Mark Cuban vs. OSU response/apology

Mark Cuban vs. OSU response/apology

Submitted by Hard-Baughlls on September 20th, 2018 at 6:03 AM

For those who have seen the Mark Cuban interview on ESPN (Rachel Nichols grills him pretty well IMO), I'd like to get your take on his response to the sexual abuse/harassment that took place within the Mavs organization.  While it is impossible to ever know how somebody really feels in terms of empathy and remorse, his interview came off as one where he is at least taking 100% blame for the culture within his organization, under his watch, that led to women and other employees being treated poorly and creating a t

The Dueling OSU Narratives on the Board

The Dueling OSU Narratives on the Board

Submitted by Hard-Baughlls on December 21st, 2017 at 1:55 PM

So I see a bunch of griping / trolling on the board about how we can't and won't beat OSU or compete for championships because

1) They get all these 4 and 5 star recruits and simply out-talent us and

2) Urban Meyer is a genius college coach and his system is amazing and he is more accomplished than Harbaugh, etc, etc

The echo chamber on the recruiting front has gotten even louder this year, due to what appears to be an underwhelming incoming class (based on the sites/starz) and another apparently top 3 incoming class for OSU.  IE, I think the recency bias of this particular class is blinding people a bit regarding actual talent levels on the respective teams.

So my question for the board is, which narrative is true - because Meyer is either underachieving at OSU (I know- heresy to have such a thought), or the "talent gap" is simply not what the recruitniks would like to believe.

Nobody here is in to moral victories, but the facts, since Harbaugh took over, are that 

While UM is a brutal 0-3 against OSU....

In year 1 they were clearly out-classed all over the field by a team many considered the best in college football, despite a fluke loss to MSU in the rain. There was a clear talent gap, but hard to put it all on Harbaugh, given he only had 12 months to develop those players.

Harbaugh year 2, it would be fair to say that UM outplayed OSU for most of the game despite having an injured QB and horrible officiating going against them.

Harbaugh year 3, UM has a chance to win the game on a final drive, starting their 3rd string QB and playing underclassmen all over the field after having 8 players drafted to the NFL from the prior year.

Don't shoot me for not doing all the advanced analytics, but since taking over, UM under Harbaugh has only been completely out classed in 2 games.  OSU 2015 and PSU 2017 (revenge game under the lights)

Meyer, with despite a 2 year head start at OSU, has been blown out by Oklahoma and Iowa this year, and the Clemson playoff debacle last year.  It would seem to me that if this "talent gap" is as wide as the recruitniks are preaching, we'd have to say Meyer is underachieving with all these top rated classes - given they have just 1 B1G title in the past 3 years.  They should be dominating at BAMA levels.... Or

The "talent gap" as evidenced by the games on the field (both head to head and vs. similar competition) just isn't what some here keep preaching.

This isn't meant to be a snarky post, just curious as to which narrative will continue to be pushed, because either 1) Meyer is underachieving despite absurd talent and resources at his disposal (a narrative I see a lot of Bucknuts pushing)  or 2) The "talent gap" just isn't there and we've had some bad breaks the past couple years in terms of officiating and injuries at the QB position.

For the record, I think OSU has underachieved a bit the past few years but Meyer is still clearly one of the top coaches in college football.  Regarding UM, we've been incredibly unlucky in a few big games (MSU 2015 and OSU 2016) come to mind first, and the "talent gap" just isn't what many on here keep claiming.  

Rolling Stone article on Harbaugh and Meyer: "The Big Ten's Big Two"

Rolling Stone article on Harbaugh and Meyer: "The Big Ten's Big Two"

Submitted by UMgradMSUdad on August 3rd, 2015 at 11:40 PM

Steve Greenberg has an excellent article out today in Rolling Stone about the Michigan - OSU rivalry and their respective coaches.  He heaps praise (and rightly so) on Urban Meyer and says Michigan might not turn the tables this year, but nobody should count out the Wolverines in the coming years with Jim Harbaugh leading the charge:

 He's aligned against perhaps the finest coach in all of college football – 1? 1A? What's the difference? – yet bent on shoving the Buckeyes' recent dominance in the rivalry into the abyss. Doubt this maelstrom of a man at your own peril.



Harbaugh vs. Meyer: a comparison

Harbaugh vs. Meyer: a comparison

Submitted by michelin on December 29th, 2014 at 9:50 PM

Given that many posters are getting trash talk from Ohio and MSU people, I thought it would be useful to give you some ammunition.  So, I compiled a comparison of Meyer vs. Harbaugh (you will quickly see why Dantonio does not belong here).

Meyer ranks #10 in college win pct; Harbaugh ranks #5 all time in the NFL.


Meyer won college coach of the year twice in 30 years of coaching

Harbaugh won both college and NFL coach of the year in 11 years.


Meyers’ teams finished #1 nationally twice in 30 years. 

Harbaugh won AFC* and NFC titles and went to 3 NFC title games and a Super Bowl in 6 years.


The team that won Meyer's titles (Fla) had previously finished #1 in the nation under another coach (Steve Spurrier, who also compiled a higher win pct there than Meyer)

Harbaugh’s Stanford team had never in history finished #1 in AP or UPI/coaches’ polls, but Harbaugh took their (recently 16-40 team) to their highest rank in 75 years (#4)

Meyer spent 15 years coaching college kids as an assistant.  Harbaugh spent 14 years as an NFL QB, going to the Pro Bowl and winning the AFC player of the year.

*as QB coach

What to Expect from Harbaugh in Year One?

What to Expect from Harbaugh in Year One?

Submitted by UFM on December 26th, 2014 at 4:29 PM

Hello MGoBlog,

This is my first time creating a forum post.  Some of you have seen me comment here and there for the last three years.  You'll know from my other posts that:  a) I'm an Ohio State fan; and b) I'm not a troll--I visit here because I love college football and respect the writers and posters on this blog.  

With the introductions out of the way let me start out by saying that I (like many other Buckeye fans) hope you guys get Harbaugh.  The B1G needs Michigan to be its traditional self.  Ohio State is only as good as the strength of its conference in many respects.  And it benefits as much as Michigan if The Game is between two ranked powerhouses that will usually decide who goes to the B1G Championship Game.  

I think Harbaugh can get you guys there more so than anyone else available.  And, from reading this board, it appears that I am not alone.  Assuming this happens, what are reasonable expectations for the Wolverines in year one?  Transition usually takes time, but we have seen programs where the transition is seamless and the new coach has early success.  Oddly, Brady Hoke was one of them in 2011.  Would be interested to hear your thoughts.  Thanks.