O.T. MGoUsers can help a child get a wheelchair

Submitted by Blue in Yarmouth on November 2nd, 2012 at 1:11 PM

Thiis is clearly OT and I can understand if the mods don't want it here and if it is too much, please delete and I apologize. I post this because I have seen similar posts in the past and hoped there might be some people on this blog who would like to contribute what they could to one of the sadest stories I have ever witnessed.

I will be brief and say that many here have probably heard me say that I am the father of quadruplet four year olds. While my wife and I were going through IVF we met another family who also had infertility issues and were undergoing the treatment as well. 

This family had triplet girls. While our four children were all born remarkably healthy (no problems whatsoever after my wife carried them 34 weeks), this family was not so fortunate. One of the three had hypertension, one had a hole in her heart that didn't close after birth and the third (Payton) has spastic cerebral palsy.

To make matters even worse, the wife (who was very good friends with my wife) died early this year from a blood disorder that was never diagnosed (at least the last I heard they still didn't know). She was in her early 30's and left behind their older daughter, the triplets and husband and had no life insurance for reasons I won't get into, suffice it to say she tried.

Now Payton is 4 and in need of a wheel chair to get around. Her father has a job paying minimum wage that has to support these four children and himself and just doesn't have the means to do what is needed for his daughter. He needs 60,000.00 to just buy a wheelchair and retrofit his vehicle so that it can accomodate the wheelchair and family. I don't know what they currently have, but even if they get more than the 60,000 dollars it is a family who definitely needs it.

I have linked the dontaion page and i think there is a video there, but if you need more information before you think it wise to donate I will provide a link to the news story that ran locally for you to watch. I have seen how generous this community can be and thought some here might want to help a cause such as this (every bit helps), especially with the Christmas season fast approaching.

If I can just ask though, please no negative comments about thiings like not having insurance and things of that nature. Again, they tried and were denied. This is a close personal friend so I would rather not see any harsh comments. 

Also again, if this is too far out there I apologize and mods, please delete. 

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Forum rules be dammed. Assuming this is on the up and up which I have no reason to not believe it is. This should stay open and maybe needs to be a sticky.



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Not to mention not so wealthy MGoUsers can help, too.

But it's like any other thread...always go with the simple and direct. Something like "MGoUsers can help a child get a wheelchair" or something like that is less slick, but more to the point. No different than "Michigan has another 4*" and "Hello: Blue in Yarmouth!"


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...and trying to not be political, and keeping it solely on Canada, with no US comparsion...but why isn't this something universal health care in Canada would cover? Is it an exception for some reason?  Looking for more an education on the system up there rather than "see! it's good/bad!"


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While health care in Canada is universal, it differs from province to province so it all depends on system in this particular province. I'm not really familiar with it but I must say I'm very surprised they aren't receiving money and assistance from the government. As an Ontario native, I saw government money go to far less needy medical causes than this. 


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I think the guy has been dealt a shitty hand, and it probably seems like he is a failure in his own mind, as he mentioned, but he's not. To echo a previous comment, the Universal Care in Canada is nothing near what most Americans think it is, and yet, it's a model that so many uninformed citizens long for. I wish only the best for this family and try believe they will receive the donations they need, which is how things are typically handled in these matters.

Blue in Yarmouth

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I spoke to Brad a few days ago and he said (not sure if this is in the story or not) that for some reason the Department of community services would not cover a chair for Payton right now. He asked me as a Doctor if I knew why that was and the only reason I could think of was the fact that currently she is growing at a rapid rate and I'm not sure how adjustable (if at all) these wheelchairs are. 

His belief was that none of that mattered to him, he wanted his daughter to be able to get around and to do that she needed a wheelchair. 

I don't know that my response answers your question, but that is all I know on the subject. Also, coincidently, I was just speaking to my wife who was just speaking to Brad (the father) and after the story ran on the news yesterday community services has agreed to get them the wheelchair, so now he just needs to retrofit for the car. 

Honestly though, you couldn't meet a kinder man and he has just been dealt a really shitty hand and could use all the help people can give him. He used to be a manager for Roger's wireless and lost his job 2 years ago. Now he works two jobs (one at a pizza shop and one at a call center) neither of which make ends meet.


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As Jim says, it just seems like something that would be covered..if not this, what?  But I don't mind him doing whatever he can to get it done. I wouldn't expect anything less. More a question on why the government wasn't helping this guy out instead of why this guy wasn't going to the government.

Good luck.

Mabel Pines

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and he is lucky to have a friend like you, but at the risk of being mean, I know there are many sad stories out there (especially this past week with the hurricane) and personally don't think this is the place to be soliciting donations for a friend. 

Have you tried setting up a facebook page?  Maybe a money drive at your office?  Spaghetti dinners?  I am shocked that his community is not helping out....where I live, people really rally around cases such as this. 

Prayers to your friend and his family... 

Blue in Yarmouth

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I wasn't sure this was the place either but I thought I would try. Also, he is nearing his goal of 60,000.00 and much of that is from his community, so they are helping, but that is a heck of a lot of dinners to make to get that kind of money.

