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11/06/2018 - 10:42am I hate to agree with this,…

I hate to agree with this, but he is really bad a PBP.  I was listening to the MSU game on the radio and he has not developed the skills for PBP.  Listen to the DPJ TD and he never says who made the catch or what happened until the play is over.  

11/05/2018 - 4:58pm If this team is full…

If this team is full Harbaugh, Shea will guarantee a win in Columbus and Higdon will deliver it.  (Hopefully, excluding the loss the weak prior to Minnesota -- or Indiana this year.)

11/01/2018 - 11:55am The investigation confirmed…

The investigation confirmed the initial impressions, which is fine.  There is nothing wrong with ensuring that the correct evaluation is reached as opposed to a knee jerk reaction, which may or may not be correct.  

From a high level, the process was well run until the very end.  The coaches in question, including the S&C coach and Durkin are placed on administrative leave.  A thorough investigation is done that doesn't cater to a arbitrary deadline (e.g. OSU).  Findings are reached.

The process ran off the rails in that the responsible parties couldn't come to an agreement behind close doors and have a game plan they were willing to execute.  Loh partially failed in that he didn't stand up for his opinion initially or meet with the various constituencies that helped him change course retroactively prior to announcing Durkin would return.  

If Loh meets with the faculty/deans, student organizations, players, etc. prior to allowing Durkin back, the announcement never gets made and everyone looks like a responsible adult.  

Ultimately, I think Loh stood up for his principles, but the process ended poorly.

10/31/2018 - 9:30pm This is easy -- get her…

This is easy -- get her tickets to The Game for her birthday.  

10/31/2018 - 9:25pm I would imagine that the…

I would imagine that the results of this line of questioning will vary wildly, with the key fact being -- is out significant other a fellow alum.  

My wife and I are in our mid-40s.  We met at Michigan my senior year.  We have probably been to 50-70 games together since we met, including trips to the Rose Bowl and almost every Big Ten Stadium.  She's great about games -- we still have season tickets and she encourages me to take our boys to as many home games as possible (we live in Chicago -- its an all day event).  Some combination of me, my wife and our boys get to 4 games a year, but this year it will probably be 7 (with the games at ND and NU and 5 home games).

The kids activities are what interfere with games in our family.  There is no way around those.  If we have an open slot to watch the games, we all watch, but usually one or both of use are running kids around.  So the DVR gets a lot of use in the fall.  

10/31/2018 - 8:42pm This is not months too late…

This is not months too late.  They did a full investigation.  No rush to judgment like OSU.  There doesn’t need to be a false sense of urgency.  

10/29/2018 - 12:23pm USC's solution to the…

USC's solution to the scandal infested Carroll era was to hire Lane Kiffin, one of the architects of the scandals under Carroll.  

10/26/2018 - 11:53am I generally root for the…

I generally root for the better academic school or the one that is less likely to be employing bag men.

10/24/2018 - 11:01pm I can't tell if this is an…

I can't tell if this is an inside joke and I'm just too old to realize it or if I should really feel sympathy for someone with such misplaced priorities.

10/17/2018 - 12:25pm This thread is just a…

This thread is just a pathetic repurposing of the drivel thrown around on sports talk radio.  

10/17/2018 - 12:23pm ^^^ this is the answer. 

^^^ this is the answer. 

Can we just shut down this thread now?

09/23/2018 - 7:32pm I didn't think anyone was…

I didn't think anyone was joking.  I'd like to see Rutgers removed from the conference.  I never wanted them in the conference.

09/18/2018 - 2:17pm This argument was somewhat…

This argument was somewhat valid into the 80's and 90's when Bo was making $200k a year to coach and tickets were $35/game.  the entire system wasn't designed to maximize profits.

The world has changed.  Fans are getting stuck for seat licenses, tickets are $150/game, there are more commercials than angry bloggers care to count.  And coaches are getting paid $7M a year or more.  It is a professional sport with one exception, the players share of the massively larger pie has shrunk considerably.  

