My flight with kellen Jones.

Submitted by tomcat on October 11th, 2010 at 11:41 AM

So im standing in line ready to board my flight from Detroit to Houston Sunday evening and I see a larger gentleman behind me wearing the number 2 jersey. I'm wearing my 2007 student t-shirt so as we turned towards each other I asked "Did you go to the game yesterday" and he replies "ya I'm a recruit" At which point I realize this is Kellen Jones and he's flying back to Houston after his official visit. We ended up sittling right next to each other on the 2.5 hr flight and we pretty much talked Michigan football/academics the entire time. I can't say much about how he plays the game yet but I was really impressed with the way he conducts himself. He talked about his official visit and the great time he had with a few of the players. He is also really excited to start working out with Barwis and he hopes to play right away next year. He had a smile on his face the entire time--just so pumped to becoming to michigan. He's looking at studying engineering or something in the math/chemistry field. Some of the things that stood out to him about michigan:

-He likes the Diversity at michigan, something the state of texas does not offer, people come from all over the country to play for michigan

-He (and especially his dad and godfather) like the class and conduct of the michigan football players---talked about how teams like Miami and Alabama have struggled at times in that department. He doesn't agree with the drinking and the trouble players get into off the field

-liked the fall weather in michigan, said campus was beautiful.

Sure is great to have him on our side and I welcomed him to the Michigan Family. Thanks for a great flight back to texas Kellen!



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is if you became Facebook friends with him and, if so, what his Farmville score is?

(snark aside, it's great to see quality young men coming into the program with excitement after such a crappy weekend)


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This is great news on the recruiting front, but for a different reason.  I think people forget and underestimate the power of having sociable athletes who can also talk up the academics when recruits come into town.  I know this heavily weighed in on Craig Roh's decision to come to Michigan, and as we're seeing, there is a handful more of recruits we're competing for that are listing UVA, UNC, Stanford, etc.


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I actually asked him about this and he said he really wanted to but his school doesn't offer this for its students and didn't want to go through the pain of transfering/paperwork. His parents wanted him to be able to enjoy high school just a little longer as well. He doesn't play any other sports though so he said he would be concentrating on football and be on campus next July.

Dan TrueBlue

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Thanks for letting us in on this, it's good to know we've got such a great guy coming in next year.  And great job putting forth a welcoming face, even in a random place.  It's one thing for a player like Kellen to hear a program talk about the values they emphasize while they're selling themselves, but it's another to hear it from random strangers like yourself.  It really speaks for how many of us feel that way about Michigan.


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Love it. Running a program in this way really emphasizes what athletics are all about, and that is developing young men and women and helping them mature. Obviously we expect that to translate into success on the field, but it's a shame that most fans don't get to hear about all the off-the-field victories.

Kellen sounds like a great kid. Hopefully he's as good on the field as he appears to be off of it. We could really use a stud at LB right now.


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As a former Math/Chemistry undergrad, more power to him. The only time I saw football players in classes were blowoff classes I took to fulfill social sciences requirements and the like.


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Even at a school like Purdue, most of the atheletes don't go for the hard core majors.  Just flipping through their roster it's full of things like "health and fitness" and (my personal favorite) "Organizational leadership and supervision"


Every school has some athletes that have hard majors, but there are a lot more that take the easier classes.  A degree from Purdue is still a degree from Purdue, like a degree from Michigan is still a degree for Michigan.  It's not something to scoff at, but getting a degree in Physical Education from U of M is not quite the same as having a degree in Chemical Engineering from U of M.  That's all I meant.


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I looked at the title on the sidebar, and thought it said "my fight with Kellen Jones", and I'm thinking, "Oh, what..."

But that may be more on how the Angry Michigan Hating Gods have been going than the font...


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Has anybody else noticed that RR has done a great job keeping these guys out of trouble?  That Fitz issue over the weekend was a bit scary but I would be interested in seeing a side by side analysis.

Urban Meyer - 30 arrests during his tenure

Rich Rod - ?  Does anybody have statistics on this??

Should be a selling point for recruits and their parents.


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We talked a little bit about this but not much. We talked about D Hart and his committment. He also talked about another Florida running back that was on the official visit with him this past weekend that was all about michigan but I don't remember his name. The only player he said he was directly trying to persuade to come to michigan was another Linebacker but also I apologize for not remembering his name. If I saw a list of the top linebackers in the country I'd probably be able to pick it out but looking at the top ten or so, I couldn't find it.


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Can we trade him for Obi right now? he can come get an early jump on college and Obi can go finish out his high school career and maybe actaully make a few plays, everyone wins!


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Great story, and the Jones always seemed like he had his head on straight (man I sound old with that). 

Just don't tell anyone about the Freep about this meeting, as they will immediately bring it to attention of the NCAA as proof that RR has turned everyone in the state into an unpaid scout/recruiter.  Actually, let's change the title of the post to "My flight with Mellen Stones, student very interested in Physics and would consider walking on at UM's football"  to throw them off the scent.


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Good to hear about a good solid smart kid, at a real position of need.  Gotta love the recruits that you know once they are committed they are:

1. Really committed; and

2. Are going to Qualify


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Good point.  It probably helped with Southern recruits, but I could have used 10-15 degrees off.  That was way too hot to be sitting in the stands.  I would have paid a significant upgrade to be on the west side of the stadium to receive earlier shade.


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wonder if that other lb was Sean Duggan, he is down to Michigan, Duke, BC, Virginia.  The RB recruit most likely could have been Devondrick Nealy.  Good to hear how positive things about a recruit.  Especially enjoying the fall weather!