New Divisions Causes Unplanned Change

Submitted by Ziff72 on September 24th, 2011 at 5:01 PM

With the new Big Ten kicking off next week we are faced with a new reality.  We need to start pulling for OSU, Wisc an Penn St.  I love the Schaudenfreude of rooting against OSU and the rest all year.  Each week I tune in hoping for the upset, but with the new division set up that is over.   No more threads "Who do you root for MSU or OSU?"

Next week we need OSU over MSU and Wisconsin over Nebraska.  None of this I kinda like this team more.  You have a clear rooting interest.  Not sure if that's good or bad but it certainly will be different.

I wistfully lament the end of lines like theset.

 Who you got OSU or MSU?   I'm rooting for a meteor!!!  HAR HAR HAR 

Go Bucks....I just threw up in my mouth this is going to be tough




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facts that his set up ensures that when we face both of those opponents they will be unranked because of them losing. I want both of them to be ranked or at least to get considerations before we beat them and enhance our national prestige.


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Don't fucking care how it affects divisional races.  I'll root for whomever I want while rooting for M to win.

If  we don't win all of our B10 games prior to and including THE GAME, then we don't deserve the B10 title.


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Sparty rooting for us to lose against OSU last year was the dumbest thing I've seen from a rooting interest standpoint. If you're not going to root for the team that benefits Michigan, how is that any different than being like those Sparties who said "who cares about getting to the Rose Bowl, Michigan should lose?" I really hope the attitude around here isn't anything like that.


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I appreciate your bitterness, but you do know you sound like Dantonio from last year.

We can win this division due to the schedule.  I want this title.  Mich needs this title.  We need OSU to take care of business against MSU and Nebraska.

You don't want a 1 loss Big Ten title?  Tough Crowd.



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No, I don't.  I want a 0 loss Big Ten title.  Sue me.

Will I be thrilled with any B10 title? Yes.  But I want us to not have to rely on people beating other people.  Are we there yet?  No, but that doesn't mean that we should be aiming for perfection.

I sound like Dantonio because I care only about my team taking care of business and do not care what happens elsewhere?  I think that makes me sound exactly like the opposite of Dantonio.  If we get into a situation later in the year when we need OSU to win a game to get us into the title game, then yes, I'll want that to happen.  But until we lose a game, I'm not cheering for anyone I don't want to see win.


September 24th, 2011 at 6:08 PM ^

There are no shared titles. I would also love to see UM go 1400-0 in the next century, but will that happen? My guess is no. It's important to realize that M's rooting interest in an OSU-Northwestern or MSU-Nebraska game is OSU or MSU.

M should take every advantage they can get to win the division, we'll worry about beating them when we play them or in the BTCG. If that means playing an 11-2 M team against a 12-1 OSU team, all the better.

Edit: on top of that, non-shared zero loss M B1G championships:









By your standard, Yost had a successful season once, Crisler twice, Bo either once or twice, Moeller either none or once and Carr once. I doubt any of them would agree with you,


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We don't "need" anyone to beat them. You only have to root against someone who has beaten us. And if you think all the teams need to be beaten 3 times or whatever for us to win the division, we probably don't really deserve it, and will get killed in the title game anyway, so so what?
<br>However, this week I may root for those teams anyway, to start MSU on their downward spiral (OSU will be a different team by the time they play us), and I could handle Nebraska losing every game this year as a "welcome" to the Big Ten. Just like we (and the Buckeyes) showed Penn State whose conference it was when they joined. After that, check with me week to week.


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Do I have to root for OSU?  Is that going to make a difference?  Is Braxton Miller going to be able to throw a spiral because I'm going "Yay"?  It helps some, but by far the biggest thing that's going to matter is head-to-head, so I wouldn't recommend feeling guilty about rooting against them.  More to the point, nuts to Ohio.


September 24th, 2011 at 5:14 PM ^

It'll never happen, I can't do it. Anyways if Michigan takes care of business then we won't need to rely on other teams doing our dirty work for us. Maybe I'll root for an Iowa or Northwestern, but never OSU or MSU


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I will never root for Ohio State unless doing so directly puts us in the Big Ten title game.

Until then, it's in our hands, screw those illiterates.


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Did you always root for Big Ten teams to lose all their OOC games? Because overall record (and later, rankings) was a tie-breaker. So you couldn't have been one of those hoping they win to make the Big Ten look good guys.


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Whether or not I root for these teams you are suggesting isn't going to change the outcome of the game.  I'm going with my gut.  It's only sports.


September 25th, 2011 at 12:34 AM ^

The point of cheering is not to affect the game (unless of course you are actually at the game). The point of cheering is to enjoy the game for yourself and your friends. So I go with my gut and my gut really hates schools to the south