It is irrelevant if you are a teacher, or an engineer, or an investment banker... they should be getting more of the value that they are creating, especially considering the physical risks that they endure.  Grant Newsome spent 38 days in the hospital and nearly lost his leg.  I have no issue with players getting more of the pie.

09/18/2018 - 2:12pm You make a poor assumption…

You make a poor assumption that the rules are actually being enforced now.  How much money did Cam Newton get? $250k (technically, the NCAA decided it was his father that got the money, so Cam was able to stay eligible.)

There is no enforcement.  The bag man concept exists where there is a black market for paying players.  If a player is worth $250k, fine, let that player get the money.  The dollars will flow to where the value is.  

Michigan would do much better in an environment where we were able to pay players legally, as opposed to the current situation where we aren't going to partake in black market payments.

09/18/2018 - 2:09pm Actually, they wouldn't be…

Actually, they wouldn't be able to pass along the incremental expenses to the ticket buying fans.  Many programs are suffering attendance issues.  Generally speaking, athletic departments have already maximized the ticket prices, so it wouldn't be passed along.

What would get cut back are coaches salaries, extra expenses (trips to Europe or wherever Harbaugh takes the team each summer), locker room upgrades, etc.

I started buying alumni season tickets in 1994, and tickets were typically $35 per game, regardless of the competition.  I think Wisconsin and PSU are $150 this year.  Athletic departments are no longer leaving the dollars on the table.

08/26/2018 - 8:26am I was of your opinion until…

I was of your opinion until I read the amount positive attribution given to Sen. McCain.  He deserves to be positively remembered for what he suffered through in Vietnam. His politics were deadly and destructive, and his legacy should reflect that.

08/26/2018 - 8:14am This won't end well.  The…

This won't end well.  The people who only think of him as a POW and long time senator may say nice things.  Those that realize the millions of deaths and untold destruction caused by his policies and warmongering will have a different view.

Please just shut this down.  It won't end well.

08/24/2018 - 10:48am If Drake has aspirations for…

If Drake has aspirations for more prestigious university president positions, he needs to find a new role today.  His reputation took a big hit on this.  OSU is exactly what the outside world has believed for decades.  

Gene Smith is the perfect person for the AD role at OSU.  He is willing to play the fall guy (but not fall all the way) for when their football coaches get caught.  Tressel should have been fired the year after they won the title in 2002 when Maurice Clarett got caught and all of the payments and stacks of cash players had been receiving for years at OSU.  But OSU looked the other way. Gene Smith looks the other way better than anyone. 

08/23/2018 - 4:02pm The clandestine paying of…

The clandestine paying of players isn't the approach.  Nothing gets solved that way.  It leaves us at the mercy of an organization that has an agenda that is political and self-serving.

With the generally positive reputation UofM has and our legacy as social leaders, we should be above board and willing to do what is right.  State what we are going to do.  Do what we state.  And go fight this thing to the death in court if we must.  Look at the recent rulings in favor of players' rights -- the trend is heading that way.  

And if there is one thing that terrifies our alumni base, it is risk to our reputation.  We have something to lose beyond football and basketball games -- which OSU and MSU do not have.  The clandestine paying of players puts our reputation at risk.  Being at the forefront of this cause is something that fits with our collective psyche of positively shaping the future.

07/20/2018 - 7:25am you frequently suggest its…

you frequently suggest its the best team on the field -- this is an entirely better team with Henson.  And while Gardner's games against OSU was heroic in defeat, Henson came back early from a foot injury to save a road game at Illinois that Navarre (and A-Train's fumblitis) put in serious jeopardy.  

07/20/2018 - 7:20am Agreed.  The number of times…

Agreed.  The number of times later in the post that "putting the best team on the field" is used is just silly in the context of Henson sitting behind Gardner.  

07/11/2018 - 11:49am Thanks for posting the…

Thanks for posting the GoFundMe link. As a father of three boys, this type of thing cuts me to the core. And I would imagine that each donation, regardless of size, would mean so much as it would let the family know that there are a lot of people pulling for them.

