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06/19/2010 - 10:00am Rumeal

never heard it anywhere eise.......and its got a title on it.

06/19/2010 - 9:09am Nobody asked RR about the World Cup?

what a surprise!   there is more World Cup than Michigan football on here lately.


06/19/2010 - 8:59am a boring sport with terrible refereeing? how interesting

why dont we change the name of the site?    M Go Blog sounds like it should be about Michigan sports.

There is a fascinating goatherding event in Nepal.  I assume we will cover that, as well.

06/19/2010 - 8:51am generate traffic with M sports content

I m sorry.  I go to M Go Blog looking for interesting, Michigan related content.  If I was among the few who care about the World Cup, I can go plenty of other places.

06/19/2010 - 12:32am negbang me again, but get this crap off MgoBlog

World Cup soccer?  excuse me, but who gives a shit.  the TV ratings are a bomb.  nobody cares.  the stupid plastic horns make games unwatchable. 


I did not come to this site because I have any interest in Slovenian soccer.


I can only assume Brian feels a need to whore the site out to generate traffic to appease advertisers.   too bad, because there is nothing 'M" about World Cup soccer.  Do we even play  varsity soccer? 

06/17/2010 - 4:47pm at the risk of a negbang

get this stuff off my Michigan site

06/17/2010 - 12:09am Frank Beaver

this one goes way back.....the late 1970s for me.  what a tool.  if you didnt interpret film his way, you were wrong.

he gave me a B- on my Screenwriting class......we had to find an important issue and do a "60 Minutes" style report.......I wrote about an upcoming Supreme Court case, and he told me I had blown the issue way out of proportion.......but I was writing about the Alan Bakke reverse discrimination case.......he just didnt think it was important.

06/16/2010 - 7:54pm thats what she said

I can't think of anything served up in Ann Arbor that is abnormally large......

06/09/2010 - 6:03pm give back the 87 Basketball Chamoionship

How in the name of Rumeal Robinson does this happen at Michigan?    He was practically homeless during HS and arrived in Ann Arbor with the nickname "Ru-medial", but he made it work.....

06/07/2010 - 1:15pm dont be dissin TO

"based on his previous employment has slightly more credibility than Terrell Owns"


Yo Owens is a real football player (not that Millen wasnt) but Millen is not a real football exec.  his results in Detroit speak to his real football knowledge.


I would say Millen has slightly more credibiltiy than Beyonce.

05/21/2010 - 9:51am Musburger is a total tool

Having worked with Brent, I will tell you he is a total starfucker, unable to give mere mortals the time of day.   And could anyone be a more shameless shill?  I was delighted when CBS fired him, and I  personally ragged the ABC guys who hired him.

When Brent is doing a game, I turn the sound off.

05/18/2010 - 3:46pm 'dropped charge" or "acquitted"?

My undestanding is that Dorsey did not plead down because he felt he was innocent, and that he was acquitted.


Which would mean his "off the field issues" are insignificant.

05/07/2010 - 11:14am he played for the wrong Astros minor league team

I believe they now call the Orlando area minor league club "Florida Astros", but for one glorious year, they played as the "Kissimmee Astros".......the greatest real team name of all time.!

05/02/2010 - 4:27pm not disputing the Taylor hit is legendary, but my personal fave

was in 1973, the famous 10-10 tie.......Steve Strinko, a beast of an inside linebacker, filled a hole and hit Archie Griffin straight on ....sounded like a gunshot, Griffin stayed down.

My recollection is that OSU later claimed Griffin had injured both hamstrings, and I dont believe he was much of a factor in that game after the hit.

Strinko had two great exhibition games as the Lions second round pick, then tore up his knee and never played again.  #59 was as good a Michigan linebacker as I remember.

04/15/2010 - 1:31pm How about "The Stake"

split the difference on the Vlad the Impaler, and give a nod to the Dracula connection. And if he turns out to be a hitter, we could hear "Stake in the heart of Pryor!" as the call for a nice, clean chest tackle.

