Norfleet and Atomic Dog

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As retweeted into my feed by @MGoJen, @TFos_ says:

Norfleet is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity and thier song is Atomic Dog, when it goes on their members go nuts. It's a tradition.

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I thought I saw him make the Omega symbol with his hands near his head at the end, but I didn't make the connection. Notable Omegas include Vince Carter and Shaq. Very cool way for Norfleet to get himself pumped up, energize the crowd, and represent history.

Anyone who doesn't like 20 year olds getting excited must be real fun at parties.




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Mothership Connection is still the best George Clinton / P-Funk song, but Atomic Dog was the best choice for dancing.  Absolutely loved watching Norfleet have so much fun out there.  It got me dancing a bit (well also the Jager).


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I think it is hilarious and you can tell he has a really good time playing.  I do think he could get flagged for it though if he went too far with it or if he keeps doing it to that extent.  You could tell the ref behind him was a little confused, like, "I think this is allowed but......."  If you dive into the endzone with a defender "not close enough" you get flagged.  I think you could see players begin to get flagged under the "Norfleet rule."


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I mean he does it for kickoffs which mean the other team just scored or it's the beginning of the game so unless he does some over the line stuff I think he's fine.

Maybe he does it in East Lansing, the crowd starts throwing trash on the field, and the refs hit the Spartans with a penalty.

Anyway, his dancing also brings me much happiness. Got to love that je ne sais quoi.


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I was wondering over the weekend, how does a football player have time to rush a frat and participate in associated activities (like...step shows), in between practice, film, meals, strength training, offseason conditioning, and school/studies*?

I would ask the same question if it were a traditional Greek frat.  Is it not uncommon for football players to be a in frat?

(*And yes, I still subscribe to the student-athlete fallacy.)


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Sp 1993, Pi Upsilon.

It really depends on several factors, including the length of time one is underground (which varies by chapter), the season (some chapters have spring and fall lines; others, simply one), the size of the "line", and assorted other minutiae that isn't really worth delving into. The pledging process was revamped, shall we say, in the early 90s for a variety of reasons.

It's entirely possible that they accomodated his line as well. Btw, this is the first time that I've heard our frat referenced as "non-traditional."


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I was simply referring to a comment earlier in the discussion about whether Omega Psi Phi was an IFC organization.  By "traditional," I meant having a physical house, being part of the IFC, etc.  When I was a freshman at another B1G school, I had a couple friends in the Omega Psi Phi circle, and the organization didn't have a house (maybe they do at U-M, I don't know).  I was also a member of APO, which calls itself a fraternity but wouldn't ever be confused with an actual Greek fraternity.

I admit, I don't know much about IFC or the Greek system in general, but I see now that Omega Psi Phi is part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

So again, no offense intended by the comment.


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except of course the fact that we won. Everytime I come home for a game, we win. Maybe I should come home more often. In fact, maybe people should pay for me to come home... oh, never mind...


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Norfleet really takes it to the next level with the reverse step midway thru. If they actually punted that one to him he was taking it to the crib, for sure. 


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and regardless, I thought it was awesome! Guys having fun and being lose, can help others around them do the same. Teammates. Fans.

It definitely made me smile.


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Here's a post from DrUral Hill on the Leaders and Best Facebook Page:

 just a little education on the Dancing of Dennis S Norfleet. He is a member of Omega Psi Fraternity Incorporated on campus we are Phi Chapter. The Dance he is doing is a traditional fraternity "Step" or "Hop". Each Black Fraternity has some signature steps that we pass down year after year. We have four Cardinal Principles that we live by Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. We have been an international fraternity since 1911. We sure are Proud of Brother Dennis S Norfleet The Song Atomic Dog was adopted as a theme song of the Brothers at it's inception. When Brothers hear that song, wherever they are, chances are that you'll see that hop or one similar. Notice how his dancing changed as that song came on. The Steps have their roots in Africa and are still done by tribal Zulus and other Tribes as Warrior Dances. Thought I'd share a little history. I pledged the Fraternity in 1981. We have been on campus since 1922 and are one of the single letter chapters in the country of which we are very proud. Some notable members of Omega Psi Phi, Include Bill Cosby Ph.D., Shaquille Oneal Ph.D., Michael Jordan, Rev. Benjamin Hooks, The Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., Astronaut Ronald McNeir, Earl Graves, Dr. Charles Adams, Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays, Dr. Charles Drew. and Michigan Track Athlete and Olypmian William DeHart Hubbard for which our Phi Chapter has created a Scholarship. Enjoy!


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A question: Was Wheatly a member of Omega Psi while on campus?  I seem to recall him putting up the Omega after touchdowns from time to time.  I also seem to remember the Omega jesture as being done frequently across college football in the early to mid-1990s.