07/06/2018 - 4:39pm The flopping is awful. It's…

The flopping is awful. It's terrible to watch, and even worse, it is frequently effective. 

The impact that getting a single call can make is too large in the sport. And any call in the box results in a PK, even if that player wasn't a threat to score at that moment (and someone else gets to take the kick). 

07/06/2018 - 4:33pm shame on me for relying on…

shame on me for relying on the ESPN website which for some reason seems to be stuck at 73'.  But instead of 2-0, the questions still holds (and is probably more relevant as a 2-1 final score).

07/06/2018 - 4:27pm Question for the World Cup…

Question for the World Cup followers on the board:

For Brazil, what is a worse outcome? 

A. Getting run off the field (pitch) by the Germans 7-1 in the Championship Game, or

B. Losing 2-0 to Belgium in the Quarterfinals in a Game where your team had nearly 50% more possession, double the shots, double the corner kicks, etc.

06/19/2018 - 3:07pm Generally and interesting…

Generally and interesting comparison, there are a couple of spots to critique.

I understood why Henne got the nod in the prior list due to years of service, but if you are putting a team on the field, Henson is FAR better.  Discussions of Henson included "Heisman" and "#1 overall pick."  And he was the last QB to win in Columbus (yeah, that's how long that has been going on).  But if you are set on a comparison of Henne vs Brady, I'll certainly take the guy who beat OSU versus the guy who was 0-4 against OSU.

Runyan is much better than Backus.  Runyan was so good he left early.  This one isn't really close.  the only surprise is that Runyan was so lowly scouted.

While Gary might turn out to be better than Steele, he has yet to have a season like Steele did in 1997.  I wouldn't put Graham's accomplishments ahead of Steele's accomplishments.  Clearly BG was a better pro, and Gary will have a better NFL career (barring injury), but Steele was an absolute beast in 1997, and neither RG or BG have done that yet.

06/13/2018 - 8:30pm Syracuse and South Bend are…

Syracuse and South Bend are hallowed out former industrial towns.  I'm not surprised at all.  Once you get off of campus, both towns are dumps.

06/01/2018 - 1:00pm Didn't Walker drop a critical

Didn't Walker drop a critical pass that would have been a touchdown against OSU in 2001?  

06/01/2018 - 11:53am This is the first time I've

This is the first time I've ever been thankful to be old, but my offensive list is:

QB: Michael Taylor (the man just won)
RB: Tyrone Wheatley (Superman wore #6, not a cape)
RB: Butch Woolfolk (MVP in the 1981 Rose Bowl)
RB: Tshimanga "Tim" Biakabutuka (Honorable Mention)
WR: Anthony Carter
WR: Desmond Howard (Desmond was amazing, AC was better yet)
TE: Jerame Tuman (not the best ever but just killed it in 1997)
OL: Jake Long
OL: Steve Hutchinson (a bad man -- Shaun Alexander owes Hutch a lot)
C: Steve Everitt (I rember seeing the blood pouring out of him when he broke his jaw against ND in 1991 and he was back three weeks later -- he was an animal)
OL: John "Jumbo" Elliot
OL: Greg Skrepanak (with Elliot, the first two OL at Michigan well over 300 lbs that I could recall -- it seemed every OL to that point was 298 lbs or less)
OL: John Runyan (when most OL looked sorta over weight an non-athletic, Runyan looked like a 300 lb linebacker)

06/01/2018 - 11:50am Reading your list made me

Reading your list made me guess that you are incredibly young. 

Which led me to thinking that it must be depressing being a Michigan Football fan of your age. Michigan football has been a challenging experience starting with the hiring of Tressel at OSU and really hit the skids once Bo died in 2006. 

How many people on this thread were old enough to REALLY recall seeing a Big Ten title?

05/04/2018 - 3:34pm You do realize that it is

You do realize that it is common practice for organizations to pick their auditors.  It's not like they pick someone off of the street, they are choosing from a handful of accredited accounting firms.  

