my ND friends still say "Stoops"

Submitted by BlueDog on December 3rd, 2009 at 8:33 AM

So I have a bunch of hard-blogging Notre Dame fan friends (I will even admit to having them) still insist they are after Stoops and Meyer.....but that Meyer's wife hates the cold weather, having lived in S. Bend already.

I remind them of all the obstacles and buyouts, but they just shrug. When Kelly's name comes up, they point out that Cinci doesnt play much D either, so Kelly is just a Weis-type with no pro experience to sell recruits.

How about Les Miles to Notre Dame? Think LSU's admin has noticed the number of losses increasing every year?



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I have a friend who's worked with ND athletics who claims to have independent confirmation from three sources (including a player) that Stoops has already agreed to terms, and that there will be a press conference tomorrow.

I find it LOLCANO worthy (great GIF btw...), but just wanted to throw it out there. Yesterday's meme was "Kelly is a done deal." Today's meme is "Stoops is their man." Tomorrow = Willingham? Harbaugh? Izzo?


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That makes no sense whatsoever. A true "Weis-type" HAS pro experience; a non-"Weis-type" would NOT have pro experience.

I would think after 5 years of a coach whose ONLY credential was pro coordinator experience that ND fans would be interested in coaches who actually have, you know, head coaching experience.


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that every time ND is out to hire a new coach, the media throws out a list of guys who won't be leaving their schools so quickly. I really think they stay away from NFL guys like Gruden, and I agree about an experienced coach at the college level. I also like the idea of them bringing in someone who is known for defense. Bud Foster?

On a side note, will Michigan be replacing any of the defensive staff for next year? I think the linebacker and DB coaches need to hit the road. I like GERG, and the OSU game was the best defensive performance of the entire year. Hopefully this is a good sign for future.


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I don't think Notre Dame is going to hire a coach that does not have any head coaching experience. The whole Weis experiment has guaranteed that.

But I am surprised that Bud Foster has not gotten a head coaching job yet. If you have not read it, here is an article Brian wrote about a month ago about that very topic.…


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I like how yesterday there was a post along the lines of "ITS OFFICIAL, KELLY TO ND! (FROM SEMI-LEGITIMATE SOURCE)"

Now we have regressed to "STOOPS TO ND! (FROM MY ND FRIENDS)"

I can't wait to see what the next step will be...



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I think ND fans forget they are no longer a top-tier program, and any midwest school (including us) that thinks it can lure a successful coach from a top tier program in the south (like Florida, Alabama, or Oklahoma) is kidding themselves. OK, maybe Alabama but only because $aban will leave for the right amount of $.

Per your side note, I want GERG to stay too, but don't let the OSU game think it was some great stride in our defense. Tressel played very conservative, but when they needed drives to keep a 2-score lead, they got them. He had Pryor throw only 17 passes against a terrible pass defense. He was just playing not to lose, I think they could have put up at least two more TD's if they let loose a little.


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Phil Steele was on WDFN this morning around 9:10 and mentioned that Brian Kelly will be nameed as ND Head Coach some time early next week.

Update: It is also now being reported on


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But the IrishCentral report is still the same one that was posted here yesterday with the language that basically says Kelly's their first choice and will "eventually" sign a deal. It's nowhere near as unequivocal as it should be given the title of the report is "Brian Kelly will be next ND head coach." Does this language scream out to you "done deal?" It mostly screams crappy writing. Regardless, this would obviously make sense as there aren't really any other high-profile names who haven't removed themselves from consideration.

"The source, who is a well-informed person of influence at Notre Dame, says the Cincinnati coach is the preferred choice for the job, and that he is expected to eventually sign a deal."

spam and beans

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I like rooting for Kelly. Grew up near Grand Valley State. It is fun to cheer for a "local" guy. I like having Kelly in Cincinnati. Hoping a successful Cincy program would win many recruiting battles with Ohio State. Kelly could stick it to Tressel, how awesome is that? But if Notre Dame hires him, I will be forced to hate him with an all consuming hatred, and I don't want to. Maybe they can hire a coach I already hate. My suggestion... Purdue's coach. Hope. Who I refer to as "sniffles". There is probably a better nickname out there.


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I like to get Jon Tenuta as a LB coach if he'd take a step down. I'd also like Corwin Brown for recuiting but I think his "MICH MAN" stamp might cause waves with R.R. On that subject I'd also like 13 wins next year and 10 million dollers.


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told me it was George O'leary. ND loves what he's done at Central florida and are jealous of his abilty to post a winning percentage above .600

Also, he's the right race.


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they are after Stoops and Meyer.....but that Meyer's wife hates the cold weather, having lived in S. Bend already.

That can't even be on the top 5 reasons why Meyer wouldn't leave Florida. If he's seriously considering the job, that wouldn't prevent him. He'd need a lot of passion for ND to leave that job he currently has; that passion wouldn't be subsided by a wife's fear of the cold.