from them."

Seriously?  What exactly are these people expecting, "I hope she dies"?  I don't see how we come off that way.  That's definitely something I'd expect from a Spartan or a Buckeye (remember the RCMB post about pissing on Bo's grave), but I just don't see how we collectively fit the bill.


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is comical.  Michigan fans are no more arrogant than any fan base of schools that get national recognition.  However, the urban legend has circled the globe and those who do not care to believe otherwise accept it as true....... especially our Spartan friends.

What's amusing is that a good portion of them cannot see their own hypocrisy.  If a Spartan fan gives us grief in regards to any form of MSU dominance, they'll argue that we're just getting our comeuppance, but if a Michigan fan makes any inference of Michigan being superior, MSU fans will throw around the arrogant word like the East Lansing riot police throw tear gas canisters. 


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Personally, I like most of the Big 10 blogs on SBnation, even if SBNation is a little stale overall.

Only Colors is excellent. They link the JCB, so word. But, I believe we'll see some UFRing of MSU games over there this fall and as somebody who likes to write about the Big 10, I'm excited to see that develop as a resource.

Black Heart Gold Pants is hilarious.

Crimson Quarry and Inside The Hall are cool IU blogs. ITH is not SBNation, fyi.

I miss We Will Always Have Tempe. The BBC that replaced it sewks. 11 Warriors is fine.

While the tenor and tone of their comments were often smug and douchey--which was great for unintentional comedy--I really loved Blue Gray Sky as an ND blog. Some of the in depth stuff they did was really informative and a great way to learn about ND's team.


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There are no intelligent boards.

Second, Eleven Warriors is as good as its gets in the Buckeye blogosophere. The commentariat leaves a little to be desired, but if you want to keep tabs on the Good Guys, there's no finer place to do it. The Only Colors is also an excellent MSU resource. 

Smitty D

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RCMB is trash I have no respect for anyone on that board. The Bo thread about pissing on his grave pathetic.


I fuc*ing hate MSU i hate them so much I feel like I am overwhelmed by hatred for them


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It's stunning, the difference between Buckeye Planet and Bucknuts.  BP restored my faith, or perhaps planted the seed of faith in my head, that OSU fans are respectable folk.  It's a well-run site on a tight leash.  Bucknuts is populated by the kind of mouth-breathing booger-droolers that chug Keystone Light when they're looking for something fancy and shit in coolers.


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to Michigan on the forum which I generally avoid.  I think that's where a lot of that type of ridiculousness would be and is encouraged to be just kept there.  But the recruiting section, like you said, is moderated very well and it's really just about recruiting, which is why I like it.


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I avoid that at all cost. Most of the time it involves a obsessed Michigan State fan with no intelligence trying to disrespect Michigan players for no reason.