Frankly, the concept that an internal auditing group would be the appropriate organization to audit an $11B investment fund is the concern.  An independent third-party should perform the audit for obvious reasons.

04/17/2018 - 11:17am Soccer
-- Fix the clock --


-- Fix the clock -- stoppage time is just silly and rife for abuse.  If there is an injury, stop the clock.  Clock keeps running if the ball goes out of bounds, but for the items that would add stoppage time, just, you know, stop the clock.

-- Fix the Flopping -- Yellow and red cards have a massive impact and flopping has the potential to draw a card.  Get rid of cards and use the basketball approach of a certain number of foulds get you thrown out of a game.  It could be a major or minor infraction, but either way it is one foul.  And if a player fouls out, it doesn't affect the next game.

-- Up the Intensity -- The players have to run so much and they need to conserve their energy when off ball.  I understand that and I don't blame the players.  They system is the issue.  Free, on the fly substitutions like hockey and lacrosse.  Hockey players are going full speed for 45-60 seconds at a time.  Let's get soccer to do the same.

02/02/2018 - 1:39pm I receall that Skeeps

I receall that Skeeps rotation in the mid 90s.  Add in $1 pitchers at Ricks on Monday night and Friday afternoon, it is pretty well covered.  

And during hockey season -- Ricks-Yost-Skeeps

01/29/2018 - 2:47pm I don't care either way about

I don't care either way about the Indians logo and team name.  And I am constantly surprised by the number of teams/schools in the Chicago area with native american related names. 

1. I would hope that if the Cleveland MLB team changes names, it is something far more creative than EMU Eagles or St. John Red Storm.  Two of the the worst team names ever.  Eagles, Falcons, Tigers and the like are way too common for team names.  The obvious choice for Eastern should have been the Emus. 

2. Clearly the most offensive logo is ND's leprechaun and Fighting Irish mascot, yet it is WIDELY embraced by the Irish community in the U.S. and abroad.  So to make blanket statements about how one group believes about a particular topic is painting with too broad a brush.  

01/17/2018 - 9:56am The winning selection:  Naked

The winning selection:  Naked Man

Was this guy the 1970s precursor to Jim McElwain with the shark.

01/15/2018 - 4:03pm The passing of Keith Jackson

The passing of Keith Jackson (and the ridiculous numbers of clips I watched) caused me to evaluate Gus Johnson.  He's very annoying.  There's way too much Gus.  The game isn't about the announcer -- we don't need Gus (or Dick Vitale) making the game about themselves.  

Part of Keith Jackson's greatness was letting the game have air, and the audience have an experience that wasn't just Keith.  But when Keith said something, it was great.  

See Desmond's punt return against OSU (

See Woodson's punt return against OSU (

Less is more.  The crowd going wild and having just a hint of the feeling of being their as opposed to sitting next to the most annoying fan is a much better experience.

01/02/2018 - 1:12pm The MGo Search function isn't

The MGo Search function isn't working for me so I can't go back and check for a discussion about this, but why were Bredeson and JBB weren't dressed? 

The MLive link below indicates that Bredeson was known for a few weeks and JBB was for undisclosed reasons.  Are these public knowledge, should we assume these are grade related, or something else?…


12/19/2017 - 11:28am The better camera angles is

The better camera angles is the only suggestion that I read here that seems at all reasonable.

Everyone loves imagining how technological solutions can make everything marginally better, yet fail to consider the downside of when it doesn't work.  

How often have teams complained about wireless headsets not working on the sidelines of football games?  What happens when the laser grid or other alternative dies and the low tech solution has been entirely scrapped?  

Beef up instant replay with more camera angles and if possible, stitch together the angles.  If that fails, nothing has been lost from the low tech solution that generally works well. 

Spotting the ball is fall less of an issue than terribly inconsistent pass interference calls.

12/07/2017 - 12:12pm fires in an enclosed space

fires in an enclosed space are a real treat.  huge terrorism soft target -- collapse either end of the tunnel and kill everyone inside.  Dumb and expensive idea.  

