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December 28th, 2009 at 11:53 AM ^

so far, but I'll ask this -- Is he going to coach Florida in its bowl game? Why? Does he have a medical condition, or not? If he does have a condition that is of any serious concern at all, why coach the bowl game? On the other hand, if he is able to coach in the bowl game, and then take a vacation afterward, why go through the show of announcing a retirement?

Does it not seem that the phenomenon of the prima donna head football coach is, if not unique to the SEC, at least more pronounced, by far, in the SEC than anywhere else in the nation? I might suggest that it is a function of southern states that have no other big-time athletics besides college football, but that was the case in 1959, not 2009. So what's the excuse now?

Other Chris

December 28th, 2009 at 12:12 PM ^

It's pretty much clear that he has a couple of health issues exacerbated by stress. That much is undeniable -- both the migraines and the chest pains are said to have physical causes made worse by stress. He's home with the family, it's Christmas, it's a maudlin time anyway, retirement seems like a good idea and the University president and his doctors support it, and even the team says, "He has to do what he has to do."

But the news goes out to the wider world and a lot of cynical jerks question the impulses behind the decision, and a lot of Florida supporters wig the hell out and the more pragmatic side takes over -- how can we make this not so final?

I have no more love for Urban Meyer than any other Michigan fan, but having married into a family with a history of early heart problems, I've seen a lot of guys who truly love their stressful jobs (not coaches but attorneys and scientists) try to find ways to follow the letter of the law with regard to health advice and totally circumvent the spirit of it.

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Right? He's not at home at all. He's in New Orleans, getting the Gators ready for a bowl game. Right?

I understand it, if the final explanation was that this was all a hysterical, emotional meltdown for about 12 hours. (In the midst of getting the Gators ready for a bowl game.) Is that the explanation?

My only comment is that it's weird. And it raises more questions than it answers. That's all. I don't care what happens to Meyer, or the Gators, otherwise.

Other Chris

December 28th, 2009 at 2:20 PM ^

Home is where the heart is, etc.

The dude has to make a choice: give up the career he loves and is inordinately good at, let down lots of people, including his players OR continue on a path that may kill him. So he got a little emotional and hysterical. He has to live with it. Or not, however it plays out.


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i could agree with you generally. however, he took a few weeks to assess his situation with his family and administration then had a press conference announcing his resignation. this was supposedly a well thought out decision...only to say the next day "never mind" a la gilda radner's rosanne rosanna danna. what the hell could have happened in 24 hrs after the well thought out decision?

personally, the cinic in me thinks he announced his resignation, then caught wind that recruits may rethink their decisions to go to UF. so he then announced a potential comeback, which may never occur. if he doesn't come back, i will lose even more respect for him for "suckering" those kids to attend UF thinking meyer would come back.


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As pat forde pointed out (yes, pat forde of all people), Urban's first call after he had his epiphany about returning wasn't to his wife or kids. Besides, if something bad happens in the bowl game, Tebow will heal him.


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I don't much like the guy but far be it for me to question anyone's decisions regarding their own health. To succeed at the level he has no doubt has taken its toll mentally and physically. Coaching caused Bo several heart attacks, finally forcing him to give it up. If I were scared for my life, I would no doubt have made the same decision.

I would guess that Florida leaned hard on him to coach the bowl game for appearances. Recruits will be more willing to stay committed seeing him on the sidelines. Same goes for statements about coaching next season. I wouldn't be surprised if he hangs em up for good after signing day, giving the next coach a leg up to succeed.


December 28th, 2009 at 2:44 PM ^

When I first read this I thought it was "WTF am I doing quilting??" and then the image of Urban sitting on the couch with his wife and daughters making a quilt with the Lifetime channel on in the background came to mind.


December 28th, 2009 at 3:47 PM ^

I don't get this guy. Even if he comes back who in the hell wants to play for a coach who admits to having panic attacks? I know that lots of people suffer from panic attacks, but they are not D-1 football coaches.

I realize that sports has changed these days, with Sports Center getting more similar to The View with each passing day, but isn't a coach supposed to tough? I mean he's still the field commander. Meyer just made things a whole lot easier for Kiffin and Saban. Florida might as well begin looking for their next head coach, because even if he does come back he ruined his reputation.

Simi Maquoketa

December 29th, 2009 at 3:05 AM ^

It's proof that football fans rarely can step outside the box of "football fan"--and view the world only through that lens.

The problem is most of the animosity stems from 2006--when Michigan lost to OSU, and a 12-1 Florida team played OSU for the national championship--after UM blew its chance--and Urban "campaigned" for Florida to play OSU. Folks, we'd seen this dance before. Michigan couldn't beat OSU. Why would a rematch give different results, and why did UM deserve a rematch?

Of course, the bowl season rendered the point moot.

Now, why doesn't anyone here get that Meyer probably made this decision earlier--but someone got hold of it--thus the hurried-up press release that he was retiring? I GUARANTEE Meyer was going to quit AFTER the bowl game--but someone in the press found out--forcing Meyer's hand.

The REAL charade was the "Leave of Absence" presser. Damage Control 101. "Uh, hey, all that stuff about quitting? Wellll, I'll be back, and you motherfuckers better watch out! My players want me back, my administration wants me back, and Michigan Fans need something to bitch about for the rest of eternity. I'll Be Bock" (Austrian accent).

But again--recruits, press, fans--PANIC! Meyer and UF have to tone down the "retirement" talk--and all the sudden he's not quitting, he'll be back.

Uh, no he won't. He just had to quiet the storm--a storm that was started because someone let it out that he was quitting due to [whateva] reasons.

But, of course, to Michigan Fan, Urban had some Secret Evil Plan at work all along--and this is the last diabolical detail--and it will all be revealed next fall--Hmmmmhoooohwwahhhhh hhahahah hhahahah Hmmmmhoooeaahhhhhh ahaha hahah hahahahahah Ha