Anyway, I just think it would be nice to get the guy more than just the 60,000.00 he absolutely needs for these things so he mihght be able to actually have a christmas for his kids. 


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As BiSB pointed out above, this kind of thread is definitely not precedent-setting by any nature (by that I mean people shouldn't look at it and think "hey, the mods allowed this so I should be able to post my own money-raising cause too.").  That said, we'd have to be some seriously cold-hearted people to delete this thread.  I have 2 children and I cannot even bring myself to watch the video Blue attached because my mind and emotions cannot handle being reminded that little kids and their families have to deal with things like this.  Its a good cause brought to our attention by a long-standing MGoMember and, as such, I'm okay with it.


Blue in Yarmouth

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so I won't be able to keep track of this thread, but to any who find it in their heart to donate I want to thank you. I know times are pretty tough for everyone, so not everybody is going to be able to donate. But I figured if as a community we could fund the publishing of HTTV we could probably scrape up some money for a cause like this. 

Thanks to the mods for letting this stay and thanks to all who decide to help! Have a great weekend and Go Blue!


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I hope for the best for that family.  I assume both of you went with the same fertility specialist - and I hate to blame anyone for things like this, but all of the doctors I know who work in fertility (or anything OB/GYN related) are against using more than 2 eggs during IVF because so many bad things can happen with multiples.  I'm glad to hear that your quads are healthy, but it's such a risk and I wonder what might have happened with this family if it was a single or twins instead of triplets. 

Blue in Yarmouth

November 2nd, 2012 at 1:53 PM ^

We are very blessed to have healthy kids. We did go the same clinic and their stats are through the roof. The embyologist is the one at the clinic who really pushed us to use three eggs, the Dr. warned us against it. We listened to the wrong person. Of course we wouldn't change anything now, but if we were to go through it again (which we most definitely won't) we would stick with 2 eggs.


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Also Blue in Yarmouth, I should have mentioned this before, but if the Dad or the kids are into hockey and would appreciate any autographs or hand written letters or anything of that nature  from some players, then let me know and it will be very easy for me to help out in that regard.

I also refrained from making a lockout joke due to the nature of this thread, and it was hard.


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If you watch the video, you will give money.  That said: watch the video if you have a little to spare. 

Blue in Yarmouth:  Can I assume that you'll be recruiting this girl into the fold of Michigan fans on our behalf? 


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Blue, as I mentioned above, I can't even bring myself to watch this video.  These kinds of things remind me about how unfair life can be sometimes.  Little kids and their families should never have to deal with things like this.  Thanks for posting this content.

To everyone who's got 'em, go home and hug your kids a little tighter this evening.

Blue in Yarmouth

November 2nd, 2012 at 3:52 PM ^

seriously, I heard the story on the radio and started to cry...maybe because I knew them, but I don't think that was it.

when I got to my office there was a voicemail from my wife so I called her and she tried to convince me to watch the video but I couldn't do it.

Honestly, he is a great guy...they are a great family and I wish I could do more.

like you said in your post...go home tonight and give your little ones an extra long hug and thank whoever your higher power is that you are blessed with what you have.


November 2nd, 2012 at 3:31 PM ^

When this was posted? I'm not saying "MGOBLOGGGG!!", because I'm sure the news story probably helped a lot, but just people in general-

3:30 pm and it's at $60,575.


November 2nd, 2012 at 5:54 PM ^

What a touching story.  I would have made it through the entire video if it weren't for the freak dust storm that swept through my office.

Happy to help these folks out.  I noticed that they've already hit the stated goal, but I would still encourage anyone who can to help out. I'm sure this family has many other unmet needs that most of us take for granted.  


November 2nd, 2012 at 6:06 PM ^

I'm a man. I kill things and eat them. I get dirty, I watch football and curse unapologetically, but I only made it to 1:18 in that video. By 2:00 my chin was quivering. Why do I read this stupid blog again???

 Holy crap those triplets are cute. As if I didn't have enough to pray for this week...


November 3rd, 2012 at 12:38 AM ^

My family and I are currently saving money to buy a wheelchair van for our son in a couple years and I am sending money to that guy.  Four kids, on his own, with special needs.  Hell, I hope he gets enough to afford a trip out with his family to someplace special, with help.  You may have notice the pop can tops he saves.  That is something we do too.  There are organizations that take those and pay for wheelchairs. 

He is in my prayers tonight.

Blue in Yarmouth

November 5th, 2012 at 8:41 AM ^

I just wanted to update everyone on the status of the fundraising. When I posted on this blog the had 45000.00 and now they sit at 69000.00. I don't know how many here donated (and don't need to know), but to those who did I want to thank you. This man is a very good friend, a wonderful father and just a great person in general. I can't imagine what he is going through since the loss of his wife and trying to raise these four wonderful daughters on his own, but I am so glad I, and many on this blog, were able to help him out. It really does my heart good to see how many selfless caring people are still out there. Thank you all again.