OT: Celebrity Football Players

Submitted by WestQuad on July 19th, 2018 at 7:41 PM

Every few weeks I see one of those click bait articles that show celebrities that used to be athletes.  Watching a talk show yesterday,  Joel McHale was on and he was a walk-on TE at Washington.   I did not know that.   In an effort to not click on sites other than MGoBlog, who are other surprising college football players or athletes?


Jim Gaffigan-Purdue (He was #60 so maybe a 6'0" guard?)

Matthew Fox Columbia QB

John Goodman Southwest Missouri State

Tommy Lee Jones Harvard Guard

Nick Nolte Arizona State on scholarship (flunked out)

Ed O'Neill  Ohio/Youngstown State  and briefly for the Pittsburgh Steelers

There are a bunch of guys who everyone knows, Gerald Ford, Mark Harmon, John Wayne, Dean Cain, Bill Cosby, The Rock, etc.     



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Burt Reynolds played at one of the Florida schools, think it was Florida St. 

Terry Crews played at WMU before his pro career, and (presumably) before he was sexually assaulted by a hollywood exec (who the fuck sexually assaults Terry Crews and doesnt die?). 


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Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty was ahead of Bradshaw, apparently he was a hippie and said screw football and left the team. 

Carl Weathers played for the Raiders and Bill Goldberg with the Bills before going into acting/wrestling.



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While not a celebrity in the usual sense, law school grads should remember the late Supreme Court Justice Byron (Whizzer) White. An All-American halfback for Colorado, White was runner-up for the 1937 Heisman Trophy, was drafted 4th overall in 1938 by Pittsburgh, and led the league in rushing in 1938 and 1940 (while playing for the Lions).


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Alex Karras w the Lions punched the horse as Mongo the pawn in game of life, and then became Webster's dad.


Mel Farr learned how to fly while selling cars....