04/09/2010 - 11:37am so where is Jonas Gray?

not to sound ignorant.

04/09/2010 - 11:32am Cox in behind Omameh!!

or however you spell his name.

04/06/2010 - 10:54pm No that's just Carlton...

the doorman. Or was it Will Smith's cousin in Bel-Air?

04/06/2010 - 12:34am WRONG

no I didnt isolate a few wife had to leave the room because I was so upset about the reffing.....looking at the box score afterwards to see if the calls were correct is so head up your ass, I can only assume you transferred in from MSU.

and I believe Singler was called for travelling (one of the few times the refs didnt swallow their whistle)on the play you refer to , so I have no idea why you would be saying an illegal screen on Howard should have been called.

04/03/2010 - 1:46pm we finally win something

hold the clock! blow a whistle! Angry Michigan Hating God cant stop the baggies from taking the title.

03/29/2010 - 11:11pm screw you, I was typing in a frenzy

and I'm, dyslexic, so jump behind that!

03/25/2010 - 5:38pm we'll just have to punish the

we'll just have to punish the bad ones.

03/12/2010 - 9:51pm Clock operated by Jeff Smoker

the king of the frozen moment

02/01/2010 - 1:20am Taylor Swift must be a studio creation

because I have seen her attempt to sing live a few times, and she has this tinny little voice with no range. embarrassingly bad, like you want to say "honey, you're real cute, try acting"

01/26/2010 - 10:47am what a great image

"coolers filled with poop" might be my favorite OSU image of all time.....surpassing Rudy dying at the end of the movie as my favorite M Go Blog moment

01/22/2010 - 11:54am Conan lost me

been watching the tonight show monologue at 11 30 since I was a pup sneaking Carson on a school night, and I stopped watching after a few weeks of Conan. He is just not that funny. Andy Richter is funnier.

I dont understand why he doesnt get JaMarcus Russelled. He is getting paid. You suck, you sit, and you shut up. Why would NBC pay him $40 million to go start up on Fox?

Ill be glad when Leno is back at 11 30. even Fallon is better than Conan.

01/13/2010 - 9:06am so Pete Carroll can finally pay his players directly.... more of that silly, "buy the car for the girlfriend" bit.

Lane is the former recruiting coordinator, so he already knows how to cheat.

Can you believe that with USC's track record of car buying and annual NFL combine steroid test failures......hey let's investigate Michigan, where players want to work too hard.

12/14/2009 - 8:10pm and the offense showed some patience

there were also stretches in the second half where we actually ran the offense without jacking up a 3 in the first 12 seconds.

but we are a little team and guys need to play tough on defense the way they did in the second half against U of D.

And I see Boston College got torched yesterday.

12/08/2009 - 9:08pm wow. I whiffed on the Bo reference

oh well. somehow Bo and subtlety dont seem to mix.

12/08/2009 - 9:14am same way my Domer buddy looks at Kelly

He is not swooning over Kelly. Figures the whole Roman Catholic thing is not being emphasized enough. Says Kelly is like Weis, but without the NFL resume,,,,,meaning no defense.

12/08/2009 - 8:59am Spectacular A........vatar

Cant you photoshop the outfit into maize and blue?

12/08/2009 - 8:57am better tag. better tag. better tag

We couldnt come up with a better tag than "the blog" 3X? With all the snarky satirists on this site, it would strike me we can do better. Something even with a punchline on the back?

Let me offer up alternative tags for the MGoBlog shirt: "The Big Blog", "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions" or "The Conquering Heroes, The Leaders and Best".

12/05/2009 - 12:14pm you are correct

we must be toast.

12/05/2009 - 11:15am Gotta trust RR's eye for talent

Pat White was supposedly a 2 star because he insisted he was a QB, and RR was one of few who saw it. Daryll Clark of Penn State was just a 3 star, and RR was the first to offer him.