12/07/2017 - 12:10pm Elon Musk -- The great

Elon Musk -- The great crony insider pretending to be a Capitalist.

Stop burning cash and make some money instead of stealing from the U.S. tax payers.

12/04/2017 - 1:54pm Haloscan was great.  Much

Haloscan was great.  Much more personal -- like being in a live conversation as opposed to trading letters.  And with the appearance that all comments basically drifted off into the ether, there was much more irreverence.  

I also seemed to have much more time in the day back then to have it up in the background and keep up with it -- I doubt that I would interact much with it today.

The current format has led to much more intelligent engagement.

11/29/2017 - 12:17pm While I'm not rooting for

While I'm not rooting for anyone to lose their job, I think that you may be looking at this the wrong way.  ESPN had effectively become a monopoly and was likely making outsized profits relative to the value they created.  If that assumption is true, it is highly likely that their staffing levels became far too large relative to the work being done.  

Now with cable cutting and other networks bidding up the broadcast rights on properties they have owned for years, they are being forced to look at the costs within their business. 

We can debate whether or not the move towards personality driven programming is good or bad, but the reductions in staff/expenses are a different discussion.

11/02/2017 - 12:26pm Nice to finally see a manager

Nice to finally see a manager who understands how to manage pitchers.  

Living in Chicago, I get WAY too much Joe Maddon incompetence.  When a pitcher is on, ride him.  Morton was killing it last night, but I was sure they were going to the pen when he was scheduled to hit in the 9th.  I'm glad to see that a manager that understands that the opportunity cost of a pitcher hitting is far less than the benefit of rolling with a pitcher who is dialed in.

11/02/2017 - 12:23pm I was pulling for the Astros

I was pulling for the Astros because of JV.  Really happy to see him get the ring, but it was bitter sweet seeing him holding up the trophy and not wearing an old english D.  I had not expected the bitter portion ahead of time.

10/24/2017 - 3:31pm The bigger issue from a

The bigger issue from a Michigan fan perspective was that Carlos Boozer was doing the same thing except with his AAU coach.  And yet, Duke / Coach K obfuscated this and Boozer was allowed to keep playing at Duke.  

09/25/2017 - 3:05pm Michael Hirsch went to high

Michael Hirsch went to high school a couple of towns away from where I live.  We had him in to give a motivational talk to the boys in our community lacrosse club about setting goals. He was great.  He gave a 50 minute talk about what he went through and how he worked to achieve his goals.  And then answered all of the questions the kids had for him about goals, academics, sports (about 40 minutes of Q&A).  

He is an amazing young man.  Great to see him getting the airtime.  

09/19/2017 - 2:47am It can happen but retailers

It can happen but retailers are inherently at risk due to the damage done to the reputation of the retailer -- brand equity is destroyed, gift cards are voided, customers are more likely to consider alternatives, etc. -- and the competitors which were likely the driving force of the BK become relatively more appealing.

Manufacturers with a clear book of business tend to have a clearer path to a successful restructuring.

08/24/2017 - 10:37am agreed.  downtown is a

agreed.  downtown is a location that is far more conducive to get to for people who don't live in Oakland County.  Getting to the Palace from Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County was a disaster.  Its probably easier for Eastsiders to get downtown than to Auburn Hills.

It was dumb to build the Palace where it was built.  It was a great facility that was a trend setter in terms of what teams wanted -- multilevel suites and first class accomodations for the teams' best customers.  And it is a shame that it wasn't even open 30 years, but this is the trend.  The Georgia Dome, what seems to be an incredibly successful facility that has been incredibly relevant, opened 9/6/1992, closed 6/9/17 and will be demolished 11/20/17 -- just over 25 years.

08/18/2017 - 12:58pm I know next to nothing about

I know next to nothing about rugby, but why couldn't he play Union?  What about the larger field and team sizes makes it a worse fit?

07/06/2017 - 12:31pm He's rocking the Block M on

He's rocking the Block M on his visor...