Mike Martin still kicking OSU Butt

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From the Tuesday morning Senior Bowl practice report:

Speaking of Brewster, he got into a brief shoving match with Mike Martin (DT, Michigan) after Martin beat him on an inside move during position drills.  Brewster and Martin are familiar foes, of course, because of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. "He's one of my best competitors," Brewster said after practice. "I love going against him."




Good to see Mike is doing well at the Senior Bowl practices, and still hating on OSU while simulaniously kicking serious ass.



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I think that would actually be a prety good fit for him. He's not going to get much bigger and he won't be a penetrator at the NFL level but he can take on blocks and occupy lineman. I love MM but I'm not overly optimistic about his NFL future. Fortuanetly for him he worked his butt of in the classroom and he WILL be succesful at anything else he decides to do in life and be a great ambassador for this school, he is a great example of a Michigan man.


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I've read some tweets from other writers saying something along the lines of "Martin is very linear"  and that Brewster got the best of him in most of the drills.  Supposedly Brewster is looking like a top 20 draftee to some draftniks.


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I could be wrong, but I've interpretted it as meaning he is more of a power/bullrusher who lacks quick side-to-side moves (spin, swim, etc.) which may hamper him in the NFL since you arent just going to overpower most NFL O-Linemen. You have to be crafty.

Normally I've seen this description applied to DE not DT, however, so I could be wrong in this case.


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that sounds like a stupid evaluation if someone used that as a negative.  For some player's it might be a lack, but Martin plays face up because his arms are so damn strong that he can keep the blocker off him and shed laterally without using spin moves. His play style was perfect for his talents.  On the next level you go against bigger/stronger linemen, so he might need to use his footwork more.  

But to call him linear is ridiculous.  He slants and shoots gaps as well as anyone and changes direction well.  If they're evaluating him as a DE pass rusher, someone is missing the point.  


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I saw a couple of the 1 on 1 drills on the NFL network's coverage of the Senior Bowl practice and it looked like Martin was getting held/clotheslined.


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Who clearly doesn't know how to show up on time or follow up on his responsibilities.  Sounds like an undisciplined teenager to me.  BTW, what kind of name is Urban anyway? 


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I had read (from the opposite prospective) that Brewster owned Martin yesterday, but Michigan Mike claimed most battles today. I love watching OSU/UofM battles. Those two kids will both go on to do great things, and neither will ever play as well as they do when they play each other. The Rivalry brings out the best in the true greats.


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Really hard to talk that article serious when he calls Mike Brewster, Tim Brewster.  Also, Marvin McNutt aparently played for Iowa State... Simple mistakes but he can't even get their names or schools right and he's a professional.


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Can Martin play NT in an NFL 3-4? I'm not sure if he can hold enough weight. Casey Hampton's the same height as Martin but 25 pounds heavier (and that's if you believe the 325). BJ Raji's a little bigger at 6'3 but is up around 340. Those guys are asked to hold their ground and occupy 2 gaps. Martin's more of a one gap penetrator. I think he'd be better off going to a 4-3 team where he can play a 3-technique DT and penetrate, rather than being asked to keep the LBs clean.


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Michigan Mike gonna shock the world..If Jonas Mouton can go 3rd round...i think MM has a shot of goin 3rd or better.  It helps that he is intelligent player beyond his beastliness.


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Russell Lande @RUSSLANDE
Ohio St. Center M. Brewster had another very bad day - He look limited athletically & got driven backwards by bull rushers over and over.

Russell Lande @RUSSLANDE
Ohio State RB D. Herron did not shine today at Senior Bowl practice. He looked like a one speed runner who lacked explosiveness & speed.


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Russell Lande @RUSSLANDE Mich. DT M. Martin had a 2nd good day in a row. He displayed VG strength at POA on bull rush & anchor vs run blocks.



Russell Lande @RUSSLANDE

Mich. DT M. Martin also showed surprising hand quickness to defeat one on one pass blocks.