The man knows what he is doing. I would like to see a few more LBs in the recruiting class.

Any studly word on the ones we have?

12/04/2009 - 2:08pm Funniest post for me

was the comment (on the 100 Things We Hate About Notre Dame thread) was:

"Because Rudy doesnt die at the end of the movie".

Not my line, but a great line.

12/04/2009 - 8:58am Can we limit posts to those related to Michigan sports?

I love the range of ideas on M Go Blog, but I hate wasting time on posts that are self indulgent crap......embedded videos of action figure video games, dancing cats.....if it doesnt relate to Michigan sports, at least tangentially, I dont want to see it here.

12/04/2009 - 8:16am Tool

what a great idea! use a Michigan sports blog to show your pussies. why dont we all promote our own web sites here!

12/03/2009 - 7:43pm I blame Rich Rod

seems clear. all his fault! all his fault!

12/03/2009 - 8:40am Go away and stop you are an embarrasment to this site

somebody help me clear out the BS posters. I believe this is a Michigan sports site. You are a tool.

12/03/2009 - 8:38am take this crap elsewhere

Thousands of M Go Points? is all for posting crap like this? why done we start a Gargoyle sub-site for all the random stupidity people post to prove they are alive.

12/01/2009 - 5:33pm Jesus' offense would be too Old School

tough to get the high profile recruits, they want to showcase themselves in a pro style offense.

12/01/2009 - 10:31am "committed" as Bill Clinton would use it

committed. totally. until something better comes along.

11/30/2009 - 10:17pm Negbang me all you want, but get this crap off this site

too gay for words. share it with Buckeyes. you are demeaning the site.

I'm going to make a few really stupid posts about bullshit, see if I can rack up some points that way.

11/30/2009 - 2:48pm why is this on MGoB;log?

I am getting tired of all the inside joke, jerk off crap posted on this site that has nothing to do with U-M sports. Why did I just waste 3 minutes watching this?

11/28/2009 - 4:50pm just help me understand

why and how this site rewards the type of drivel I objected to above.

11/28/2009 - 3:31pm 'nuffa this shit

come on, Brian. you are encouraging stupid shit when you give St Wolverine 16 points for his hallucination, and then tag Marc 14 for pointing it out.

11/27/2009 - 12:21pm nice top 10 wolverines, but

Ohio State has Patricia Heaton!

11/25/2009 - 11:59am I like the way he handles himself

The man is our Head Football Coach, not our Ambassador to the world, and I like the way he handles himself.

I like the way he handled the Mealer situation. I like the way he (obviously identified the talent shortage and) created a walk-on program that put two useful bodies on the field on defense. I like the way he boots miscreants-- no second chance, fuck up and you are gone-- to the point of tossing a useful DB in a season when he was badly needed 'cuz attending class seemed to be an issue.

He looks to me as if he is trying to be constructive with his in-game histrionics. I have watched most of his press conferences, and hear he is very effective in the home.

I dont blame him for having so little talent to work with. 15 scholarships under the limit? 2 seniors who contribute on defense? Give Coach Robinson 5 additional starter quality players (who by all rights should be here) and we could have played defense this year.

I like that we are already seeing an influx of defensive players, with more to come.

RR is our coach, and I am glad to see MgoBlog making an effort to steer away from the Chicken Little mentality.

11/24/2009 - 4:08pm showcase

so Terrelle Pryor chose Ohio State so he could showcase his skills in a drop-back, "NFL" style offense? NOT!

For as great an athlete as he obviously is, did he look like a future NFL QB out there? Our best shot was for him to drop back and pass! (except for the screen)

Vince Young is now playing a game suited to his skills. Running right and throwing, running right and pitching to the hell do you defense against that.

It is sad how different RR's life would have been if Pryor had chosen Michigan and not murdered anyone.

11/23/2009 - 11:00am you would rather read anti RR rants?

lighten up, Simba. thought it was amusing, and it is copied off another site. You may notice many TFL references on Facebook.